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Author Topic: Looking to try some sub roles [mul] (Mostly M/M, Includ. NC-H/E)  (Read 763 times)

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Offline CaehlimTopic starter

Looking to try some sub roles [mul] (Mostly M/M, Includ. NC-H/E)
« on: September 17, 2008, 03:46:11 AM »
I usually play dom characters in most of my stories but I'm interested lately in giving submissive characters a try, I've come up with a few ideas here for stories that would interest me but as always I'm open to suggestions if you have any other ideas or changes you'd like to make.

I'm mostly only interested in playing M/M scenarios or at least M/M/F for a story with me as the submissive, though IRL gender is irrelevant.


Train Ride (M/M): A man goes online and confesses his submissive nature to a chat partner that they've never met before. They're told to get on a train for a long cross-country trip, to sit in a particular seat and follow the orders of the man sitting next to them. This story would involve the characters trying to hide through the trip that anything is going on and keep the other passengers and staff on the train unaware. Subtlety would the key to this game, though there will be dark tunnels, sneaking off to the toilets, meal train, empty carriages etc for some more full on moments as well.


Party Rules (M/Multiple): A group of people get together for a kinky party weekend. The rules are simple, no caffeine or stimulants, must drink 2 standard drinks every hour (at least) and anyone who passes out or falls asleep belongs to the rest of the party until it's over. My character is enjoying the party until they get in a drinking contest with someone they're attracted to to try and make them pass out. My character passes out first though and wakes up in a set of stocks at the mercy of the other partygoers. (This is in bondage not NC since the character was willing for this eventuality, signed up for it and will enjoy it).

Houseboy (M/M/F): A rich family places an advertisement for a live in submissive servant. A young man applies and is offered a nice salary to be a sex toy for the family and live in a nice house. The family may or may not have children as well (within age guidelines of elliquiy or nothing will occur obviously) which the houseboy is required to serve as well. They may also have guests for the houseboy to serve or serve the family in front of.  Bondage is not a requirement (this game could easily be in the light category) but I don't mind the inclusion of BDSM so I'm listing it as bondage for now. I'm not really looking for this story to be NC at all, the houseboy is a willing servant.

Non-consensual Human

Hostage (M/Multiple): A gang of bank-robbers take a young man hostage to ensure their escape. However when they escape they take the man with them. He's held prisoner and forced to entertain the gang in a variety of ways, partly sex but probably also some humiliation and mundane servitude. He will try and escape though if he can.

Notes: I don't mind any of these involving furries/anthros should people prefer that in their stories.

I may add to this list as I get more ideas. Once again, feel free to suggest something yourself if you have any ideas. My On/Offs are here:

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Offline Tom

Re: Looking to try some sub roles [mul] (Mostly M/M, Includ. NC-H/E)
« Reply #1 on: September 17, 2008, 04:03:13 AM »
Hi, I'm very interested in the Train Ride...

Offline CaehlimTopic starter

Re: Looking to try some sub roles [mul] (Mostly M/M, Includ. NC-H/E)
« Reply #2 on: September 17, 2008, 10:05:11 AM »
The hostage story has been claimed. I will try to come up with some more ideas soon.

Offline Haibane

Re: Looking to try some sub roles [mul] (Mostly M/M, Includ. NC-H/E)
« Reply #3 on: September 19, 2008, 06:17:12 AM »
The 'houseboy' story intrigues me. I could play the wife. Have you had any interest from a male to play the husband?