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Author Topic: LFL Boot Camp (Recruiting - Looking for the next Dakota Hughes)  (Read 1430 times)

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Offline Kokaine

Re: LFL Boot Camp (Recruiting - Male Coaches\Staff particularly welcome)
« Reply #25 on: August 27, 2014, 03:42:26 PM »
Player : Kokaine
Name : Aurora Valdez
Age : 23
Height : 5'7"
Weight : 143 lbs

Personality : Aurora is a little cocky when it comes to her athletic prowess and definitely competitive but other than that she's pretty laid back. Prone to goofiness she is actually more than a bit nerdy under the surface. She definitely likes attention but she can be content just being one of the girls. Aurora is the sort of person who will forget that personal space is a thing and that people can be touchy about it as she's naturally affectionate and likes touching and being close to people she likes. She will back off if asked otherwise things like holding onto your arm and leaning or random hugs, ass swats, and poking are bound to happen.

Sexual Orientation : Pansexual - She doesn't care what bits you do or don't have as it's generally personality and other less obvious qualities that draw her, though she can still appreciate a yummy outer package.

Sexual Preferences : A switch that leans toward Dominant unless you can put her in her place. She's not fond of outright humiliation and the like but she does like a bit of the rough stuff, spanking (giving or receiving), teasing (she is a shameless tease and this can extend into some orgasm denial), oral (giving and receiving), and turning girls out (not against their will). The risk of getting caught is a serious turn on for her as is watching others, she will try almost anything (that's not in the player's offs) twice--once for the sake of curiosity, twice to be sure ;)

Sports Played : Basketball was her first and primary love from a young age all the way up through high school and was the reason for her college scholarship. She also played softball and soccer competitively as a teen, as well as playing in a women's flag football league in college (she couldn't find any tackle near her). She'll play almost anything when offered the chance.

Background : Aurora is a Colombian American SoCal native born to a happy, middle class family. Her father played sports in college and would have been a pro football player had he not had a career ending injury steal that dream away from him in his last year of college. Likewise, her mother had played basketball in her day, and so she grew up in a household where sports were like a religion. Luckily, Aurora had a natural athleticism and took to athletics like a fish to water. It sort of ensured a close relationship with her father and helped take some of the heat off her older brother, who didn't really like playing sports the way the rest of his family did.

Aurora's love of basketball and utter dedication eventually landed her a few scholarship offers but the desire to go where her brother had led her to accept with the University of Florida. When she graduated there was much talk of her going the pro basketball route but as her mother was ill, she opted not to go that route and focus on family. Her parents moved to Florida where she and her brother were settled so that the two of them could help with her mother's medical care, while she went to grad school. The decision to try out for the LFL actually came from her brother's nudging. He knew his sister missed playing and competing and seeing their parents deteriorating with no way to actually help was wearing on her, so he talked her into giving it a try.

Offline eiselmann

Re: LFL Boot Camp (Recruiting - Male Coaches\Staff particularly welcome)
« Reply #26 on: August 28, 2014, 02:30:15 AM »
Player : Eiselmann
Name : Simon Davis
Age : 27
Height : 6ft
Weight : 216 pounds
Gender : Male

Managerial\Coaching Position : Fitness Trainer

Personality : He's a fairly relaxed sort of guy he doesn't stress out at little things and simple try's to enjoy as much of life as possible, however as a trainer he is quite demanding and will push people to try a little harder to do a little more to always want to be better

Sexual Orientation : Straight

Sexual Preferences : Sometimes dom but never a sub, he likes multiple women , group sex and public sex

Background : Simon was born in Manchester England , when he was 17 he met Ryan Turner of the Manchester Constabulary and formerly of Her Majestys' Royal Marines he could see Simon had potential but that he could also get sucked into the mire of gangs and crime that blighted the area he persuaded Simon to join the Royal Marines. Simon served with the Royal Marines Commando for six years seeing combat in a variety of countries, all while completing a diploma in physical fitness. At 24 he was honourably discharged from the Royal Marines so he could have a career in physical fitness. He got a job at a high school in Devon it lasted a year, there was a scandal involving him, a woman teacher and two 18 year old female students.

Deciding foreign shores might be best he immigrated to Canada and found work at a gym in Toronto, a friend then recommended that he get his green card as there was big money to be made in the States. A month ago he got his card and then got this job.
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Offline River

Re: LFL Boot Camp (Recruiting - Male Coaches\Staff particularly welcome)
« Reply #27 on: August 30, 2014, 05:45:55 AM »
Player : River
Name : Natasha Price
Age : 29
Height : 5"8
Weight : 65 Kgs /  143 lbs
Gender : Female

Managerial\Coaching Position : Defensive Coach / Assistant Coach

Personality : Natasha is a hardworking, yet relaxed girl, often not showing any signs of stress when the average person might crack. She had always had that drive to complete something once she set her sights on it, and one of her earlier goals in her life was to play in the LFL. She isn't the most sociable person, not interacting much outside her associates and friends in the league, but that was mainly due to spending a lot of time with them nearly every day. While she can be demanding on and off the field, this is usually balanced by her caring and nurturing nature, believe yelling at someone isn't going to achieve anything.

Sexual Orientation : Bi Sexual

Sexual Preferences : Mostly Submissive, but can switch from time to time. She prefers Erotic / Revealing clothing, Multiple Men, Rough Sex, DP, Sloppy / Messy Sex, Public, Gangbang / Orgy, Shower Sex, Nearly everything under the sun.

Background : Natasha started out small, playing Junior Gridiron comps as a child, this was initially an effort by her parents to get her into a sport, and since her Father was a major fan, it was his first choice of sport for her. Her natural talent and ferocity on the field gave reason to believe that she could be molded into a star player. Her Gridiron career halted there as her college didn't offer a Women's league, much to her dismay and protest. However, as the substitute, she was offered a place on the coaching staff, a observer and assistant role. While this isn't what she wanted, she hoped the techniques she would learn here would allow her to succeed once she started playing again.

In an effort to maintain her fitness, she began playing Flag Football, as it was the closest thing available at the time. Her track record on the team was impressive to say the least, her agility and speed made her quite the asset, but would also have a downside. Since, all her weight was being put through her ankles and knees during these maneuvers, it was only a matter of time till they broke. The resulting injury saw her tear almost every ligament and tendon around the joint, causing tremendous pain and a long, long time away from sport.

She continued to help Coach the college team until she graduated. After her injury had healed, she continued her Flag Football, building up her fitness to the point where she injured herself. Her career has plateaued at this point, playing for a couple years, and not really making any forward progress with her career. Until she was invited to her states rep squad, and immediately began training her the tournament to be held later that year.

This tournament was mainly a way to recruit fresh new talent into Gridiron, Rugby, and other contact sports. There were also a few members of the recently started LFL. They were certainly quick to sign up Natasha, sending her off to begin her training straight away. Her first year of LFL was an amazing one, having trained with Girls much better than her, stayed and trained in places she'd never thought she'd ever see in her life, but the year was also to bring its downs as well.

During one of her last games of the season, her previous injury had returned, almost doing more damage than before. After multiple surgeries later, she was told that she couldn't play a physically demanding sport like LFL again. The club, well aware of her position, had sympathy for the girl, but with no openings in her current team, there was no future for her in the club.

During her short time, she had grown close with one of the coaches. This coach was also good friends with some of the guys over at the new club The Miami Sirens. They were still in need of staff, in particular a Defensive Coach / Assistant. The coach's connections had secured her a interview. While she was still quite new to coaching, they saw a great potential in her, never once doubting that she'd be a liability to the club, as opposed to being a asset. They offered her the job after a string of interviews, to which she promptly accepted.

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Online RedEve

Re: LFL Boot Camp (Recruiting - Male Coaches\Staff particularly welcome)
« Reply #28 on: August 30, 2014, 06:00:53 AM »
So far we have five players, two staff members and an owner?
BTW, I thought both coaching staff members were a bit young, aren't most coaches former (retired) players?

Offline River

Re: LFL Boot Camp (Recruiting - Male Coaches\Staff particularly welcome)
« Reply #29 on: August 30, 2014, 06:05:13 AM »
Isn't it 4 Coaches (Now that I have put my Char sheet in) A owner, and 4 players?

Online RedEve

Re: LFL Boot Camp (Recruiting - Male Coaches\Staff particularly welcome)
« Reply #30 on: August 30, 2014, 06:30:43 AM »
I guess it's 4-3-1 then. Hadn't noticed your character was a coach too.

Online RedEve

Re: LFL Boot Camp (Recruiting - Male Coaches\Staff particularly welcome)
« Reply #31 on: August 30, 2014, 06:32:47 AM »
Mia, you mentioned the involvement of NPCs as well, how would that work? Do we get to create them ourselves? Are some of them communal?

Offline mia hTopic starter

Re: LFL Boot Camp (Recruiting - Male Coaches\Staff particularly welcome)
« Reply #32 on: August 30, 2014, 07:02:45 AM »
I guess it's 4-3-1 then. Hadn't noticed your character was a coach too.
Close, 4-4-1  ;D

Mia, you mentioned the involvement of NPCs as well, how would that work? Do we get to create them ourselves? Are some of them communal?
I will be putting a NPC tracker in the Info thread (once it gets written) the roster of potential players is going to bigger than the 4 PC players, the rest of the roster are free for people to name and use as needed. The same goes for the coaching staff and management, but there might be times when certain NPC's are off limits. Part of the reason of the NPC tracker is that way, there aren't 37 different receptionists at the management suite.

It will need more than a little cooperation from everyone, for example if the players are having an evening in a nightclub and need a random passer by to play against then anyone shouldn't be afraid of jumping in and writing the random person for a few posts.

Online RedEve

Re: LFL Boot Camp (Recruiting - Male Coaches\Staff particularly welcome)
« Reply #33 on: August 30, 2014, 07:27:01 AM »
Sounds good. :)

Offline caelcormac

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Re: LFL Boot Camp (Recruiting - Male Coaches\Staff particularly welcome)
« Reply #34 on: August 30, 2014, 09:58:56 PM »

Player: caelcormac
Name: Arthur "Art" Durant
Age: 41
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 185lb
Gender: Male

Managerial\Coaching Position: Head Coach

Personality: Driven and goal oriented Art presents a gruff, no-nonsense exterior to the outside world. He hardly ever raises his voice or shouts, preferring to show his disapproval with extra laps, scathing critiques, and suggestions that the player in question isn't good enoug/doesn't want it bad enough/lacks the commitment to get the job done. While he tends to come off as cold, in truth he sees himself as a father to his players and staff and he will go to great lengths to train and protect them. He is good at covertly gathering information about his players and often surprises them with how much he knows. Birthdays;anniversaries; the names of family, spouses, and pets; favorite flavored of ice cream; all that is collected, remembered and commented on as appropriate. He is a strong believer in an open door policy, and anyone be they a player, a member of the staff, or anyone else will find themselves welcome in his office.

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Sexual Preferences: Art likes it sweet and tender almost as much as he likes it rough, and is willing to treat a woman like a princess to be worshiped or a tramp to be smacked around as she likes with his ideal partner letting him do both. He has a slight fetish for uniforms, which no doubt his time with the LFL will expand, as well as a mild voyeuristic streak: the next best thing to sex is watching a woman pleasure herself, especially if she just uses her fingers.

Background: Art started playing football in high school, and he was a lock for his college team until a torn ACL put a premature end to his chances at playing. But Arts love of the game led him to his schools coaching program. He thrived in the program, and once he was done in college he quickly found a position as an assistant coach in a top 64 school. His career since then has not been very long but has been quite storied counting several college championships and even a Super Bowl ring once he transitioned to professional football. He recently found himself a free agent due to an issue with the management of his former team, and that is when the Sirens found him.

He was initially skeptical of coaching an LFL team, he thought of himself as a serious coach with serious credentials and saw the LFL as a little more than a T&A sideshow act.He entertained the meeting with the owners for courtesies sake, they had offered to fly him to Florida so they must be serious, and there he met Stacey Gibson. Charmed by her enthusiasm, and convinced that he had nothing to lose by getting "Head Coach" on his resume he let himself get talked into signing on to use his skills to build a strong new franchise. Football was football, he told himself, and he knew he could carve out a winning team.

Since that meeting he has been busy. doing a great deal of research. He had watched every LFL game he could find, looked up dossiers on rival teams and coaches, and hand picked a list of players to draft or poach as soon as possible. If he has his way, the Sirens will start their first season not just strong, but as the team to beat.

Offline mia hTopic starter

Re: LFL Boot Camp (Recruiting - Male Coaches\Staff particularly welcome)
« Reply #35 on: August 31, 2014, 11:37:39 AM »
Let the plotting and planning begin! OOC & Info Thread
The other threads should be up soon(-ish) and then the fun can really begin  ;D

Offline Kokaine

Re: LFL Boot Camp (Recruiting - Male Coaches\Staff particularly welcome)
« Reply #36 on: September 01, 2014, 05:59:32 AM »
Player : Kokaine
Name : Kamryn Phoenix
Age : 22
Height : 5'8"
Weight : 155 lbs

Personality : Outwardly Kamryn is quite intimidating... even though she doesn't always mean to be. She's been a tomboy all her life and it shows in the way she doesn't tend to back down from challenges and seems most at home when she's dressed in jeans and t-shirts and getting down and dirty. She's more than a little rough around the edges and will happily out drink the biggest and baddest around but she actually cleans up okay too when she has a reason.

Truth be told, a part of that intimidating exterior comes from the fact that Kam is exceedingly shy and tends to feel awkward anywhere but on the field or as one of the guys. She usually opts to speak little except when it really matters and stay in the background even when others would gladly push her to the front. With friends she's a lot more relaxed and fun but admittedly most of her friends are guys as making new friends of the female persuasion has never been easy for her.

Sexual Orientation : She will tell you she's straight. She's really very very bisexual.

Sexual Preferences : Unsure. Her few experiences have been mostly stress relief, generally playful and not very serious. She's open to trying things.

Sports Played : Pee Wee football, Wrestling, Track and Field, and Softball.

Background : Kamryn grew up on a ranch in Texas where she spent most of her time ropin' and ridin' with her dad and her 6 older brothers. Her mom was at first thrilled at the idea of having a girl who she could indulge in the more feminine activities she often missed out on but she soon realized her daughter had about as much interest in dolls or shopping as her husband did. Instead, Kamryn spent all her time constantly trying to keep up with, and even out do, her brothers. She did everything they did too which led her to play Pop Warner football up until high school where she suddenly developed an open interest in wrestling. Boys wresting since there were no girls teams.

Kamryn did manage to win a few titles in her wrestling career, the first because her opponent chickened out and forfeited due to her being a girl, the next two because she was just that good. She was popular among some circles and enjoyed lots of male friends but not so many dates and to top it off the few girls she tried to make friends with (mistaking teenaged attraction for something else) tended to make fun of her more than anything which didnt help her tendency to be rather shy.

After all that Kamryn graduated and deferred her college acceptance because... well, actually she didn't really have a good reason other than she just wasn't all that excited to go. She stayed on the ranch and worked with her parents for a while before they shoved her out just like all her brothers before her, telling her to get out and be on her own for a while. If she tried and failed then she'd be welcomed back but she had to give things a real try first.

Time had her moving to a couple different places, working crap jobs while she passed the time training in mixed martial arts and playing adult recreational sports. She was working one night at one of her gigs as a bartender at a local hole in the wall when a few guys started getting out of hand. One thing led to another and Kam ended up full out tackling a guy and knocking him out. From that night on a sort of running joke started up after one of the regulars suggested she give women's football a go. When she actually found a flyer taped to the seat of her motorcycle... well, the wheels started turning and before she knew it, she was packing up to head to Miami and the LFL tryouts she'd heard about.

Offline mia hTopic starter

Re: LFL Boot Camp (Recruiting - Male Coaches\Staff particularly welcome)
« Reply #37 on: September 01, 2014, 10:02:22 AM »
The CS templates have been adjusted so they reflect what's finally ended up in the Character thread  :-)

Offline mia hTopic starter

Looking for the next Dakota Hughes
« Reply #38 on: September 17, 2014, 12:19:15 PM »
The LFL drew to a close last weekend with both the Legends Cup and the Hall of Fame ceremony both of which saw Dakota Hughes playing a significant role.
I know what your next question is, "Who is Dakota Hughes?"

She is the 19 year old Atlanta Steam Quarterback who lead her team to a place in the Legends Cup and was named rookie of the year.

Have you got what it takes to be the next Dakota Hughes?