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May 25, 2022, 07:17:12 am

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Author Topic: Looking for girls for Harem RP... Ideas inside  (Read 855 times)

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Looking for girls for Harem RP... Ideas inside
« on: August 13, 2014, 11:12:05 am »
Hey all i'm looking for some harem rp, and hope there's somebody who might be interested aswell.

The reason that i'm looking in One on One rp, is because i have very little experience with group rp (as in multiple rp partners), so prefer to have one partner who can play as multiple characters.

Here's the ideas i've come up with this far. (Red marking are cravings)

Though the Caverns of Time (WoW themed)

MC is an adventurer who travels to Tanaris and ends up at the Caverns of Time, a place where one is able to travel to certain points in time with the help of the Bronze Dragonflight. Inside he meets a member of their Dragonflight, who's greatly injured and close to death. MC saves the dragon, and it's so greatful to him, that it offers it's assistance to travel to his points of interest in time. From there he can meet all of the female characters in wow's history, from a young Jaina Proudmore, to the Windrunner sisters, when Sylvanas was still alive. All of this and so much more, made able with this timetravel.

The Harem of Legends (LoL themed)

This is a rp i've done before, but my partner seemed to stop and i've been missing it ever since. MC (either a lol champion or an OC) is joining the League of Legends, but things have changed now. The war between Demacia and Noxus has ended, but the league is still up but for another reason. The champions battle for their freedom this time. If they loose in a 1v1 match, they become his or her slave. This is something MC wants to use to his own desires and build himself a harem of female legends.

Thoughout Disney

MC discovers a way to travel in the world of Disney, and not just from one place to another. He finds a way to go to all the disney universes, from Akrabah where Aladin and Jasmin lives, to Beauty and Beasts castle and so on. Each time with the intention of trying to have sex with the lovely disney princesses, and maybe even to try and make them follow him. But no matter what, he will be able to say "i've been there".

The rise of the villains Harem.

A new supervillain has apperard and is ready to prove himself to the world as the greatest villain in the world. And what better way to do it, than to kidnap superheroines, or even female villains? But he dosen't just want to capture them and keep them locked away. He desires to break their will and make them his personal slaves of pleasure, and show the world that he can break every hero or villain who will stand in his way.

In the succubus lair

MC get's lost in the woods one night and from there is close to death. But the next morning he wakes up in a bed in a big mansion. There lives a Succubus mother with her three daughters. All of the daughters wants to become the next leader of the house after their mother, so she turns it all into a game. The succubus sisters have to try and make MC fall for one of them to become the next leader. But even the mother will try to have her way with the young man, to buy her some more time as leader.

Last chance

MC have never been a good student, and have been kicked out of several school to the point that nobody what him at their school. That is until he's accepted into a school which is very diciplinary... And turns out to be an all girls school. Here MC has to live with the strict but really hot teachers telling him what to do, while the student girls are exited to see a man in their school. In addition, the school is too far away from his parents, so he has to live at the schools dorm. Maybe alone, or maybe with a roommate.

A labyrinth of rooms

MC wakes up one night, only to discover that he's naked at the beginning of a very long hallway. It's so long that he can't see the end of it at first, but finds a letter next to him that says, that he has to go into every room in the hallway and complete the "quest" inside to get out. Who or what is inside is up to you.

In her Mistress service

A bit of a run-up from the previous story. It all seemed to be a gamble and entertainment from alot of rich people, betting on if he would be able to get out or if he would fall. One of them is a lady (the one who's behind it all, by training all the girls and having them placed to try and make him stay rather than leave) who now have won alot of money on him, and then hires him as two things. Firstly an agent to find new girls for her to make money on by putting them in "the game". The other is to be her personal lovetoy.

Harem in space (Idea taken from anime "Vandread")

In the future, men and women have been seperated due to line of work. Women are birthgivers and home caretakers, while the men are warriors. But not all are like that. There are space pirates, who works for themselves, and says "fuck the rules". MC is on a ship which gets boarded by a ship of female pirates, who finds MC, injured and begging for his life. For some reason you take him in, which leaves me in a situration where i can only do one thing. Obey my new captain and her crew.

Why me? (Idea taken from anime "Princess Lover)

After the death of MC's parents, he gets a letter from his uncle that descripes that he is the CEO of a big firm, and he's the next heir to the grand company. But that also puts him in a situration which he dislikes. He has to attend a school where only the riches people are allowed inside. Secondly his uncle have arranged married him away to a girl of another company. But with MC, who loves to party drink smoke and whore, pratically everything he wants to himself, how can he survive this new lifestyle?

The magic phone (Idea from How i met your mother)

MC finds/achieves a phone where girls always calls him. This leads to him to hook up with almost any girl that calls the phone, but the downside to it is that every time he hooks up with one, he might risk losing one that is hotter/better.

Master and his slaves (Inspired by the manga "Mouse")

MC is a dedicated hacker, who steal from every bank account he wants. To help him, he has three slaves, which have joined him for diffrent reason, but all have the same goal in mind. To make their master love them, punish them, and use them. (Read the first 4-5 chapters of the manga and you'll know what i mean ^^)

Hope some of these ideas has given you interest in rp'ing some of them. All of them are still open for discussion and if you have some ideas for another kind of harem/threesome rp, i'm all ears aswell.

Contact me though PM and we'll figure it all out.

Hope to hear from you.