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July 17, 2019, 07:27:39 AM

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Author Topic: Even Spartans Can Love (M LF F(or M that plays F) for a Halo-themed RP)  (Read 345 times)

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Offline RetsuTopic starter

As the title would suggest, I am looking for female(or a male willing to play a female) for a a Halo themed RP. I recently just did a marathon of every single Halo game released(save for Spartan Assault because I couldn't) in anticipation for the Master Chief Collection and Halo 5. I began to think that with Halo 4 and how it is canon that the UNSC is creating more spartans. That there are a plethora of ways to expand on that canon with unofficial stories, and not to mention that I love me some action RPs :D

So, I have decided that I would love if I could find someone to help me with this. Neither of us will be playing Master Chief; although he can be mentioned or be an NPC. Perhaps a mentor of some sort to the new spartans or something like that, but he will never be a main character in this. We've all seen him before and what he can do, so it's time to bring in the OCs who all have their respective strengths and weaknesses. I do have plots, but they are rather bare-bones because I really want to find a fellow Halo fan who I can build a story with. So, without further ado, here are those bare-bones plots.

Plot 1: Two spartans are part of an elite team only sent for the most blackest of OPs. They each of thousands of kills under their belt and they are extremely good at what they do, but what happens when they are sent on a literal suicide mission? One where they are fated die? Will they try to beat fate and survive against all odds or will they succumb to their fates? A twist for this story is that instead of a suicide mission, one of them gets kidnapped and they are both on a mission to reunite.

Notes: I see this one being filled with some humorous banter between the two and lots of competition as well. These two have been on a lot of missions together, and know each other inside out. Since I do want their to be romance in all of these. I was thinking that they have both suppressed their feelings for each other until this mission were they both feel the need for love. As for the twist, I'm not sure how that would work, but I kinda liked the premise of it.

Plot 2: The Mission was supposed to be a simple Search and Destroy. There wasn't even supposed to be much resistance according to intel, but how wrong it was. The Covenant came in droves and a small group consisting of two spartans and a squad of marines were quickly overwhelmed. The Spartans were able to hold out for longer, but they were captured and imprisoned before evac could arrive. Stripped of their weapons and armor, they now have to break their way out of the Covenant's grasp and find someway to establish communication with the UNSC.

Notes: Again, plenty of banter between the two, and this is a story which would most likely humanize the spartans because you never see them without their armor, and how that affects their combat skills.