Returning and looking! fandoms/ AoT, Supernatural, Doctor Who, etc.

Started by Castiel, August 11, 2014, 01:03:02 PM

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hello everyone.
i'm back from a very long hiatus.

i'm mainly looking for strong writing partners who are going to challenge me to write more.
* despite knowing that this is an adult based roleplaying forum, i'd highly perfer that my new games don't hold as much/if any smut in them at all.
* i want to write with the amazing people here without feeling like smut has to be a part of an amazing story.
* please respect this if you're going to write with me!

attack on titan ( seriously craving this!
supernatural ( wanting to play off the end of season nine )
doctor who
batman ( really want stephanie brown x someone )
welcome to night vale ( not sure how to work this but i'm willing to try )
star trek ( really want something based around enterprise or what takes place during enterprise and tos )
marvel movie universe ( still havent seen winter soldier, the dark world, or guardians of the galaxy )
jurassic park ( omg yes please )

"original" ideas
yeah...just something with dragons.

feel free to send me a message if you're interested in coming up with a story!


Updated this a bit.
Still looking for new partners.