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Author Topic: Dark magick, cults, beasts, rituals... let's write! [F looking for all - F/M/O]  (Read 418 times)

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Offline KismetTopic starter

Kismet is currently looking for writing partners.

Hello! Welcome to my search for roleplays. Writing is one of my biggest passions, so while I put a lot of love and effort into my posts, I’ll hope you do the same. I’m definitely looking to tell fun stories with a nice, heaping dollop of smut and sex. I’m looking for someone who has fun with writing and can give me a lot to work off. Let’s write interesting, sexy stories together, yeah?

Right now, I’m only looking to play female roles, however there are plots in here that accepting male, female, and other genders as well. Please read each plot to see which gender the plot requires! There’s a little bit of everything here.

I. Demons Dwell in Dark Dance Halls - TAKEN
Cyberpunk. Strictly F/M. Extreme for violence, gore, beastial alien sex.
Character Inspiration. Cyberpunkette, shoot ‘em up. Bang bang, beauty.

Plot. Ilon, the city of neon lights. She’s lived here for as long as she can remember, and despite the city’s vibrant nightlife, she’s always known this city to be so dark, so cold, so devoid of warmth or life— especially since her sister was taken from her.

At a young age, she watched the demons crawl through her window. Monsters in human skin, they wrapped their dripping, bloody claws around her sister and pulled her into their darkness, screaming. Her parents did not believe their daughter’s tall tale, and instead chose to believe that their youngest daughter had run away, as she had threatened to do for so many years.

Demons, they laughed. In our city of neon lights?

That was twenty years ago. Today, she works with the Spyders— an underground renegade group that knows the truth of the monsters that plague Ilon, and works to eliminate them from their streets. These monsters resemble humans, but can morph into an eldritch horror which feeds off human flesh. The inky black blood that runs in their veins has the ability to hijack and hack the city’s mainframe— they can shut off cameras, dismantle security systems, and run the city at their leisure. They could be anyone, at any time. They could be your coworker, your compatriot, even your best friend.

After twenty years of fighting eldritch horrors, she never would’ve suspected that her best friend and fellow Spyder was one of the very creatures she sought to eradicate… But this demon does not gain power from eating humans, no. He thrives off the flesh of other demons…

Premise. I aim to play the woman renegade, while I would like you to play the eldritch horror who has been posing as a Spyder. I would like her to find out very early on in the roleplay that he is a demon— while she will be disgusted at first, the horror’s goal is not to kill her or harm her, but to help her.

While he still gains energy from eating humans, eating demons is what gives him the most power. As a renegade horror, he will never truly fit into demon society— and why would he want to? They’re all weak, compared to his massive power. My character will realize that teaming up with him will give her more power than she could ever imagine— and your character will realize that there was a reason he was attracted to mine. Using my character’s sexual energy will give him even more strength than before.

The demon’s reasons for befriending my character and helping her are up to you. Eventually, I would like for them to form a sexual relationship— it can start off as rape/non-con/dub-con, and eventually she will grow to crave his dominant, bestial sex. Since your character can turn into a humanoid/bestial alien/demon form at will, let’s have fun with sex in all these different forms. How your demon looks in all of his forms (human/beast) is totally up to you. PM me to discuss this idea further.

II. In Glittering Blackness, Time Stops
Medieval Fantasy. F/M, F/F, or F/Other. Cults worshipping a dark goddess, dark magick, sexualized rituals and sacrifices, public sex, possible orgies.
Character Inspiration. Hooded Mistress, Warrior Goddess

Plot. Nymeria, the town of eternal nighttime. The stars do not shine here, as punishment for some misdeed that no Nymerian can remember. In the morning, the moon greets them, and at night, the moon is still there, twinkling. Time has no meaning here, as Nymerians live long, fruitful lives, dwelling in their eternal night, praising their goddess for the moon’s twilit glow.

She was meant to be sacrificed to the dark goddess, Semira, at a young age. However, when she was presented to the goddess, the effervescent being smiled upon her, and placed Her holy fingers upon her forehead. And so my time is done, and I gift to You the mana, My magick, and My people. I will sleep, and You will reign almighty amongst them.

And so, Semira took on a new form— as the Nighttime Companion. Brimming with power, she ushered in a new era of goddess worship, and proclaimed that Nymeria, as a people— as a city— deserved to live in splendor. And while she could not bring back the sun, she would find the stars for them once again.

The people rushed to serve her. The goddess built harems in her name, as her new powers needed fueling via sexual energy. Statues, monuments, sex-crazed rituals and festivalesque public orgies were all held in her name. The city of Nymeria was one of opulence and expense; while their goddess lived in luxury, their people felt like gods, all the same.

Despite their splendor, the goddess remembered her promise to her people; while the city was filled with sexual energy, it was not enough to bring back the stars. The Nighttime Companion called for a nation-wide plea for harem members to be sent to Nymeria, promising a beautiful caravan of Nymerian spices, herbs and gems to whichever country gave her an addition to her harem.

Many countries heeded her call. Now, the goddess will enjoy her spoils…

Premise. This is meant to be a fun, sexy, yet dark roleplay, exploring the goddess’ harem. I will play the goddess, and you— one of her many harem members. There is endless possibly for what the harem members could look like, since you do not have to play a Nymeria. Are you an elf, drow, human, fay, etc? I’m open to many possibilities.

If you are someone who likes to play multiple characters in a roleplay, then this could get really fun. We could explore the goddess’ relationship with various harem members. I could also play various priestesses of her cult, if you would like this to get really interesting.

Perhaps your character has a terse relationship with the dark goddess, but has fallen for a Moon Priestess instead? Perhaps your character has feelings for another harem member, but they have dedicated their heart and soul to the goddess? Do they attempt to escape? Does your character have enough sexual energy within them so that the dark goddess can restore the stars? I’d also love to take part in Nymeria’s many sexual festivals— public orgies, sex crazed rituals, etc.

This has the potential to get really fun, so I really want an enthusiastic, creative and well-written partner for this idea. Please PM me to discuss things further.

III. Those Who Tell The Truth Shall Live Forever
Medieval Fantasy. Strictly F/M. Incest, power play, dominance, noble politics, magick.
Character Inspiration. I love you, big brother.

Plot. In a world where guilds are the government of the land, one magick guild reigns supreme over all. The family that runs this guild is extremely powerful, wealthy, and revered— if not feared— by all. Hate or love this family, there is no denying that should you pass by them on the street, anything besides kowtowing to them would be an instant sign of disrespect. They are the alpha and the omega— true masters of magick, benevolent, tough but fair rulers.

Of the many members of this guild’s family, one girl— whose father is the brother of the guild leader— loves her place as a member of this family, for the camaraderie and warm feelings it brings, not for the power, wealth or fame. She is bright, but innocent— she is not attune to the politics of guild life.

However, she does form a crush on someone to whom she sees as her big brother— truly, her cousin— the eldest son of the guild’s leaders. She looks forward to the summers she spends with him, and feels an unnatural longing for him stirring in her heart. Knowing that her attraction is taboo, she keeps her feelings locked away in her chest, but acts as his pillar, his support. While he does not confide in many people, he does confide in her. She believes she knows everything about him…

Until one day, the guild’s second in command— her “brother’s” mother— is dead. Explained as a suicide, her funeral was the source of many tears, and her passing left their guild leader in shambles. Her brother took her aside and explained, his hands glowing with mana, that it was he who killed his mother. His father would be next.

“I have plans to rule this guild,” he tells her. “Will you rule by my side?”

Of course. Wasn’t it obvious? She’d do anything for him. A competent mage, and a terror on the battlefield and off.

She’d be his right hand, his soldier, but most of all, she wanted to be his lover. I love you, big brother.

Premise. Anyone familiar with Game of Thrones will understand the kind of politics I’d love to stir up in this roleplay. Eventually, the brother will kill his father and rule over this guild with an iron fist— essentially becoming “king” of their lands. Whatever shenanigans happens next is up to us. Do we wage war with other guilds? Do other guilds usurp us in retaliation? How do we use this newfound power?

Mostly, I’m interested in exploring the brother/sister dynamic. However you want to play this out is up for us to discover. My character is fiercely devoted to her brother (they are not really brothers, but cousins, however she sees him as a brother) and will do anything for him. I would prefer to play this out as him truly having some desire for his sister. Has he lusted after her for all these years? I want him to be a dominant, recognizing her for her strengths on the battlefield, but also, as one of the few people who can satisfy him sexually, since she is willing to do anything for him.

My character will get extremely jealous if he was to sleep with other women. While your character definitely can— in fact, I would enjoy the drama! — it would result for serious consequences for the female. PM me if  you want to discuss this further.

IV. Hymn to the Immortal Wind
Medieval Fantasy, Magical Boarding School. F/M, FF, or F/Other. Boarding school life, rituals, experimentation...
Character Inspiration. I caught the starlight in your eyes.
Setting Inspiration. La Academie. City Streets.

Plot. Professors from a boarding school nestled away in the mountains have come across an ancient settlement— a village of beings that are able to control astral powers, mana of the stars. Thought to be long extinct, the professors of the academy approach the village and ask that they relinquish one of their own to them for further study. These professors, armed with weapons and not adverse to violence, did not need to speak of the consequences that would befall the ancient people if they did not agree.

With a heavy heart, one mage stepped up to leave the village, so that the rest of her people would remain unharmed, and could continue to live in secret.

The boarding school is polite enough, despite the trouble she has adjusting to life outside of her peoples’ customs. But when classes are finished, the professors study her— their experiments are benign enough, at first. Eventually, the experiments begin to become more and more invasive, as they go to darker means to figure out how to control the stars themselves.

Premise. There’s a lot of potential for fun here, depending on how creative you’d like to get. Would you like to play a professor that is experimenting on her— that perhaps grows fond of her, and takes pity on her? Or perhaps you’d like to play a fellow student, who helps her through these tough times? Perhaps both? (Both would be swell, but I’m fine if you’d only like to play one.) Perhaps we’d like to focus on other students who may be experimented on. Or perhaps you’d like to focus on the starchild. Either way, there’s plenty of room for magic and mischief to be had.

I’d also like to do lighter things, perhaps having field trips, school outings, school festivals, etc. This plot should have a mix of light and dark themes— perfect for if you’re not married to the idea of doing a particularly lighthearted RP or simply a dark one. PM me if you’d like to discuss things further.

V. Despite Love, I’ll Always Watch Those Distant Clouds - TAKEN
Medieval Fantasy. Strictly F/M, FF, or F/Other. Adventure, magick fueled by sex/libido, wishes granted via sex, potential for monster sex (not necessary, however).
Character Inspiration. Wish to me, eternity.

Plot. She’s on the run, panting.

The mage has been on the run her whole life, it seems. As someone with an ability to grant a wish to someone after they bring her to orgasm, it’s no wonder that many want to keep her around for their own exploits. She won’t let her body be used up anymore. She’s carving out her own destiny, she screams in her mind.

She’s running, panting— and that’s when she comes across a sleepy, tired village.

Her mana can easily deduce that many spirits have haunted this place for some time. In it, are many spectators and ghosts; and her magic could rid this kingdom of all of them, bring it to life again. That’s not why she stops in these gloomy lands, however; she just needs a place to sleep, to rest her head. After hearing the plight of the townsfolk, she decides she’ll give her life some meaning again and rid these lands of the ghosts that plague it.

Of course, her power can only be replenished by her sexual energy. And it will take a lot of energy to help bring this town back to its splendor again…

Premise. This is another fun RP— it’s supposed to be more “lighthearted” with an emphasis on fun! Your character can be literally anyone, since this plot is so wide open. Maybe he’s lived in this village for some time and wants to help my character vanquish ghosts? Maybe he’s hunting my character, and decides to come to a truce in order to help this town? The fact that they’re hunting ghosts/monsters means there’s a lot of room to have a lot of fun monster/beastial sex as well. I’m dying to see what we come up with. PM me if you want to discuss this further.

VI. The Earth is Not a Cold, Dead Place
Science Fiction. F/M, F/F, or F/Other. Survival, stranded on a strange, distant planet, alien/bestial sex.
Character Inspiration. The lone pilot, stranded.

Plot. She was sent on an important solo mission— to rescue her fellow pilots, who had been stranded on a distant planet for 30 days without sending a signal back to home base. Were they dead? Probably. Such was why they couldn’t afford to send many bodies back for a rescue party. She had only recently been appointed as a pilot, so perhaps they figured that if she did not come back, they had not lost much if they lost her.

She grit her teeth at the thought, but she was determined to prove herself.

Unfortunately, as soon as her ship entered the planet’s atmosphere, her ship crashed, leaving her stranded and without a way to contact her home base. Even worse, the aliens of this planet found her as soon as her ship crashed. Another one for our leader’s harem! they squealed, rushing her back to their overlord.

Premise. A very simple premise, of course. I want to play a pilot that is completely submissive to your alien king. What do the aliens look like? Completely up to you— of course, we can talk about this via PM. I want this to be an RP where we focus on your kinks— what turns you on, what have you always wanted to do? Except for being a submissive member of an alien harem (and, okay, I love public sex— let’s throw some of that in there) I’ll be content. PM me if you’d like to discuss this further.
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