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Author Topic: [InterestCheck] Cock Contest (CockSize Wagering RP, all players/chars Welcome)  (Read 641 times)

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Offline JezabelleTopic starter

the Main Thrust

It's twenty minutes into the future and the law of Conservation of Matter has been applied to the male member: new cock length cannot be created from the ether, but it can be taken from elsewhere.  One man must voluntarily sacrifice part of his length or girth (non-surgically, there's no blood or cutting) to be given to another.  Well, voluntarily can take a few meanings.

Enter the Verpa Institute, a shadowy organization with a particular interest in large scale tests of this technology.  They gather headstrong risk takers and other cocky individuals to participate in contests--of wit, chance, etc.--in which they bet their very member's vital stats.  The winner comes away bigger, and the loser shrunk.  A member can back out at any time but may never return, so what they leave with is what they've got for the rest of their lives.  A penis shorter than 3 inches is grounds for immediate, involuntarily ejection.

The only exception is if another member is willing to take a different stake in return for enough to put them back over the 3 inch minimum: these would generally be in the form of sex with the loser's companion.

The true motives of the Verpa Institute will remain secretive, but likely have something to do with a "re-allocation" of cock size to a lucky few on a larger scale, but this RP would focus on the tense interpersonal dynamic of the competitors and their companions.

Companions: Not-in-CockComp Characters

Bettors need eye candy and companionship to take advantage of their (hopefully) improved member with.  These companion's pleasures can be used as stakes in contests.  Because each only has a pass and a room on the island facility associated with the person they're with, companions can actually be bet and won\lost between bettors.  Of course this won't change how they feel in their heart of hearts, such people may be found to prefer a winner's company to loyalty to a lost cause however.

A note on girth

Girth is an important factor in any cock; thing long ones are just funny, and too short-and-stout ones can be as hard to get in as keep in.  However, messing with a whole 'nother stat seems a bit silly, so I think that if this were to run the best way to handle girth would be a hand-wave saying they were all relatively impressive in girth without being monstrous, and letting the length be the ultimate determining factor.  Just my thinking though.

A note on new chars and loss

On a technical note I think this would be best as a rising-stakes situation.  Minimum bets which could potentially rise and eliminated contestants couldn't be replaced, although if they dropped they could have a new player take over their char or they could rejoin as a companion.  Otherwise this could very easily become a novelty and meander away from the original tension that might make the idea more than a quirky kinky one-off, and a theoretically limited lifespan could spice things up a bit indeed.

Another option could be companions aren't allowed to leave except with the ultimate victor, but I've never seen a harem RP involving taking players from other players so I'd say only high player-demand would signal that as being worth pursuing.

That's my spiel, just an idea I've had kicking around for an age--I'm not married to the side details, the premise of trading\wagering size is what's really at the heart of the idea for me.  Comment\Suggestions/Quagmires welcome and encouraged.  What do y'all think, anyone interested in seeing this idea become reality?
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Offline Zeth

I am interested. How are these wagers decided?

Offline JezabelleTopic starter

Games of chance simulated using RNGs like E's dice bot, could range from simple (HiLo) to complex (Roulette\Poker);
In the case of more physical challenges, well, probably some sort of system would need to be used.

This was more of a feeler to see if people were interested at all, then we'd see how they'd like it done.  So far no one else seems like they're gonna bite thou.

Offline Zeth

Well a lot of people don't like the idea of their character's penis shrinking, like ever.So this game is a tough sell, even though it is a cool idea. Hopefully their are some brave players out there.

Offline minioch

You could definitely count me in! This sounds awesome!

Offline Zeth

So do we also play the companions or are they played by separate players?

Offline JezabelleTopic starter

I had thought they c\would be other players, so that people could have char's in the aRPee without an eligible member dangling betwixt their legs.

Good to see we caught another interest.  Maybe this one's a grower not a shower :3

Offline Enthelya

I could be interested in playing one of the companions.  :-)

Offline Zeth

I could be interested in playing one of the companions.  :-)

May I call dibs on you playing my companion?

I'm surprised no one else showed up for this though.

Offline Enthelya

Sure, why not? :-)

Offline JezabelleTopic starter

Yeah; well, mayhaps you can play a solo of it and it won't be a complete loss.

Offline Zeth

Well if minioch is still interested, I could play vs him and some NPCs.