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Author Topic: Game Protagonists at War (Accepting Applications)  (Read 24534 times)

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Offline Laughing Hyena

Re: Game Protagonists at War (Accepting Aplications)
« Reply #400 on: October 22, 2014, 02:47:54 PM »
*Listens to Lordvessel.*

Offline Red LobsterTopic starter

Re: Game Protagonists at War (Accepting Aplications)
« Reply #401 on: October 22, 2014, 02:57:29 PM »
Hey Hyena,

I've reviewed your sheet and overall it looks pretty good.

The things I would ask are:

1. Remove your fate bending power and replace it with something less GM power-like. Since we can't really balance, or mechanically work out how you would change someone's fate.

2. I understand that in Dark Souls a large point of the game is dying, then returning at the nearest bonfire. However (this is more of a GM note so you are not surrpised) Boss level Villains could very likely have the ability to kill this character, removing his ability to resurrect in the process. Since nobody in the realm of this game is truly immortal. You would not know who can, or cannot do something like this. Though it is a fair bet all Council members could, and some of the more noteworthy Boss Villains.

Offline Laughing Hyena

Re: Game Protagonists at War (Accepting Aplications)
« Reply #402 on: October 22, 2014, 04:02:20 PM »
1) Fate Bending was from Kingdom of Amalur as a footnote to you on where the heck it came from. Basically it allowed the protagonist of that game to essentially change the fate of an opponent so that he could end his life. Reason why that was because fate for many is preordained in that world. The Fate Bending allowed him to essentially change when an opponent was going to die or make it possible to kill someone with no pre ordained death like the many Fae of that world.

Regardless, I can remove it no problems. ^_^

2) I respect that some (many) of the GM characters should at the very least have a means to permakill the chosen undead since I imagine there are ways to do such a thing. I also know its your game and you wanted death on the table to keep players on edge. All I ask is that the usual decapitation and complete destruction of the body typically won't work. He's canon wise survived all that (the hell kite wyvern immolating him, pendulums, petrification etc. ) It reflect how difficult it is to be killed off and also makes his traditional many deaths situation a source of black humor and frustrations. I was hoping to have him die… A LOT.

However to help you, it can be argued that anyone that can destroy a soul can probably kill the Chosen Undead. No soul, the body turns Hollow. Even if you couldn't there was an example on how to detain undead in both the Asylum and Seethe's Tower. An undead will respawn at the nearest bonfire. He could very well be trapped in one inside of a cage and left to rot there.

Offline Red LobsterTopic starter

Re: Game Protagonists at War (Accepting Aplications)
« Reply #403 on: October 22, 2014, 04:05:40 PM »
It sound slide we are on the same page then Hyena! Go ahead and retool your power, then transfer your character over to start posting.

For now, stick to the Halloween or New York thread until we are finished with the current battles to introduce him.

Offline Laughing Hyena

Re: Game Protagonists at War (Accepting Aplications)
« Reply #404 on: October 22, 2014, 04:21:33 PM »
It sound slide we are on the same page then Hyena! Go ahead and retool your power, then transfer your character over to start posting.

For now, stick to the Halloween or New York thread until we are finished with the current battles to introduce him.

Darn I was hoping to have the Chosen Undead "invade" a world to try and kill a target. Or at the very least be a summoned Sunbro to help one of the protagonists.  With your permission. ^_~

Anyway you asked for a retool so here it is. I basically added specifically how it works and what it is supposed to do.

Reckoning/Fate Shift - The Chosen Undead has shifted from one destiny to another and has been able to shape his own path without question. Changing not just his abilities but incorporating many skills and facets. He can go further then that and influence the fates of those around him by literally unraveling their own destinies. Breaking the shackles of fate for a brief moment he can change someones pre ordained moment of death or create a fate that ordains that the victim shall die that the hands of the chosen undead. It essentially means that the enemies of the chosen undead whom have no pre ordained death can be given one and then killed. Furthermore he has the ability to perceive and open Doors of Fate that he finds. 

Offline Red LobsterTopic starter

Re: Game Protagonists at War (Accepting Aplications)
« Reply #405 on: October 22, 2014, 05:07:00 PM »
Jump into the Arcadia thread if you'd like to.

Praise the Sun

Offline Laughing Hyena

Re: Game Protagonists at War (Accepting Aplications)
« Reply #406 on: October 22, 2014, 05:22:35 PM »
As we are the sun bros!

Offline PrestaDGTation

Re: Game Protagonists at War (Recruiting New Players for Next Arc!!)
« Reply #407 on: October 26, 2014, 06:24:52 PM »
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Current Occupation: Robot Janitor. Cleans up the messes of other heroes, but not just after they've finished with them. Currently engages in basic janitorial duties.

Home World Information: Risk of Rain takes places on many different worlds, each accessed by a teleporter. The worlds include Desolate Forest, Sky Meadows, Sunken Tomb, Hive Cluster, and Temple of the Elders. In the game, Han-D is the one of the survivors of the crash of a cargo ship, and he has to make his way from a deactivated teleporter to an activated one on each world to get back to the ship and be able to fly back. On the way, he fights a variety of enemies, and his final description goes "...and so it left, servos pulsing with new life."

The world of Risk of Rain has now been taken over, however, but the Legion, which has enslaved its many beings and turned them to its will. Han-D is not ignorant of these developments, but his programming suggests that he does not try to fight against them alone. For how could he defeat something that had conquered the world it took him a month to beat? The overwhelming power of the Legion suggested to Han-D that he flee rather than fight, and so, battling against his passions for fighting, he retreated in the cargo ship, trying to find allies to help him save a world he did not quite know why he was saving.

Appearance/Style Description: Basically the same as the image. He is a robot made of metal, with more flexible parts for his joints and less flexible ones for everywhere else. He wears a small janitor's cap that marks his station in life, and has a plethora of tools at his disposal. The hammer he uses is but one of them, and his most common one, though in his small body he stores a wild amount of tools for cleaning, and some, not so much. While he may look cold and hard, Han-D's personality is actually quite gentle, as demonstrated here.
Personality: Han-D's spark of life and personality began with his first arrival on the Dried Lake. After crashing, alone, the only survivor of a pod filled with other characters, he rose, seeing the first Lemurian foe spawn besides him. And at that point, he knew he wanted to survive. Slowly, his programming developed. His janitorial tools suddenly became apt weapons, and he picked up items as he moved through the cargo scattered across the worlds he traveled, developing in knowledge as well as power. He found himself sorry for those he killed, especially the Golems and Colossus, which he felt an odd source of kinship with. Still, for some reason, he had placed his own survival as the most vital, where before, he would have allowed himself to die in favor of the rest of the crew.

When he left the final stage, Risk of Rain itself, his servos were truly humming with a new purpose for life. He wanted to survive. He wanted to explore. He wanted to fight and be of use, and he wanted to be remembered. Though he is still not fully developed, Han-D has enough of a personality to be passable. He is somewhat servile, due to his programming, and obtains the most excitement and happiness by pleasing others. This does not mean he is a pushover, however; he likes hearing the word "please" above all else, and has an especially soft spot for underdogs. Additionally, due to his own experiences fighting through the world he had to, he has an overblown image of how strong he is, especially when compared to the other heroes. This manifests itself in a good way when he puts all of his power at their disposal, expecting to solve their problems easily, but a not so good way when forming teams. Han-D is used to being solo, and though he likes friends and he likes making people happy, he does not work well in tandem just yet.

He is experienced with the sexual side. As a robot janitor, he was expected to please anyone who commanded him, and through development and ideas proposed by those who went to him for help, Han-D has developed quite the store of sexual implements. He has a plethora of dildos of all kinds ready to form at his mistress's needs, and for guys, he knows just how to tickle and suck them with his vacuum to get them to deposit their cum. And yes, he even stores sperm so he can deliver it to women later, if they want it, for Han-D is there to please anyone who comes to him.

History: After crash landing on the world, Han-D had to adapt swiftly or risk being consumed by the brutality around him. He developed weapons and obtained many interesting items to augment his powers, and fought through many creatures that seemed to spawn near him by some otherwordly force. As he activated the teleporters and fled each world, he had to contend with monsters such as the Colossus, the Vagrant Wanderer, and the Ifrit. He has come a long way from his programmed past, and, at the very end of it, on the ship, before he left, he had to fight the engineer of all his hells, Providence. A massive battle ensued, but Providence finally fell to Han-D's resourcefulness, and he was able to comandeer the ship to go...anywhere he wanted. Han-D never had a home, or anything, and now he suddenly caused him to vibrate with giddiness as he realize that.

Han-D, a once unknown robot janitor, set out to make a name for himself in the world, seemingly infinite opportunity at his fingertips, and a world just begging for his name. Unfortunately, his dreams were swiftly cut short by the appearance of the overwhelming Legion, which he knew could defeat him in moments. Not willing to lose his newly discovered life, he flees far in order to find aid for his homeworld, and discovers that he is not alone in his plight.

Current Situation: He comes to the world to broaden his horizons. He wants more knowledge, to develop more and ultimately, to be more. He comes to make new friends and to engage in new battle, for he is Han-D, and believes that nothing stands in the way of him and...whatever he is ordered to retrieve or do. He believes that, with his new friends' strengths, they can all team up and beat back the monstrous Legion, or at least die, side by side, trying.

Weapon: Han-D Hammer. A massive hammer that digistructs from his body when he draws it. It is shown in the image above and is actually larger than that, approximately the same height as his body, and about twice as wide. It was his weapon of choice for the attack "UNETHICAL REASSEMBLY" in the games, and is one of his favorite weapons and tools for engaging in rather complete destruction.

Special Powers:  1. DRONE: Han-D can construct small drones from his body. They can be used for scouting or, as in the games, can be sent out on a suicide crash into enemies before their parts return to Han-D to repair him.

2. HURT: Han-D can punch extremely hard, augmented by the things he obtained as he traveled through the Risk of Rain world. His range is pathetic in terms of his most favored punching attack, but his power is ridiculous, on par with super strength. He is, however, a bit slow and obvious on thew wind-up.

3. OVERCLOCK: For a little bit, Han-D can remove any inhibitions and go into an overheating mode that vastly increases his speed and the power of his punches. Like this, his heated body is extremely vulnerable to attacks, but everything about his is increased wildly, from his damage output to the speed of thinking and constructing tools.

Strengths: This can be anything, related or not related to your character's fighting abilities. My recommendation would be to pick 2 things that make you a badass Protagonist, and 2 things that are not related to combat.

1. Tools of the Trade: As a robot janitor, he can digistruct and destruct tools at will, for whatever the situation. He can make vibrators, dildos, blades, hammers, screwdrivers, and anything he can comprehend. Admittedly, these tools can only be used by him; they do not retain their integrity for very long when removed from his body. Still, he is basically a walking Swiss Army Knife, and quite a useful robot to have around.

2. I've got power!: Sometimes, it is not the strength of the protagonist himself, but his belief that allows him to be so strong. So is it with Han-D. While not actually the top protagonist of many, he has a lot of confidence in himself, which causes him to drive himself very hard, and makes him nearly immune to psychological effects.

3. Assistance: Han-D will willingly assist any ally who needs it, and they merely have to stick by him and feed him a compliment now and them for him to grow on them like a puppy. Mentally, on that aspect, Han-D is overeager to make friends and have companions, for his days spent on the world of Risk of Rain among only foes rendered him lonely and needful of company.

4. Development: Han-D is a robot, and everything he encounters causes his programming to mutate and develop a bit further. No matter what the experience, he will gain and memorize and develop from it, so the next time he goes through the same type of experience, he may draw on his past knowledge. This is especially relevant in social situations, where his only experience is with past ones. He also likes to hopefully helpfully educate other heroes on what he thinks they could improve on, though he has learned to shut up about this for it was badly received.

Weaknesses: 1. Robot: Due to his construction of being a robot, Han-D is especially weak to strong electrical attacks. He is, however, insulated to be water tight, but anything super shocking can completely fry his hard drives and force a reboot.

2. Faux Pas: Han-D is not very good at social interactions, and will frequently be too straightforward or miss the subtleties of a conversation. He's working at it, but for many, this has made many seek to avoid him.

3. Slow: Han-D's model was not developed for speed. It is large, bulky, strong, and resilient, but the wheels on his feet can only move so fast in conjunction with his steps. Han-D is built like a tank, but he cannot move swiftly at all.

  Hey there!  I'm here to tag your character in!  Sorry for the wait!

  The only thing I see that makes me weird is the ability to generate any tool he can comprehend.  Single turbine tools (vibrators, drills, buzz saws) and simple objects (hammers, knives, meat tenderizers) would be fine.  Complicated electronics, fire arms, laser beams, human sized glass tubes with tesla coils in them..  You know what I mean!

  If you are good with that limitation, your character is approved!  Just adjust your sheet to reflect that and move it to the character sheets!

  You'll be able to start posting right away in Halloween and New York.  As for Arcadia and Pandora, I'm going to josh with the other GMs for a tic.  However, if you don't mind being in Pandora, I can fit you in preeety easily.  Do you have a strong preference either way?

  EDIT:  One more thing.  Your drones.  Might it be cool is we specify a number of them you have at the start of each chapter in an Arc?  I trust you, of course, but I do the same thing with GLaDOS's turrets in the game.  We can discuss that in PMs, though.  Get ye to the game!
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Offline Torterrable

Re: Game Protagonists at War (Accepting Aplications)
« Reply #408 on: October 26, 2014, 06:34:18 PM »
Oh, I'm glad :)

Sure, I'll edit the tools part.

As for the drones, in the game, it actually depends on the number of kills he has. He gets one for each kill, and has a maximum of ten, I believe. They actually are sent out to suicide and return to him as health when he uses them, and I was thinking they'd be more of a reconnaissance bother.

However, I can see how that would be both odd and ridiculous. Sure, I can specify a logical amount for him to have at the start of an arc. I was thinking between one and five...but I will get me to the game now, and thanks!

Offline Rel Mayer

Re: Game Protagonists at War (Accepting Aplications)
« Reply #409 on: October 29, 2014, 04:55:18 PM »
Harley Quinn

Current Occupation: Harley Quinn is trying to mend her past ways. Rather than working against and bending the rules, she is trying to follow them. The solution? She is working at a mall as a night patrol security guard.

Home World Information: When the Legion got to Gotham - the easiest and simplest solution to bring it down into their clutches was to open the gates of Arkham Asylum. Needless to say - the entire city of Gotham became something greater than Arkham City. The city acts as somewhat of a smaller headquarters for the Legion. Almost all of the inhabitants of Gotham are part of the Legion and they easily drove the Batman away over time. Joker is currently at the throne of Gotham.

Wayne Manor is where most of the Legion currently reside in Gotham. Using Arkham Asylum to house many other protagonists who were left in the world before they were able to escape from the Legion when they opened the gates of Arkham. Not only does the new Gotham have some of the greater criminal minds running the place, but it also is a place for other villains and members of the Legion to live. A sort of metropolis for the bad guys.

Appearance/Style Description:
Harley has two outfits. The first one is a pair of skin tight pants. One side if red and the other side is black while there is a pattern of contrasting black and red diamonds depending on which leg it's on. She always wears a tight black belt that holds a random bit of accessories, including her lipstick, extra ammo, and other random utensils a girl may need. The top of her first outfit comes down just above her navel. It looks like a black and red corset with a little red strings in the middle to make it tighter or looser depending on how much she wants to make her breasts spill out. It also has a pair of black straps that drape around her shoulders and it can show off half of the joker tattoo on the side of her hip. There is also a pair of gloves that go past her elbows. Black on one side and red on the other side. She usually wears heeled boots with this outfit.

The second outfit has long black and red tights connected to garters that span up to her mid thigh. A usually dirty white very short skirt covered her rump and private areas from being exposed, but it also has the same black belt around her waist. The type of corset she wears with this one is very similar to the first outfit. The red corset only spans to her breasts and usually she wears a white top to cover them from being exposed that also covers her shoulders. It has black belt like straps that keeps it in place rather than a string. Shoes with this outfit are more of platform shoes. Her blonde hair is almost always in pigtails with one side coated red at the ends and the other side coated black. Sometimes she curls them, sometimes she leaves them straight. Her makeup is always painted white and her eyes are always coated with heavy amounts of black eyeliner, eyeshadow, and mascara. Her lips are always painted a bright and vibrant red - giving her the trademark look.

Saying she's a wild card is a bit of an understatement, but she's working on being able to control herself. Most of the time she appears playful, flirtatious, and loves mind games. She's fun to be around, very social, and always willing to laugh at your jokes. Of course... there is a bit of a wild and unpredictable side to her personality. She's bipolar and most often bat-shit crazy. Although her and Mista J aren't on good terms anymore, she still gets very upset if people lay into him too much, but that also goes for anyone else she's currently idolizing. The woman is loyal to say the least and keeps her loyalties. There is a bit of obsession with violence, blood, and torture, but she's also currently working on trying to find it less humorous. She's really trying to work on her rage issues to transition into a life of a Protagonist and no longer being part of the Legion.


Graduating from Gotham's University with a degree in Psychology she was given the case to work on Joker in Arkham Asylum. Once upon a time she was a rather stable woman, but the fascination with Joker infested her brain. Trying to find the trick to healing Joker's insanity made her drive directly in the same path of insanity. The woman spent many years trying to either lure Batman out of hiding, trying to sneak in to visit Joker while he was in Arkham Asylum and try and help him escape. She too herself has been subject of trying to escape out of Arkham Asylum, but it didn't matter once the Legion took over Gotham. She stayed a loyal companion to Joker's side for many years and did anything that Mista J ever asked of her.

Current Situation:

After Joker became the head honcho in Gotham and started working with the Legion - he had little or no time to spend with Harley. Although Harley had once worshiped this man to pieces and would do anything he wanted, he now wanted absolutely nothing to do with her. Harley was crushed. He barely even noticed when she went out missing for the span of a few weeks when she was just hanging around and messing in various protagonist worlds. When she ended up confronting him - he gave her the boot. Everything that Harley ever wanted was now tossed out the window. No longer having Mista J to look up to, she is very devastated and her ties with the Legion felt broken.

That's when she decided to try and give up the life of being a villain and try and be the good guy for once. She went to New York and tried to mend the broken pieces of her heart back together. She hasn't found a new Mista J, but she's heard of a rag tag group of protagonists going to fight the Legion. It's just what she wants to do to get back at Mista J and she wants to show off that she can be a strong woman without him. Currently she's in the process of trying to locate this said group of Protagonists and is using PG ways of finding them. No torture. She keeps having to tell herself while she's working on trying to find them.


Medium Range Heavy Handgun
-Usually stocked with a few extra bullets in her belt compartment. Only carries three rounds at a time.

Heavy Metal Red and White Bat

- A gift from Mista J. Even though they're no longer on good terms, she has gotten pretty good at slugging people in the face. Smashing a few heads in and generally using it to her advantage.

Hidden Switchblade Dagger
-Not commonly used, but she usually keeps it tucked in on her belt behind her back. It's shaped more like a metal stake.

Special Powers:

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

-Due to the traumatic events of leaving Joker after he cast her aside, she sometimes can come into fits of rage. During this time Harley blacks out and has an bit more strength than she usually does. Faster reaction times and very unpredictable. She can get even more bloody, violent, and demented than she usually does. Her speed can can also increase. This power can only be

Very Limber
- Her body is thin, flexible, and has a lot of bounce. She's excellent and jumping around and avoiding people.

Problem Solver
-Harley is great at last minute coming up with a solution to any situation. From her extensive way of having to deal with Joker's challenges and issues that he constantly threw at her.

High Pain Tolerance
-Maybe it was because she was with Joker for so long, but the woman can handle quite a bit of pain. Not a lot brings her down and it's rumored that she actually enjoys it and it fuels her strength.


Mental Instability
-She can get distracted and sometimes this doesn't work in her favor. If she gets all depressed about missing Mista J in the middle of a fight, she may be more of a hindrance than actual help.

Easily Influenced
-Lacks a backbone. If she looks up to someone - she worships them and will do anything that they request for her.

Once a Legion, Always a Legion
-People don't trust her. Even if she is trying her best to be a better person. People are always going to be suspicious of her. Because she was once a Legion, she can't level up like normal protagonists can and can only level up her current skill set.

Offline scribus1000

Re: Game Protagonists at War (Accepting Aplications)
« Reply #410 on: October 30, 2014, 05:18:44 PM »
I've been following the threads for this, and I have to say I love the crossover idea and really want to try this out. I saw a few pages back that someone mentioned Rubi Malone. Has anyone followed through or plans to follow through on that character?(I have others in mind just in case that's a yes)

Offline Juggtacular

Re: Game Protagonists at War (Accepting Aplications)
« Reply #411 on: October 30, 2014, 05:25:37 PM »
I've been following the threads for this, and I have to say I love the crossover idea and really want to try this out. I saw a few pages back that someone mentioned Rubi Malone. Has anyone followed through or plans to follow through on that character?(I have others in mind just in case that's a yes)

I don't think anybody's gotten Wet with her yet. -made a funny-

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Re: Game Protagonists at War (Accepting Aplications)
« Reply #412 on: October 30, 2014, 05:28:54 PM »
Send myself, Blue Nova, Red Lobster, and PrestaDGTation a character submission sheet and we'll go from there, my friend.

Offline scribus1000

Re: Game Protagonists at War (Accepting Aplications)
« Reply #413 on: October 30, 2014, 05:45:00 PM »
Oh my, Heh heh. This is good to know. :P

Other ideas had been:

• Jack Carver (Far Cry: Instincts series)

• Motoko Kusanagi (Ghost in the Shell, it's had a spin-off game a while ago)

• Jodie Holmes/Aiden (Beyond: Two Souls, I didn't 100% like the game but it could be interesting running the character, herself)

• The Chosen Undead (Dark Souls) Hyena got this one already. I love the game though and thought I should mention my love of "Praising the Sun." If bosses from there show up, I'm going to be terrified. (Ornstein and Smough, I'm looking at YOU.)

• Ellen/Amanda Ripley (Alien)

• Cerebella or etc. (Skullgirls)

EDIT: Alright, WardenIce, we shall see.
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Offline EdwardShane

Re: Game Protagonists at War (Accepting Aplications)
« Reply #414 on: October 30, 2014, 05:47:28 PM »
I think Jodie and Aiden would be amazingly interesting to see myself.  o.o  I hadn't thought about that one...

Offline Red LobsterTopic starter

Re: Game Protagonists at War (Accepting Aplications)
« Reply #415 on: October 30, 2014, 05:50:23 PM »
All of those characters would be acceptable!

Offline scribus1000

Re: Game Protagonists at War (Accepting Aplications)
« Reply #416 on: October 31, 2014, 07:41:26 PM »
Are you all right with people posting works in progress? I'll eventually edit it until its completion if so.

Offline Red LobsterTopic starter

Re: Game Protagonists at War (Accepting Aplications)
« Reply #417 on: October 31, 2014, 07:42:09 PM »
Sure, go ahead

Offline scribus1000

Re: Game Protagonists at War (Accepting Aplications)
« Reply #418 on: October 31, 2014, 09:11:38 PM »
Rubi Malone

Current Occupation: Mercenary and Bounty Hunter--the legal kind, which is A.K.A. a bail enforcement agent. Rubi is often hired by bail bondsmen to track down "skips", criminals that skip out on their court appearance after a bail bondsman loans them money. It can take up a lot of her time, but it's something she is good at, at least.

Home World Information: Rubi's homeworld is on a version of Earth, very nearly identical to an ordinary reality, with few additions: some of the populace may possess certain extraordinary characteristics like her, but they are few and very far between. Society functions the same way as any other in the generic, modern time around the 2000's.

Appearance/Style Description: Rubi stands at 5'7" at 119 pounds, and wears specific combat gear for whenever she expects bullets to start flying. Her shirt is usually a tank top with midriff to spare, which may or may not have a graphic; her hair has a bit of fringe to it and extends beyond shoulder length. If she is careless, it can become trussed up easily. She wears a short-sleeved leather jacket over all this, and a strap across her middle that is for the scabbard of her sword. An abundant amount of speedloaders and other ammunition are secured in straps, pouches, pockets, you name it, along with any weapon she deems important enough to be holstered at her thighs.
Personality: It's possible that there was a softer, much less crude side to Rubi in the past. Perhaps it's still present somewhere for whoever bothers to do a little digging. But in the meantime, things like that have been long since dead and buried for the heroine--if you could call her that much. Rubi time and again shows her capacity for ruthless, callous actions, end-justifying-means, reason-overriding-emotion. She does not hide; Rubi will, 9 times out of 10, flatly state what she thinks when she finds the desire to do so, and you can expect many of her remarks to be scathing or filled with sarcasm if she feels slighted or challenged. Deeper friendships are usually tough to come by--Rubi does not trust anyone until they have proven themselves to her--although, a bond in the form of a respected ally is not terribly hard to forge. Don't fuck with her, and she won't fuck with you.

History: It's unclear where she is from, or how she's got into the business of wet work(before moving to another world). What can be said, however, is that somewhere she began as a very minor presence, working her way up the underworld ladder of fame--or perhaps infamy. Somewhere along the line, Rubi caught a big break as "Problem-solver", although she will not openly state what the problem that day was. In any case, she became widely recognized for her work and built a very dangerous reputation for herself. Rubi has spent her entire life training to develop her skills; and perhaps this is where her abilities come from.

After a job goes wrong(events of WET), Rubi is nearly killed and left holding the blame. Her recovery and inevitable vengeance sees her carving a very "wet" path through London and Hong Kong, wiping out scores of gang members to track down their boss, a powerful drug lord who is responsible for what happened. Rubi duels with and breaks the neck of the boss' bodyguard, then decapitates the boss with her sword, and finally leaves as efficiently and quickly as she appeared. She lives in a scrapyard in Texas, at an unspecified location, still taking the occasional job, but with a grain of salt--"No one's gonna jerk me around like that ever again." In a surprising little twist, she adopts a cat to look after, and slowly builds a bond with it.

However, only a few months pass before the next great challenge approaches...

Current Situation: Her Homeworld is conquered, utterly, and being ravaged without fail. Legions upon legions of monsters and foul demons, having been directed by the formidable mental faculties of the Spider Mastermind, have invaded Rubi's homeworld, leaving billions of humans dead. Rubi herself barely escaped with her life, and that much is only due to a heavily armored, heavily-armed marine who, curiously:

1) Could run REALLY fucking fast
2) Withstood large amounts of damage including a direct hit from a rocket that would have blown Rubi apart instantly, and
3) Spoke loudly, brashly and with insults and swear words(which she could respect) as he guided her towards a rift through which she could escape.

Yes, she knows that she ran from the fight, but justifies it with the thought that she wasn't quite ready yet. If, or when, the chance comes to return, she will be among the very first to volunteer. They destroyed her home, turned her planet to ash. All that she had accomplished, the cash in bank accounts, the accrued networks of allies and clients, all gone up in smoke.

"But the one thing these boys should not have done? Killing my fucking cat."

(OOC: Caution, above link may be loud. The game itself is called DOOM, and is specifically a modded version.)

Weapon: Rubi is most commonly seen with a pair of unusual revolvers holstered to both thighs, although these aren't the only weapons at her disposal--and she is capable of operating nearly all kinds of weaponry as long as it is of recognizable origin(usually human), though there are some exceptions, such as Covenant weapons for example. Anyway, Rubi typically rotates between those revolvers, sawed-off shotguns, machine pistols, and a crossbow. Along with this, she also has a sword of a very curious design sheathed and on her back. She always carries this, and is not shy about wielding it alongside a gun/some guns.

Special Powers:

Advanced reflexes, strength, agility and flexibility: The former is so sharply honed that Rubi's mind processes information much, much faster than an ordinary human being, leading to all actions, from her perception, to slow to a crawl. She can make her reactions look easy and perfect--but that isn't the case at all. She simply gets a lot more "time" than most people do to get it right(like having an extra hour or two to take an exam).

Finicky Healing Factor(As far I can interpret in-game): Wounds suffered in combat can be healed, to a degree, on their own--It is most likely tied to psychological traits, having to do with bloodletting and stress in fighting. It is most likely to occur, albeit in increments, for showing unrelenting, successful aggression, so all of this is useless if she is unable to fight or kill in the first place, e.g. due to a serious injury.
Alcohol is another way for her to heal from her injuries(as she does in-game); however, its effectiveness is directly proportional to how drunk she is. The wisdom of chugging a bottle mid-combat and getting totally shit-faced is something one can quickly call into question. It might work....or it can make things worse.

Further heightened strength, speed, endurance: Being covered in blood during combat, especially on her face, may trigger a frenzied state in Rubi, and only during this state is she at her best. She will have trouble focusing and recognizing friend from foe, trading away any elaborate strategies for brute force, but it is a very useful state of mind when everything in the room must absolutely die.


Top physical shape: There is a reason she is very strong, fast and persistent. As a matter of fact, there are roughly a dozen reasons, all of which you can see for yourself if you ever find Rubi either in her bedroom or in a gym in the morning.

Unclouded judgement: Rubi is the type that can distance herself from the morals of a job and carry out what needs to be done. Sometimes people may need a person like this...other times, such a person may be shunned or distrusted.

Determination: Rubi does not know the meaning of the word "quit" when it comes to wet work. Break her arm, beat her down, and she'll still drive forward to complete a task if she thinks there's a chance. Especially if it's personal.

Fiercely protective: Her friends can expect solid support; her enemies can expect total, black-hearted retribution.


Physical limitations:Try as she might, she is still just a flesh-and-blood person, and like those fragile meatbags, she can be punched, shot, slashed, bludgeoned, etc. to great effect, though it may take a little more effort than normal. Sure, she can see that bullet hurtling towards her chest every inch of the way, but that fact alone cannot make her any faster than she already is. She can be sharp enough to see an attack coming and realize, within the same instant, that she is literally too slow to avoid or block it. She may even see imminent death approach her in this way--plenty of time to piss herself, she reasons.

Stubborn: This applies in anything, and doubles as a weakness and strength. If she is committed to something, then she'll dig in her heels and refuse to budge.

•  Antisocial traits, lack of morals: Rubi often snuffs out any semblance of emotion or empathy, and shows only cold-hearted logic, which makes it very hard to emotionally connect with another person in any way--sexually, she has no problem. In tense situations, she can suggest the smart thing to do, which may be the polar opposite of the right thing to do.

Clingy and paranoid: For those she actually does manage to connect with, she holds tight as if feeling something could come along at any moment to snatch them away.

Cruelty: She rarely shows mercy towards her foes, perhaps a fact that can distance her from other traditional heroes.
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Re: Game Protagonists at War (Accepting Aplications)
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Physical limitations:Try as she might, she is still just a flesh-and-blood person, and like those fragile meatbags,
Just the fact that you called the fleshys what they really are makes you cool in my book ...hehe, meatbags

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Heheh, thanks...Rubi had to call it what it is. Lol.

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Updated. All I have left to do is personality, which I'll get to do later on. That aside, I have described parts of her personality in other it shouldn't take too long.

Comments and thoughts on this would be welcome. :)

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Looks good Scrib! Extra points die the DOOM reference.

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Thanks! The app is now done, barring anything I've forgotten and/or any changes you'd like to make.

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Wow! Now I have to see if there is any game characters that I like, and know enough to play.