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April 12, 2021, 03:13:40 pm

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Author Topic: Mint & Chocolate: My search thread (mostly M/M plots, F/F possible)  (Read 562 times)

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Offline MintTopic starter

Mint && Chocolate: My search thread

To start off with, hello and thank you for looking at my search thread!

About me: To start with, please check my On/Offs. I prefer to rp in third person, past tense multi-paragraph format. I will ordinarily make my responses between 300 and 500 words, though with the right partner, I'm comfortable making posts of just about any length, at times over 1000 if I'm inspired. I tend to match what I receive as much as possible. As we all have busy lives, I will try to reply at least once every few days and would appreciate a partner who can do the same. The more active the rp remains, the easier it is to keep our muses into it.

Something important to note: I'm quite flexible in general with all of my settings, characters, ratings, genres, and just about everything. I can play dom, switch, or submit equally well and enjoy having a variety of roles. Also, while I usually prefer M/M, just about any of these plots could be converted to F/F. It is basically all up for negotiation if desired!

Anyway, let's get onto the plot list:

A Supernatural Bond
modern :: action :: bondage/noncon
Inheriting great magical skill from both his mother and his father, Character A is one of the most talented young witches the world has ever seen. And yet even that is not enough for him. With the goal of becoming the most powerful witch on the planet, he decides he should attempt to enter into a bond with a demon as soon as he comes of age. While witches become much more powerful from harnessing demonic power, ultimately the demons usually end up controlling the witch and dragging them down to Hell. Fully confident that he will be able to bend the demon to his will, the witch goes through with the summoning ritual. He doesn’t plan on the demon being quite as strong as he is and the two enter into an almost evenly matched struggle for power.

The demon would be somewhat like a pet to the witch, but more likely in the way that tigers are pets for their keepers, always looking for a way to one-up the witch, even while supplying him with increased magical power.

The Demon Sword
Ancient Japan :: Action/Fantasy :: Light/Bondage, noncon possible
In ancient Japan, myth and magic run rampant. One samurai finds this out after being left fatally wounded by his comrades in the dense foliage of a forest near the base of Mt. Fuji. Thinking himself a goner, he closes his eyes… only to wake up hours later lying beneath the starry sky next to a warm fire. When he sees his rescuer, he can hardly believe the fox ears and tail that the other sports, especially because legends of kitsune trickery run rampant. Has this boy saved him purely out of selfless goodwill or does he harbor ulterior motives? And what does the legend of a cursed sword have to do with it?

A Death Worth Living
Modern :: Drama :: Light
Character A is a ghost and doesn’t realize it. Lost and confused, he comes upon a dejected looking young man who, unlike others, seems to see him. This man hangs out with him for a bit, until finally deciding to help the ghost pass on to the next life, using whatever means that might take.

Trust and Tribulations
Modern :: Action/Drama :: Bondage/noncon
Character A is extremely tentative around demons after her family was killed by them. She has taken up a life hunting them, sworn to destroy them, but she gets herself into a tight spot. Only with the aid of a demon does she manage to escape with her life and the two end up working together, building up meager amounts of trust along the way.

Little does she know this is the demon who killed her parents so many years ago.

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