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Author Topic: Craving some RP! DBZ, RWBY, Naruto, and possibly more!~ (M for F)  (Read 2264 times)

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Offline KoibitoTopic starter

Looking for a good few rp's to fill up some time. Mostly anime inspired ideas~

This is a bit of a shot in the dark here as I haven't been successful in meeting many of the fandom at all save the one DBZ themed RP that I already have going on but you don't know until you try eh?

A bit about my preferences first, all of which you can find more detail about in my O/O's page.

I am almost set on roleplaying with females. I've been convinced once or twice to roleplay with males but there has to be some serious interest in this so that I know said partner will be into it.

I am on most days, weekends tend to get busy for me but usually I'm on and prepared for strings of posts throughout the day as opposed to a certain number of posts per day or week or however people measure their posting frequency but the point is I'm a pretty frequent poster as long as nothing has come up. I also post decently long posts as long as my partner does the same, I more so adapt to their posts and understand when action or sex or dialogue requires shorter posts at times when back and forth is needed so I'm not too strict there. My posts do always have substance though no matter how long or short they may be.


Now, onto the plot idea, shall we?

What I'd like to do is something better than the awfulness of GT. Specifically, I'd like to rp a sequel story to DBZ, a next generation story that makes more sense to the progression of the story and the characters. A story where Goku doesn't take the spotlight as he eventually wouldn't, where powers progress reasonably, and where transformations aren't just piled on and characters bulked up.

I want a story where Pan and Uub are the main characters, plus some others~.

I have little specific plot ideas but basically yes, I want a DBZ story covering a few arcs that tell a story of the next generation of Z Fighters. Pan the main character, Uub her rival, others to fill various roles, and adventures that would just fit the fandom more than what the animation company decided to do with GT.


Characters I'd like to have included:

At the age of sixteen, Pan has grown up only a little from the days of her first tournament. As a kid she idolized her grandfather and was heavily interested in fighting, she was even a bit of a prodigy having the ability to fly around the world casually at the age of five.

Ideas for personalities include: Since those days she's come to calm down but never lose that fighting spirit of hers; Pan loves to fight and a good challenge but is also rather intelligent like her father even if sometimes she can get a little hot headed. Full rebel route - Pan has always been interested in being strong like her Grandfather as well as her father, but when her Grandfather who she looked up to the most was not around for more of her life than she would have liked because of his desire to train Uub, she's more standoffish with people, a bit more obsessed with training and becoming stronger as a means to show Goku up. As such, she's a complete hot head. Open to suggestions.

Uub was a young boy from a small village on an Island south of Papaya Island that faced hard times, starvation and dehydration were rampant. A child of mysterious power he traveled to the World Martial Arts Tournament to try and use this power for good by using the earnings to save his home. It was there that he met his future Sensei, Son Goku who took Uub on as his apprentice after a match in the ring to test his power before leaving to train Uub in his own village. Since then, now at the age of Twenty-One, Uub has learned a great deal of techniques and skills, learning to fight as well as use and control his power completely.

Ideas for personality: Uub pretty much makes sense only being noble. He was a kind young boy who could be angered if pushed to reveal his true power and being trained by Goku could only progress his noble, kind attitude. I suppose what could come to be is either a completely noble soul or a noble good guy with a bit of a hero complex as in he's arrogant, has to be the hero, even if it's a hidden trait that he doesn't show prominently. Open to suggestion.

Marron never had much established character development so here we'll go right to the character ideas.

Marron, the daughter of Krillin and Lazuli - otherwise known as Android 18 or 18 for short, is less involved or knowing of the world of fighting. Due to her parentage, particularly her mother, she was taught how to fight and, with help from her father, how to use Ki. Marron can hold her own in the world but isn't much of a fighter, in fact she's a rather peaceful girl to the point where she's kind of an airhead. Usually seen as ditzy or scatterbrained, Marron has a bit of a quirk - when angered it's as if her entire personality changes to a borderline bi-polar degree. What's more, when angered, Marron has been known to display a rather intense power hidden deep inside. Open to suggestion but I really think that one is a good idea.


Of course these ideas are flexible including designs and the like. I can play either character actually and as such, control of the other character will completely go to my partner so what they've gone through and who they are is up to you. I'm only providing designs and ideas for each to reflect that for either I do have a ideas in mind but they do not have to be set in stone for the character my partner picks.

As far as specific plots I haven't yet come up with full ideas. I'd like a style like DBZ where villains arise every once in a while throughout the lives of these characters. Other's such as Goten and Trunks, Gohan sometimes, Bra/Bulla, I would love for them to be included (and maybe Goku like once) as well as new characters and villains.

An idea I do have so far to start at least is perhaps after another break in Uub's training after Goku has taught Uub everything or most of what he knows he sends Uub to check on his granddaughter as it's been a while since he's seen her with instructions to test her power if she's still kept up with her training as well as a test of his own strength. Maybe Pan doesn't remember Uub? Or maybe they have been to visit so she's met him once or twice. A nice little rivalry could start from this.

As for the more adult aspect of the story, there are a decent number of characters to pair up together with given we have the two girls Pan and Bulla/Bra, Marron as well if we can find a way to involve her, as well as Goten and Trunks and any new villains we might possibly introduce if any are interested in that sort of thing.

So yes, there are some decent ideas based on the end and hypothetical continuation of DBZ. I would love to discuss more with an interested partner so if you are, PM me!

Hope to hear from you soon~


Food for the muse~

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide



I would also not be opposed to playing a more future based and more open DBZ story among the likes of DragonBall Online with all new characters.

I would love to play with the ideas set in place such as Saiyan DNA being so integrated into the human gene pool by now that all humans are a small percent Saiyan, a Majin Race created by Buu long ago resulting in a race living on Earth alongside Humans and Namekians and the like with possible other ideas too.

This would offer a more free, less binding idea than the one posted above. An OC based story with more plots to play with and who knows, perhaps the two ideas could be tied together? I'll add to this idea as more inspiration comes but for now if you're interested we can come up with some good ideas together~

Picture Inspiration:
Female Human/Saiyan

Female Majin



I've always wanted to do a RWBY story since it came out. I love the characters and the designs and all of that goodness~

I have a couple going but due to most likely being busy, my partners haven't responded in a good while so I thought it'd be nice to try and start a different one.

Thing is, RWBY is far too early in to discern some sort of logical plot just yet. There's not much to build off of and I feel that any attempt would just be a shot in the dark and not really feel like RWBY at all. That said, I'd like to try something character based, a story with not really so much a big epic plot with a goal but a story about character interactions, plots occurring within the setting at the moment between characters and teams and all that. Of course with sexy time throughout as the characters are just too damn shipable, so really just a for fun sexy story with all the characters interactions and exploring their personalities and lives and the like.

I'd be up for a sort of outer story idea or even a plot like this integrating through the story that simply covers everything off screen.



I just might eventually add more plots to this but my main idea is purely smut.

Possibly sometime after the manga where nothing from any sort of ending of the manga is mentioned yet Naruto just has the Nine-Tails.

Basically I'd like to play a story where the Kyuubi is (like the actual myth) a female. Secretly of course but she is one truly and can transform into a human form to show it. The idea is that she has been rather bored and horny recently and to satisfy those cravings she decides to play around as much as she wants. She starts by effecting his arousal, giving him intense dreams, and finally after it's just too obvious she's up to no good Naruto meditates to speak to the Fox only to find her true form there to take out her frustrations on him.

From there she activates their Kurama Link Mode and uses the Chakra to separate from Naruto where she either coerces or blackmails him to help her go after every girl in the village and possibly others~ Some play in their mind is also a good reason to bring up characters otherwise unlikely to be around like Kushina or Mito for example.

I would like to play a smutty little escapade of these two seducing NC or otherwise the girls of the series.

Girls I would like to use (though not all have to be):
Kurama (Obviously)
Ten Ten
Probably more, just ask!~ I've probably forgotten some anyway ^^

NSFW Art Inspiration

PM me if interested~ I'd love to get something like this going and actually have it consistently progress.
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Re: DBZ, RWBY, and possibly more!~ (M for F)
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Added some detail and a concept art section.
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Re: DBZ, RWBY, and possibly more!~ (M for F)
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Turned into a general request thread and added another plot.

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Re: DBZ, RWBY, and possibly more!~ (M for F)
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Cleaned up a bit.

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Re: DBZ, RWBY, and possibly more!~ (M for F)
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I've added more character ideas and a couple more pictures, including a NSFW inspiration.

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Re: DBZ, RWBY, and possibly more!~ (M for F)
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Added another plot.

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Re: DBZ, RWBY, Naruto, and possibly more!~ (M for F)
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Added more stories again.

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Re: Craving some RP! DBZ, RWBY, Naruto, and possibly more!~ (M for F)
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Cleaned up some of the plots and added new ideas to them.