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April 14, 2021, 08:21:49 pm

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Author Topic: ~Dabbling in the art of creation~(F looking for M)  (Read 698 times)

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Offline MmeUisgeTopic starter

~Dabbling in the art of creation~(F looking for M)
« on: August 16, 2014, 12:11:59 pm »
Hello and welcome to my own personal spot of creative thinking!

I hope that within a few short words you can better understand what I have a hankering for. Whether it is a bare bones idea or a fully formed thought; all of my ideas will be posted here eventually. If you came here first please take a look at my On's and Off's before you PM to see if we really are compatible partners. If something on here does elicit a reaction; or maybe you don't see something but it could possibly work out. Send me a PM, I love talking to new people!

Bare Bone Character Ideas

Preferably to be played in: Fantasy settings, of any time frame
Age: Mid twenties
Short Description: Able to manipulate art into life, this character would be somewhat adept at being able to control her 'gifts'.

Preferably to be played in: Historical settings, possibly fantasy, around the 1600's
Age: Early twenties
Short Description: Saved from the life of a scullery maid this woman was trained from a young age to be a Courtesan. While I do not do strictly sexual settings, this will be a challenge to create a fully threshed out romance story.

Fully Thought Out Ideas

A Land Lost In Time fantasy

This idea first came to me as a group idea, but after it flopped and no entries came in; I have resorted to giving it a spot here.

In the point my idea is very much like Dinotopia but with a few personal differences. Its a story line where if you choose you will create a dinosaur along side you character (I have a size chart to help you figure out your best companion).

Covered in a span of what seems to be never ending forests, broken by rivers, and deserts, mountains and swamp. This is a world that gives way to many species lost from the passages of time. Humans on a search for common ground, paired with companions in a search for the perfect Utopia. These brave few began the line to a people of nature and of equality.

Biome Settings:
Forests: Forests are dominate but not as dominate as the plains, apart from the occasional hunting dinosaur, peaceful smaller dinosaurs live here hiding in the shadows.
Deserts: While these are few and far between, this biome is probably what could be called ‘the dead lands’ as these would only be used as migration paths, home to tons of voracious appetites.
Plains: The plains are the dominating force on this world, their sprawling nature and lush grazing fields are the perfect places for herds to congregate.
Ocean: Quaint towns dot the coast line, fishing is big, and a new form of ‘whaling’ has come forth. Instead of your normal whales being pulled up for their resources; picture the turmoil of the prehistoric ocean.

City Settings:
While cities are sprawling urban areas sporting wealth and commerce, there are also towns and even villages. Forts naturally sprouted between these places that were more than a day’s journey. Who wants to be out in the wilderness at night?

Several story lines to this could line with:
- The continent(s) are shifting, it seems that some higher force has become agitated and is now threatening to tear the very fabric of civilization apart.
- Perhaps there are a group of people who hate how equal the companions have gotten and want to knock them down a peg?

I expect many, many questions on this so please feel free to ask!

In General Genres

- I'm big on fantasy; but can attempt a non fantasy plot
- Medieval plots
- Victorian Era plots
- Modern plots
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