Fantasy- Warcraft, need Male and/or Female writing partner(s) [Bon-E], [NC-E]

Started by Bayushi, September 17, 2008, 02:55:55 PM

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I've wanted to get involved in a good Warcraft/World of Warcraft-themed game here on E, but it just hasn't happened. My roommate, Bayushi, tried to get some ideas out, but it didn't go anywhere. :(

So, maybe a 1 on 1 could be arranged?

I would be playing an Elf(Night or Blood/High), whose town or settlement is raided by members of the opposing faction. Being the only woman of age in the town, she would be subjected to a lot of unpleasant(and pleasant) carnal adventures at the hands of the raiders.

I first got this idea after seeing an interesting comic strip on the Darknest Fantasy Erotica website.... whereas an Orcess captures, enslaves, and proceeds to rape a pretty, young Night Elven lass.

The thought of being said Night Elf.... does a lot to me. So I'd enjoy trying this out here in a one on one or a small-group game.

I don't remember if I have my On's and Off's up yet..... if not, I'll get on that and add to my signature, or edit this post with the link.




Hmmm if you ever want to do another Warcraft-themed rp, give me a poke.

Zaer Darkwail

I visit Darknest site also and know what you mean XD. PM me if there is spot open or plan open for Warcraft lored game where multiple guys can be in and entertain one girl.