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Author Topic: Looking for some FUN!! (F for M)  (Read 760 times)

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Offline EvilEyeTopic starter

Looking for some FUN!! (F for M)
« on: August 16, 2014, 10:52:58 PM »
Hello lovelies, Im your Host EvilEye. Please just call me EE.
I was here, I went away, I came back and had to leave again but for real this time I am back. So, I am totally revamping my request thread and I hope you guys will check it out and of course request to have some fun with me.

I might not have a lot of plots up but I am more then welcome to any plots you guys have in mind. lease, im dying over here without any partners.

1) Don't post here PM me.
2) No text talk.
3) I know I dissappered but please don't do it to me, I am back to stay.
4) Communication.
5) No one liners, except when you really have nothing else to say or your muse is missing.
6) Don't even ask about something if it is in my No's.
7) Check my OO's they are in a link in my signature.
8) Have Fun.

I refuse to do Incest UNLESS there is a good plot. Keep that in mind.

Popular chick/Nerd
Witch/Witch Hunter
Angel/ Human
Angel/ Werewolf
Criminal/Bounty hunter

The amount of *'s is how much I enjoy the pairings.
Human/Greek God**
Shy Girl/ Bad boy***

The Amount of *'s is how much I want to play this out.
OC/ Doctor Who (9th-12th)****
Human (or Lost soul)/ Hades****
Elf/ Vampire*****
Witness/ Witness Protection Agent **
OC/ Leopold 'Leo' Fitz (Marvels Agents of Shield)*****
OC/ Spencer Reed (Criminal Minds)******

When a plot or pairing looks like This its currently taken.

If like This then its in discussion or my partner has disappeared but I havent decided yet to open/close it.

Plots I have enjoyed in the past.
Just because I have enjoyed them in the past doesnt mean I want to do it again. I would love to do similar ideas, but I dont want them to be the SAME. Im just giving you guys ideas to what I enjoy.

1) Under World Circus~ Hades is looking for a personal assistant who's soul he can devour once he gets tired of her. He finds a young and poverty stricken girl who needs a decent wage to take care of her elderly grandma. Can she change this Demons heart of stone or will his soul forever be his?

2) Unwanted Guest~ A retired Marine lives in a cabin miles away from the nearest city, about a mile away a young girl moves into the only other cabin. She is young, violate, pure, and hyper which is the exact opposite of the Marine. While on a walk she goes to say hello only to have him mistake her as a girl scout, which makes her call him some foul names. A blizzard abruptly starts and she knows she wont have enough time to get back to her own home. How will these two survive the storm? ( This would be a Short One-shot story.)

3)The Quest~ Two Demi Gods go on a quest to find the males lost brother and his team who went missing while looking for an artifact that could destroy the world if hades got his hands on it. While on the quest both Demi Gods come to find things out about each others, themselves, and their families they never thought to find out.

4)Alittle bit more then 'Special Agents'~ The world is evolving, people are gaining super powers and the Government is making a special force to deal with the people who are doing bad things with their powers. When the Ex Vigilante is forced to join the group is paired with their youngest agent who is also their top agent. She had been born with her powers and could use them better then anyone else in their group, of course he is competing for that spot without him even knowing it.

5) Tutoring Sucks~ When the most popular girl is forced to be tutored in history she is paired with the one boy who hates her. Why? Because while at a party that she was at she opened the door in the middle of 7 minutes in haven where his pants where down and the girl that had been in there with him was laughing. Though she hadn't meant to open the door on him, he ahs sense hated the popular girl. While tutoring her, he starts to take advantage of her; Telling her to take of her shirt or else he wont help, or talking dirty to get her flustered. He thinks she is a dirty slut, where really she was a victim of cruel ex boyfriends who would say she did sexual things to keep their rep when really she had broken up with them for pushing her.

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Re: Looking for some FUN!! (F for M)
« Reply #1 on: August 17, 2014, 12:58:06 AM »
Current Plot Cravings
These are plots I have come up with that I am Craving someone to play out with me.

1) Warriors Virtue
In the small country of (place name here) there is two feuding kingdoms and a war that has been fought for generations. As the war finally comes to a close with the marriage of one kings son to the others daughter the troops are given three days to get back home before heir lives are sacrificed. Cerci, a delicate warrior that has a ruthless reputation is one of the many soldiers that are far to into the other nation to make it out in time but she trys, she has much to lose if caught; her life, her jewel encrusted weapons gifted to her by her king, her mount, her virtue. Yes her virtue, she has never lain with a man sense she didnt see war time as an appropriate time to be playing around with the opposite gender.. She is captured by (Your Character), now it its in your hands what happens to her. Do you and your men rape her? Do you take her as a mistress? or do you offer to escort her to the boarder seducing her the whole time? Her fate is in your hands.

2) Agents of Shield{{{MAJOR CRAVING}}}
Growing up everyone had marveled at (MC)'s IQ and thought she would become a great scientist, but she didnt really care about that. She liked fighting and training. When she turned 18 S.H.E.I.L.D decided to recruit her, instead of going to the Science division she went into Tactical investigation which is just a fancy name for spy training. Raising through the ranks she quickly became a star by becoming a level six in two years, that included her time at boot camp. Leopold 'Leo' Fitz is one part of the Fitz-Simmons team, smart and brave he is also infatuated with Simmons as S.H.E.I.L.D has decided to move him temporarily to a new assignment in hopes to break his infatuation. This is how MC gets paired with Leo.

Not sure what their mission is yet but I feel like this would be fun, a smart and kick ass female agent paired with a love struck and brilliant male agent who at first hate each other? Sounds like really awesome messed up fun to me.

3) Magical Twins
At Hogwarts only a few things are certain, one of them being that just as much as they like to pull pranks and get into trouble the Weasley twins love sharing their girls with each other. Most of the girls dont mind, some of them even hope for it but when (my character) runs into them setting up for one of their infamous pranks she knocks over a suit of armor drawing attention of a near by teacher resulting in them all getting detention. The twins for the prank and her for harming school property, having spent the last six years of her time at Hogwarts being practically invisible she was suddenly the center of attention for not one but two rather pissed off boys. It doesnt take long for them to figure out their punishment for her, shes going to be their personal slave.

Yes, I would like you to play both Weasley twins in this RP.
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Re: Looking for some FUN!! (F for M)
« Reply #2 on: August 17, 2014, 01:37:40 AM »
Fandom Plots
Yep, any movie, book, tv show, comic that I like and im willing to play a plot on will go here. I only play OC's because I dont think I can give justice to cannons but if you want to play a cannon thats fine.

Doctor Who
1) Best Vacation Ever
My character is an american tourist; young, pretty, naive, and daring. On her last day of her rather boring vacation with her family she is finally aloud to wander the city by herself where she accidentliy stumbles upon The Doctor doing what he does best, saving the world. After helping him (by hitting the Alien he was currently trying get past as to thourt its plans in the head with a random pipe.) she ends up joining him (and his companion(s)?) on his adventures with the promise that to her family she would only be gone a matter of minutes. Now what type of trouble can this young adult get into while with the Doctor?

1) Captured
Mycharacter wouldnt be bad, just ill informed and because of this will attack the academy. Of course the others are stronger then her, so she runs trying to save her life (sense she had been told if she failed they would kill her). She doesnt get far before (your character) catches her and brings her back. After alot of talking and explaining Xavior (Professor X) Puts you in charge of my character, even going so far as to have us stay in the same room together to keep me from escaping while he figures out what to do.

2) New Beginnings
Getting powers is hard, its harder when your parents are highly religious and think that you are either the savior or the Anti Christ. For (MY character) it was even worse sense her parents told everyone and anyone who would listen that she would either save them all or be the destroyer of the world. On her seventeenth birthday she sets out to make a better life for herself, showing up and Xaviors dirty, tired, and hungry. Only a bag with all her worldly possessions in it. But the real question is, what will she find at the school? Friendship? Enemies? Love? Pain?

Harry Potter
1) Two is always Better then One. **CRAVING**

(My character) is a nerdy sixth year, shy and quite never given a second glance until she literally runs into the infamous Weasley twins getting ready to pull one of their pranks. Not only is she unsure what to do but she is instantly attracted to them. Of course, like any logical person she runs in the opposite direction. They in turn give chase because they cant have them ratting her out, it doesnt take long for them to catch her and drag her into a near by class room that is unoccupied. Noticing that she is rather cute, the twins take it upon themselves to farther her education.

2) Spell Bound
Being a pure blood doesnt always mean being snotty, though in (my character) case it is true. She is young and careless with her words, repeating what her uppity parents say. After hurting one of his friends feelings (your character), takes it in his own hands to teach her a listen in humility. Yes some spells are involved but its not just (your character) whos casting them because (MC) isnt going to give in to your will without a fight.

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Re: Looking for some FUN!! (F for M)
« Reply #3 on: August 18, 2014, 01:20:16 AM »

1) What are Neighbors For?

Its dark and stormy, not a good night to be locked out of your house but for (MC) who is an up and coming law intern this is exactly what happened. Lucky for her she has a sweet neighbor who has always been there for her when ever she needs something. So of course she turns to you, soaked to the bone and cold you allow her to enter to bad for her your ideas aren't the purest and she about to learn just how dark they are.

2) Pain is Pleasure
For a meek scfi/fantasy author, MC is scared of anything remotely sexual but her biggest fan (maybe rival in the genre?) has other ideas once he lays eyes on her for the first time. Dainty and slightly exotic with olive toned skin and large doe eyes, only YC cant get near her without her blushing and flinching away. After months of trying to seduce her and only having her pull further and further away from you. At each sexual remark, at each flirty statement you can see her shrink away and youve had enough. She will be yours.

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Re: Looking for some FUN!! (F for M)
« Reply #4 on: August 22, 2014, 04:52:11 AM »
One Shots

Friendship Based

1)The Promise
Growing up she was always your best friend. She was the cocky out going one, she was the one that made you smile when you were sad, she was your everything but you never knew how bad her home life was until the day you saw on the news the murder suicide, her father who was a raging alcoholic had killed his wife, her mother, and then took his own life. She moved a couple states away to live with her Aunt and you never saw her again. Until that is she shows up in town on your birthday to fulfill a promise she had made you years ago.

2)Never Forget
Going away to college is hard, leaving the love of your life is harder, knowing that they can never know, well thats simply heart breaking. Trying to make the best of it they decide to have a night out on the town, as they have fun the harmless flirting starts to turn into more and it becomes hard to resist jumping into bed together with a simple promise to Never forget each other.

Spy Based

The smell of leather is sinful and seductive all by itself, add a beautiful woman wearing it well that becomes down right dangerous. She is the best spy to walk the halls of The Agency and you just happen to be her new handler, the old one giving you only one word of advice "Take control." his words though direct become sensual when you see her, long hair and a full mouth, big innocent doe eyes, and a mouthwatering curvy body. How in the world are you going to survive the deadly first mission you have been sent on with her constantly distracting you?

2) Innocence
Its not her fault who her father is, but it is your job to get close to her fast so you can get to her father. The only problem is that she is far to young and innocent for your taste. Barely seventeen but beautiful, on vacation with her crime lord father for her two month summer vacation from her private and girl boarding school. Its your task to get close to her, as close as you have to, and after the first fiery kiss even if you didnt have to you know that your going to remove her innocence while completing your mission.