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Author Topic: The Milford Academy for Gifted Intelligent Creatures (MAGIC Recruitment thread)  (Read 843 times)

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Offline SmilingFoxTopic starter

To the holder of this letter,

The faculty at the Milford Academy for Gifted Intelligent Creatures is honored to offer you admission to our fine institute beginning 2014. The Milford Academy, boasting one of the longest and richest history as a magical academy, is open to all races of sapient beings that possess the innate ability to do magic. We offer full access to our vast libraries, the availability of numerous professors and arch mages, as well as facilities specifically catered to helping you master your chosen subject of magical mastery.

Please find enclosed a pamphlet, outlining our offered programs, as well as information regarding housing, admission costs, and other such details. Attached you will find a simple form with which you may outline your desired major. We hope to see you bright and early on September 1st.


Alectaro Barov


The general premise is a school for magic, similar in idea to the oh so popular Harry Potter series. The difference, however, is that this school caters to any sapient creature with the ability to use magic. Humans are still welcome, but are very much a minority compared to the numerous other creatures that walk the campus. Set in a university style, each player must choose a school of magic to 'major' in.

Also, like a university, campus life is a major aspect of the roleplay. Outside of the labs set up to practice spells, there are numerous parks and quads, several extensive libraries, two cafeterias that cater to all appetites and extensive dormitory housing. The campus is large enough to have its own shopping district as well, possessing numerous streets lined with predominantly student-run businesses, ranging from restaurants to clothing stores, anything a college student could need.

The catch to all of this, is that all but the most rarest of creatures can only recharge their magical energies via tantric rituals. Thus, sexual encounters between two or more individuals are encouraged to happen frequently, so that students may keep up with their studies. While different species and different cultures have differing feelings on how 'open' such relations should be, there are numerous places on campus that can be taken advantage of to help students 'recharge' at the end of a tough day. Especially during exam times.

As for the available Schools, there are seven to choose from:

Matter: Matter magic primarily deals with the study of Alchemy. Used professionally for both large scale construction projects as well as fine craftsmanship and detail work, mater mages are a welcome addition to any community. A skilled matter mage can purify any liquid to water, shape blocks of stone into statues, and even turn raw ingots into finished weapons and armor. A master matter mage can turn water to alcohol, change granite to marble, and even turn lead into gold. For those looking for hands on work in trades, Matter magic is often the way to go.

Destruction: Considered the 'military brats' of the campus, destruction magic focuses on taking the most direct routes to causing the most damage with magic. Getting admissions into the Destruction program can be tricky, as students need to have the right mindset for it, while also being assessed as stable and responsible enough to learn the nuances. Any mage can throw a fireball, but a Destruction mage studies the finer points, learning to maximize the offensive potential of each and every spell they learn. A destruction mage can find a promising career on battlefields, or working as security or the police. A skilled destruction mage can hurl lightning, throw fire, crack the ground and devastate entire squads of mages with waves of force. A master destruction mage can be considered living artillery.

Life: Valued everywhere for their medical abilities, a life mage studies the natural world and the magic that makes up every little thing that exists within it. Nature's building blocks become their playthings, as they sculpt and craft living creatures from base components, creating incredible monsters that would never have existed otherwise. Away from the school, a life mage can expect a promising career as a doctor or medic, able to both heal extensive wounds and make grand alterations to any living body. A skilled life mage can regenerate flesh, turn organic matter into a grand creature, and alter themselves and others to peak physical condition. A master life mage can create entire species capable of reproduction, conjure grand beasts from thin air, and (most terrifyingly) create devastating diseases.

Arcane: Usually seen as ivory tower scholars, Arcane mages are one of the least likely to find a promising career upon leaving the school. They are, however, often taken on as researchers at the school post graduation. To study as an arcane mage, one studies magic itself. Learning the 'why' behind the 'how', understanding the precise nature of magic and how it flows through the world, shaping reality, is the nature of the Arcane mage. While it lacks in practical skills, a skilled arcane mage can dispel even grand works of other disciplines, without the intricate knowledge required by mages of other schools. They are also capable of imbuing items with magic, something highly demanded by society due to the scarcity of arcane mages willing to devote the time away from research to actually do it. Finally, they are one of the most prominent experts in defensive magic, able to ward areas against intrusion in intricate ways, leaving them in high demand as security experts. A master arcane mage was said to be responsible for enchanting many of the artifacts we consider 'legendary' by today's standards. Others are responsible for creating the defenses around many notable sites worldwide.

Illusion: Revered as both the greatest of performers as well as feared as the greatest of spies. Illusion is one of the more difficult classes for students to master. Not because of any difficulties inherent with the magic itself, but because of the innate creativity required to effectively use illusion based spells. Professors often cite that the difference between a good student and the ones at the top of the class has more to do with the person themselves than their ability with magic. The ability to lie, cheat, distract and misdirect are all fundamental parts of learning to effectively use illusion based magic. A skilled illusionist can wow crowds with fanciful displays that even masters of other disciplines couldn't replicate, as well as impersonate others, infiltrate secure locations, or even render themselves invisible. A master illusionist can confound and ensnare someone's senses so thoroughly that they become more comfortable believing the lie than reality itself.

Necromancy: While often frowned upon by those who misunderstand, necromancy plays an important role in most societies. Those that follow this discipline can often find jobs performing last rights for the dead and dying, ushering lingering spirits on to the afterlife. They also frequently work with the police, using their powers to speak with the dead and solve crimes. Further, those skilled at animating corpses as constructs can find work managing workforces of the undead, doing jobs that would be far too dangerous for the living to handle. A skilled necromancer can urge the dead to do their bidding, asking questions and favors from the dead. A master necromancer can command entire armies of the dead, reanimated to become stronger than they ever were in life, as well as raising spirits of those long dead, to find answers to mysteries long unsolved.

Divination: While laughed at by those with little experience with magic, divination is very much a useful, if fickle thing. By reading the threads of fate, one can sometimes determine where they are going. Employed as oracles, advisers, and detectives, those who major in divination and succeed will certainly find themselves in high demand. Even reliable predictions as to the coming weather make them invaluable members of any farming community. Skilled diviners can predict outcomes of seemingly random events, sense the general weight of the atmosphere, and spot interference in the loom of fate. Master diviners can tug at the strings, changing destined outcomes and even write their own prophecies into existence.

If you're interested in joining, leave a basic description of your character. Name, Age, Race (Almost anything goes), Gender (Again, anything goes), a description or picture, and what you'd like to major in.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns let me know. This is the first one of these I'm running on this forum, so bear with me. I'll be happy to provide any more information that is necessary.

Offline Interdiction of words

I would like to join you on your quest

Offline SmilingFoxTopic starter

Hooray! Glad to have you on board. Any thoughts for what kind of character you'd be interested in playing?

Offline MissFire

Name: Tara Watts
Age: 18
Race: Homunculus
Gender: Female
Major: Necromancy
Minor: Matter

Bio: A product of gifted (but lonely) necromantic mage Nikola Watts, Tara was made from only the finest of corpses to serve as his faithful servant and companion. She filled that role, but ended up becoming more like a daughter to him. Tara 'grew up' with a fascination for modern mortal life and loves all things high-tech or heavy metal. It's tough for a walking homunculus to make friends, visit the mall, or go to a concert, though. In order to give his daughter the life she deserves and a chance at socialization, he's helped her enroll in the Milford Academy. Tara has chosen to take up a major in Necromancy, which will help her weave the magics that keep her body alive and functioning, though she's also taking some classes in Matter, as she has a keen interest in invention and alchemy.

Offline Silk

Hmmm I'm also interested in this. :) I'll have to have a think.

Offline SmilingFoxTopic starter

Wonderful! Glad to see this has some interest. Your character looks wonderful MissFire and I look forward to getting to know her. Once again, if anyone has any questions feel free to let me know.

Offline Interdiction of words

I can provide a list of spells for my character if you wish but what do you think would be the cap?

Offline SmilingFoxTopic starter

Try to start out with a limited amount, maybe two or three you know well, and maybe one or two you can do unreliably. The goal here is for the school to be your main source of education, and for magic to be a relatively complex art. You're going to be capable of doing basic spells that fall into other categories, as stated, any mage can throw a fireball, but a destruction major will learn how to throw better ones.

For more complicated spells, they're going to be restricted to those majoring/minoring in the discipline. It'd be the same as expecting an English Major to know how to do multiplication, but not work with multivariable functions. Just as a Math Major wouldn't know much about comparing literature themes between time periods.

Offline Interdiction of words

Name: Malgoth Duldalis
Age: 22
Race: Shadow Fiend
Gender: male
Major: Life
Minor: Arcane
Bio: In a world of Eternal darkness one begins to see a different kind of light, a light that makes one thrive under such pressure of darkness. Shadow fiends live off of the unlight to which sentience is born in their primitive minds. This happened to Malgoth but being more intelligent then the shadow around him caused an uprising. Throwing him from the realm of shadow he landed in the material plane where a body was given to him. Wandering among people and animals he wanted to know what he was. Where was he going and what his purpose was? Very few could answer these questions of his. Soon he found a place where he could be home at Milford Academy. He signed himself up with what gold he had collected on his journeys.

SpellsExcellent:Conjure Phoenix
Summons a phoenix on the battle field to fight on the hero's side. Only one phoenix can be summoned at a time
Fist of Wrath
Summons magical fist to deal non-elemental physical damage to target enemy creature. This spell ignores magic resistance and protection from magic.
Weakens the target enemy unit to decrease its Attack.
Not the best magic:
Righteous Might
Affected creature is filled with rage and a lust for blood, it gains bonus to attack.
Inflicts plague on target enemy stack. The stack receives earth damage each time it takes an action. (The spell does not work on undead, elemental and mechanical units).
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Offline Juggtacular

Dragoon Form

Name: Aphelion
Age: 18
Race: Dragoon
Gender: Male
Major: Destruction
Minor: Matter

Bio: Born to a dragon father and a human mage mother, Aphelion was blessed with all the power and strength of a full dragon, but his natural form was that of a human; although growing up nobody could really tell as he tended to shift back and forth on a whim; additionally he found he could attain a form that was in between both. His father, Draximas, was the strongest around and the leader of a powerful Dragon Clan. Aphelion as his only child was groomed from birth to succeed him. This was all fine and good, but a young dragon is next to impossible to control, and Terrath knew this.

 So he pretty much gave his son space to do what he wanted for the most part. Eventually the young dragoon's adventures caught the attention of the M.A.G.I.C. academy, and he somehow received a letter from them while in his home territory; a place notoriously difficult to get to without being a dragon or having permission from them to enter. He took the letter to his parents and they allowed him to go, as they knew his experiences there would help shape him and of course the added magical training wouldn't hurt either. And considering Dragons were famous for hoarding gold, treasure, gems, and all things valuable...paying wouldn't be a problem.

Trying to decide which picture to use for his Dragon form.

1 or 2

Offline Interdiction of words

Is my character good?

Offline SmilingFoxTopic starter

Yeah, it looks fine. Keep in mind that there isn't really a system here, and it's mostly going to be a freeform Roleplay. So while it's fine you've outlined the kind of spells your character is good at, it's not strictly necessary to do so. That being said, I'm happy to have you on board. I'll probably get to creating the IC and OOC threads later today or tomorrow.

Offline Interdiction of words

Yeah, it looks fine. Keep in mind that there isn't really a system here, and it's mostly going to be a freeform Roleplay. So while it's fine you've outlined the kind of spells your character is good at, it's not strictly necessary to do so. That being said, I'm happy to have you on board. I'll probably get to creating the IC and OOC threads later today or tomorrow.

One thing, I am creating defensive attacks so they hurt the enemy and defend him so would that be ok for the arcane be fine?

Offline SmilingFoxTopic starter

The OOC and IC threads are now active. Please move a copy of your character sheet over to the OOC thread when ready, and post on the IC thread at your convenience. I'm still hoping to attract new members as we go, all are welcome.


Offline masked stranger

Interesting concept. For my own curiousity's sake, which school would house portal/teleportation magic spells?