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Author Topic: Rune’s Transformations (Swap, TF, TG, NC, EX)  (Read 756 times)

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Rune’s Transformations (Swap, TF, TG, NC, EX)
« on: August 16, 2014, 06:41:50 am »
It is no secret that I like games in which my character is either swapped into another’s life, or changed into someone else (usually involving gender change). However, I realized that I haven’t played in any such games in a long time. In fact, I do not have any current games at all! So here is my list of ideas. If any of them spark any interest with you, please PM me and we can discuss in more detail.

1.   Android Dreams – An inventor is creating a pleasure android. An accident causes a mind swap between him and his toy. Will he be able to undo the swap before the androids programming takes over? What happens when the android realizes that she prefers being a real person instead of a possession?

2.    The Summoning – A modern day man finds an ancient text that tells him how to summon a devil that will grant him great power. The devil appears and agrees as long as the man agrees to provide him with a bride. What the man doesn’t realize is that he is the intended bride.

3.   Alien Encounter – When a starship captain’s dna is changed to that of a native alien girl, will he be able to escape the savage alien world? Will his old crew still accept him as their captain or will he become the ship’s pleasure pet? (Possibly furry)

4.   Cosplay for life – Due to a costume mix-up, a young man attending a cosplay convention ends up dressed as a cosplay maid. What happens when one of the wealthy guests at the hotel mistakes him for a real maid and decides he wants her services on a more permanent basis.

5. Down on the Farm – In a lab where scientists are creating animal human hybrids, the animals decide that it was time to take control. Unfortunately for one young man who worked in the lab, the hybrids decided that they needed some breeding stock. (furry)

6. After being turned down on a date, a young man uses a spell to change a girl into the woman of his dream. Unfortunately, the spell backfires and he starts changing instead. Too bad his friends like the new girl ‘much’ better than the man he used to be.

7. The Bunny Suit - When a real doll costume gets delivered to the wrong address, a simple game of dress up goes wrong and my neighbor now has a new pet.

8. Newly Maid - It had been a stupid bet between me and my maid. Now I lost and we had to switch places for a week. I thought it meant that I would have to do her chores. I didn't know she was a witch and had more drastic changes in mind. I didn't know her chores included taking care of the butler, the cheauffeur, the gardner, the stable master....

9. The Pleasure Clone - In the near future, pleasure clones were used as sex toys, they weren’t regarded as real people. They had no rights so they could be used as their owners desired. When an accident at the cloning factory rewrote my genetic code, I knew that I only had a matter of time before I became a pleasure clone as well.

10. Prison Life - Framed for a crime I didn't commit, I have been sent to prison. In order to get a shorter sentence, I volunteered for a special experimental program. I awoke to find that I had become a beautiful woman. Trapped in a men's prison, I find myself at the mercy of the other inmates.

11. Wife Swap - When I signed up for the Reality TV  program, I thought I would be swapping my wife for another. I never imagined that I would be the one swapping with another man's wife. What happens when my wife decides that she likes her "new husband' better? Worse, what happens when my "New husband" decides that he prefers his new submission wife.

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Re: Rune’s Transformations (Swap, TF, TG, NC, EX)
« Reply #1 on: September 22, 2014, 05:21:49 pm »
Updated with taken games.

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Re: Rune’s Transformations (Swap, TF, TG, NC, EX)
« Reply #2 on: December 17, 2014, 07:30:12 pm »
Updated with preferences.

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Re: Rune’s Transformations (Swap, TF, TG, NC, EX)
« Reply #3 on: December 21, 2014, 08:23:07 am »
Updated plots.