My Dearest Friend.... (Dom Futa/Female x Sub femboy, possible extreme warning)

Started by PrincelyPup, August 18, 2014, 02:33:01 PM

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Hello My friends!! If you haven't read my previous requests or my O/o's you might want to click the links in my signature!

Announcement!: All of these are just vague ideas...please if you have even a scrap of interest message me and we can figure something out.

So this is a rather interesting i tried many years ago but never really got to enjoy it. The idea is: A boy and his beast friend her probably one or two years older then him or more if that floats your boat. He would be young and feminine very much on the petite side and her preferably taller and a bit bigger, though it really doesn't matter. Anyway, These two would be best friends. Estranged by the rest of their peers, him far to girly and cute for a guy and her too big and tough for a girl. They just found each other one day. Her falling in love with him and him with her. Not that they were ready to reveal that yet... But they became friends at the least her almost taking him in like a little brother in some ways protecting him and caring for him when no one else would. His would be a sad abusive history. So needless to say she would feel that huge protective almost possessive instinct over him almost like an alpha wolf and it's mate. After they met when bullies would attack him she would practically have a sixth sense for his fear sort of thing. Yet he gave her a lot too...he really cared for her, always making her lunch and helping with homework or what ever. He would give her gifts all the time and though he was born into a wealthy family the gifts would be very well thought out and caring. Like making a huge scavenger hunt for her birthday and...dressing her whole room up while she slept for valentines day. That sort of thing. He worshiped her and she loved her little buddy. Then one night after a fun dae they are walking home giggling together in the rain...when a drunk driver swerves and pops the curb. He tries to push her out of the way but she is far stronger and instead throws him like a sac of potatoes out of the way only to get slammed and pinned against a tree or wall by the car, crushing her spine and causing extreme bleeding. Sort of like a sign's moment. She isn't in pain but she is going to die....soon. He tries to crawl to her and he climbs up and kisses her whispering he loves her so much....begging her not to leave him all alone. But she passes away.

Then she would wake up..dead... a ghost looking over her funeral. Everyone is there crying...her whole loving family. Him too... he would collapse on her coffin crying...wailing in agony at her loss. When they try to pull him away he runs off into the woods. Your character would be there following. Following him right to where he sits on a log and pulls out a knife ready to take his own life. You desperate to save your true love would (see below) and save him.

This could happen so many ways! My original and prefered idea would be for her to rather posses a large wolf or black panther, or that her spirit energy rebirths her into a sort of mystical creature type wolf thing. I really wanted to try this out as maybe a beast idea. Her a feral wolf stopping him...Dominating him feeling all these urges and needs and her love for him. She would be able to communicate telepathically but to everyone else she would just be a large wolf. I want her to Dominate him and claim him, to love him and then the RP would really be their relationship as it develops, perhaps non-con at first into very very much a loving consentual D/s relationship. I also wanted her to be a Futa and everything that goes along with that. This Rp would most likely be very heavily kinky but also very plotsome, with their relationship dynamics and perhaps later on a much larger interesting story i have in mind.


If you have better ideas hit me up! Perhaps she deals with a devil and becomes a succubus to come back, or turns into her spirit beast a dragon! Or perhaps aliens come!... Maybe she inhabits the body of his mother??? 

I DON'T KNOW THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!!!! These again i say are just my current cravings but i am extremely open to completely different takes and ideas on it!

Thanks for reading!