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Author Topic: Beasts, Demons and Monsters. [M seeking F]  (Read 520 times)

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Beasts, Demons and Monsters. [M seeking F]
« on: August 14, 2014, 12:21:28 PM »
Looking to satisfy a current craving here so feel free to take a gander.  I'm looking for female writing partners whom like to read and write at least a few paragraphs per post with some juicy details.  I'm not going to get too crazy on descriptions in this request thread because I would like to discuss the details of each plot/pairing with my role play partner.  So these are just some general ideas to get the ball rolling and the creative juices flowing.  The races of characters and everything like that is up for discussion.  I'm just seeking high fantasy settings/pairings right now.  That does not mean it can't be somewhat modern with some fantasy/supernatural thrown in.

Kinks I am Looking For:
NOTE: We do not need to include all of these so if there are some you don't like then don't fret, just let me know what you are interested in and what you would prefer to stay away from.

Species Play
Size Difference (height/weight/body/etc)
Huge Cock and Balls (goes along with species play and size difference)
Exotic Cock (bumps/studded, knotted/flared, ribbed, etc)
Excessive Semen (how much is up for discussion)
Cervical Penetration
Stomach Bulging
Light Cum Inflation
Impregnation (oviposition is always available)
Throat Penetration/Face Fucking
Outercourse (titty fucking/hot dogging/thigh sex/etc)
Watersports (could be used just for marking or for more depending on preference, can be left out completely as well)
Wet and Messy (saliva, cum, squirting)
Pet Play (leash and collar)
Public Sex and Casual Sex (being paraded around in public, performing sexual acts casually while having a conversation or attending to daily duties - such as the female sucking the male off while he is at a meeting and/or riding in his lap)

The New King
The prince of a powerful kingdom and race has overpowered and conquered the kingdom of another race.  Your character would be the princess that is coerced into being his bride so that he may become king of her people.  As the princess she must submit and cooperate for the safety and well being of her race and kingdom.  She knows that as long as she can keep her new king happy then her race will no longer suffer from death and destruction.  So while she is anything but willing she is coerced into consent and plays the part of a queen for her people.  Even when she finds herself actually enjoying the lewd, sexual acts of her king she will refuse to admit it until he forces the words out of her. - This role play can definitely start out with some non-con elements due to the plot

War Time Breeding
Not only is it a responsibility but it is law that the strongest and best of their race breed so that their genetics get past down to younger generations.  Especially in times of war when they need to keep their numbers high and their armies strong.  My character would be a powerful general in an army and your character would be considered a "perfect" woman for breeding.  Mating banquets and what not could be set up so that the strongest of warriors can mingle with the best of the females and find the mate right for them.  Of course females are not just used for mating, they may also fight alongside the men depending on their race and abilities or they may contribute in other ways.  The characters/races and pairing is up for discussion.  The general idea here is that our characters become mates and start to breed and enjoy a highly sexual life while also dealing with the plot of the war around them.  They could even fight alongside each other or perhaps she supports him in battle with healing and what not.

The Contract
Your character has gone to visit or summon a powerful demon/creature so that she can use his power for whatever reason - maybe it's for her own personal reasons and gain or maybe she is wishes to protect someone or something or use his powers to fight for what she believes in.  My character would of course be the male she seeks out/summons and he offers her his power and companionship as long as she gives her body and soul to him.  Basically she is his mate to satisfy his urges, it is the price she must pay if she wants him to be bound to her so that he can help her achieve whatever goal she desires.  Aside from him being powerful the contract between them could also grant her powers or make her stronger in some way.  The contract could also have other conditions that bind them.

The Companion
This is sort of geared toward a Rider and her Dragon sort of pairing but it can work with anything really.  The idea is that the two races have been allies for a while and have created a powerful, magical bond between them.  It's an ancient, magical contract that has brought the two races together - such as your characters race becoming the Riders of Dragons.  The stronger the bond is between two companions then the stronger they become together.  Many companions are emotionally intimate, however there is no bond greater than becoming lovers/mates.  So it could be a Rider and her Dragon, or maybe a female mage/warrior and her demon/beast/monster companion that travels with her and fights alongside her.

The Protector
A tournament was held to see whom was the strongest warrior of the people/races.  My character would come out victorious and as such he would become the royal and personal guard of the princess whom would be your character.  He would travel everywhere with the princess and always be by her side to protect her.  A romance would develop between them, one that is forbidden.  Maybe the princess is even arranged to get married to a prince, thus making their love and sexual activities even more taboo.

The Prototype
This is a sci-fi type plot, made to be futuristic with space travel and what not.  The idea is that your character is a female captain of some sort.  She could have her own ship and maybe her own crew.  She would end up finding my alien character sleeping in a stasis tank - maybe she finds him in the ruins of an alien ship or ruins of a city on some alien planet, it could be after a bit battle and they are looking for survivors and supplies or something like that.  Anyways she finds my character and awakens him, unaware that he is a biological weapon and meant to be used as such but he was never completed.  He would be a being of great instinct and power and perhaps with friendship and companionship she could learn to use him and his powers.

Gifted School
Just a generic idea of a school that has gifted students.  Maybe mutants or humans gifted with magic and alongside them there are also monsters/demons/beasts and whatever else.  I would like for our characters to be students, perhaps training together and learning to use their powers.  Two hormone enraged youths engaging in a relationship that is not your normal boy meets girl love story, maybe because the male is a demon/monster/beast.  I would love to discuss details and possibilities here so if you are interested in a magical/gifted/demon school at all please let me know.

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Re: Beasts, Demons and Monsters. [M seeking F]
« Reply #1 on: August 16, 2014, 12:19:35 PM »
Modified some of the original ideas and added a few new ones.