Just another Male seeking Women to fulfill his requests.

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Greetings!  Let me start by saying that I am very open minded and friendly so always feel free to send me a PM even if you aren't sure about something.  Even if none of my ideas completely click or you have some of your own you think I might like, based on my ideas or ons/offs,  then by all means send me a PM.  Ask me anything or pitch me any ideas.  I only ask that you do not post or reply in this thread since I want to keep it clean.  PM contact only.  Also please read my ON/OFFs (at least glance at the kinks) before messaging me.

About me and what I'm looking for.

I have been role playing on and off of Elliquiy for about five years now but I have been roleplaying for almost ten years overall.  I will admit that I am here for role plays with strong sexual content.  Other sites I role play on don't allow adult themes so I come here to get my fill - it's nice to be in a more mature environment where my writing is not censored as soon as clothing starts coming off.  That being said, I'm not saying I don't like story.  Story and character development needs to be there to keep the role play interesting and moving along...I just like a hardy helping of smut with my story. 

I have also always enjoyed the Elliquiy community.  There are many great people and writers here.  Sometimes I can get very excited about a role play and thus will reply often, other times real life weighs me down and I might not be able to post every day.  Please never take it personality, my muse is only fickle due to the stress of my life.  Sometimes there are writers that I don't click with or that don't click with me.  Maybe our styles are just too different and it happens.  Feel free to be honest with me if our writing chemistry is not working for you and I will do the same - always with respect of course.  If you are someone that I have role played with in the past and I have disappeared on you then I am sorry.  Once again the only reason I disappear is mostly because of real life responsibilities.  If you would like to talk about our past role play or anything like that then feel free to drop me a PM.

Right now I'm looking for female writing partners whom prefer to both read and write a few paragraphs per post.  I don't like one liners or short posts, I need some juicy detail and description to work with.  One liners, to me, are best kept for sexting and cybering which I'm not here for.  I'm here for role play.  The bare minimum I can work with is two thick and full paragraphs per post - I can still role play very comfortably with only two paragraphs per post though my preference is probably around three or four paragraphs (I have gone above and beyond this many times before but expect slower responses if the posts get too lengthy).  In the end it all depends on the content of course.  Quality is always better than quantity but there is a point where you need quantity to fit the quality within...if you know what I mean.  Also I ask that you do your best when it comes to grammar and spelling but you don't have to be perfect.  I know I'm no where near perfect.

Original Role Play Ideas

"A Fair" Arrangement

General Idea: Alright so the name of this idea is a pun on "affair" and that's what I'm going for here.  It involves a love affair with either both or one of the characters being married.  Basically the couple have one night that turn into many.  Because it's an affair they have to meet in various places and get creative doing so.  They meet at the park, the mall, a restaurant, a sport event, an amusement park, a theater, on a form of public transportation, so on and so forth and while they indulge in sexual acts in places they might get caught by other people they would never get caught by their spouse(s).  So in other words they love the thrill just as much as the pleasure.

Possibilities: The two of them could have met on a website and decided to hook up to get the sexual excitement and gratification they don't get at home.  Maybe they are at a party of sorts and hook up, or were brought together by work somehow.  Blackmail could be used too - such as she is having doubts because she is married and doesn't want to hurt her husband but he tells her he will out her to her husband unless she agrees to continue with their sexual excapades - which she does greatly enjoy but just feels guilt about cheating on her husband.

Bonus Points:  Age play would be nice such as a young and successful male hooking up with an older woman in a loveless marriage - or maybe a young woman looking for adventurous sex from an older, kinky man.  Pregnancy can always be a nice plot twist as well and so very juicy in the situation of an affair.

The Exchange Student

General Idea:  The title pretty much gives it away.  My character's daughter wants to be a part of a foreign exchange program to experience school in a country she is very interested in.  So while she goes off to live with another family, the daughter of that family comes to stay with my character.  While he always found his daughter to be an attractive young woman he never really thought about her in a sexual way because she was his daughter and he was very protective of her - however, when this cute, sexy teenage foreign exchange student starts living with him...well it's certainly hard to ignore the temptation.

Possibilities:  My characters wife could be still be in the picture so the affair between the man and the teenage girl would have to be secret and the two of them would have to sort of sneak around to avoid getting caught.  If that is not your thing then there could be no wife in the picture and it's just the two of them in the house and living together.  They could develop a Daddy Dom/Little Girl type of relationship where he is a father figure to her in many ways with a firm, but loving hand but of course his love and discipline also traverses to the bedroom.

Bonus Points:  If you could play a cute asian/japanese girl that would be amazing.  If that's not your style I would always love a cute little redhead from Ireland or somewhere similar.  Also some Master and Pet kinky play is always fun.

Back to College

General Idea:  So this is obviously a college setting. The idea is an older woman has returned to college because she could not complete it at an earlier time due to various reasons: such as children/marriage/work/etc.  Now she is at a point where she can and where she wants to return to school to finish a degree and get her dream job.  She decides to live on campus so she can focus on school and study without the distractions of life around her at home.  At college she meets a young man whom has caught her eye in the  same way he has caught hers which leads to an affair as he shows her the college life she missed out on in her younger years.

Possibilities:  She could be married and/or have kids - and thus the relationship she has with the young man is an affair.  Maybe the two of them hook up at a party when she is a little drunk and thus is reluctant to continue the relationship due to feeling guilty for cheating which could prompt the male to persuade or blackmail her somehow - maybe he video taped the two of them and threatens to send the video to her husband.  He is there to establish his dominance as a young, strong male in his sexual prime and takes pride in pleasuring her in ways her husband never could.  Maybe the two of them even end up becoming roommates, allowing him to have more control over her sexually.

Bonus Points:  I would love if the two of them made a series of videos together or performed live on camera for internet viewers to see - maybe even going as far as him sending videos and live feeds to her husband so the man can see how much his wife loves getting fucked by another, younger man.  Also would love it if she was more curvaceous as an older woman, fully filled out with birthing hips and large breasts - basically she stands out as woman amongst all the other petite college girls.

The Thief Apprentice

General Idea:  So this is a strange idea I will admit but I think it could be a lot of fun it pulled off correctly.  Basically a young and ambitious woman breaks into a rather large and wealthy house, unaware that the owner is actually a profession thief whom paid for the house with his own unlawful earnings.  He is there waiting for her, easily catching her due to her being sloppy and inexperienced compared to him.  Instead of turning her over to authorities like she would assume he gives her an intriguing offer.  If she cooperates he will teach her the lifestyle of a master thief and how to live in the world big jobs and cuts without getting caught.

Possibilities:  Her life could be complete crap, just scrapping by and perhaps she doesn't even have a place to live thus she has turned to a life of crime in desperation.  She could live under his roof as she studies and trains with him.  Since she is living under his roof and dime then perhaps he requires that she "pays" her rent and teaching fees in sexual favors as he opens her eyes to a very kinky and pleasurable world.

Bonus:  I would love it if the female role could have a very "punk" style about her - the type to love piercings and tattoos, maybe she dies her hair an exotic color and all of that.  The rebellious and tough type of girl whom finds herself under the firm hand of a master thief/dominate lover.

Born of Instinct

General Idea:  This idea is formed around a character concept more than anything else.  Basically I play a male that is a prototype/experiment of sorts, created for the purpose of being a one man army.  He is meant to be a super weapon in the form of a single soldier, his body is capable of great feats and powers.  However his design was incomplete or flawed, he kept his free will even though he has lost all of his memories and just has general information and knowledge.  I imagine there being some comedy since he is rather uncivilized.  He is brutally honest and blunt, straight to the point and acts on his instincts - including those of the sexual kind.  So it would be your female character dealing with this untamed weapon whom acts upon his desires and urges, he is little more than an intelligent and powerful animal.

Possibilities:  As the role play goes along he would start to unlock and realize his powers - some of them could be used for sexual play if desired, such as the ability to create clones of himself which could allow him to personally and literally gangbang the female character.  Many other possibilities are up for discussion.  The setting could vary greatly too.  It could be post-apocalyptic and your character finds him in an abandoned, underground lab while scavenging and salvaging useful materials.  It could be futuristic/space age type of deal and she finds him in a ship floating in space or they release him during a battle hoping to use him out of desperation but things don't go as planned since he is a prototype.  It could even be a fantasy setting and he is an experiment of wizards or alchemists, maybe he is summoned - so on and so forth, etc etc.

Bonus Points:  Would love a female character that knows what she wants.  She is strong and independent and even though she is civilized she can't find bring herself to completely ignore her sexual instincts and urges - especially with this fine male specimen constantly being very straight forward with his attraction toward her.

Don't Pop the Cherry

General Idea:  Okay now...this one, this one is different.  With most role plays aiming for that vaginal sex this one is all about avoiding it and getting creative doing so.  For whatever reason the female of this pairing wishes to conserve her vaginal virginity but is still horny and kinky.  This leads to a relationship of sexual creativity for the sake of getting off without penetrating her pussy.  So oral and handjobs would still be on the table, perhaps anal as well.  It could mean a lot of outercourse too, grinding their bodies against each other - dry sex/humping and all of that.  Hot dogging, titty fucks, thigh sex, grinding and rubbing their genitals together, etc.

Possibilities:  Perhaps she is royalty of some time and arranged to be married and as per tradition must remain a virgin, however she has the hots for her personal guard.  Maybe she is in a relationship and engaged, saving her "virginity" for the wedding night but is having an affair with my character on the side.  It could be she is adamant about not losing her virginity unless its the man she wants to marry or has a fear of getting pregnant, but is NEEDS to get off, to fulfill her sexual urges and desires.  It could also be a genitalia problem - maybe he is packing a massive manhood, cross-species could play a part here, and she can't bring it upon herself to fit it inside him and thus other ways to achieve pleasure ensue.

Bonus Points:  Being open and creative to ways our character can get each other off would be nice.  Also to have the role play take a turn at some point where she decides she is ready and willing to give herself to my character because she discovers he is the one she loves and wants to be with - even if it causes a bunch of problems.  Would be great if she had ample breasts and a nice bubble butt for him to play with and put his cock between.

Breeding Infiltration

General Idea:  The general ideas is that my character is a skinwalker, his race has their own underground community that is hidden from the rest of the world.  They live amongst the humans since they do have human forms, but they can shift into large canines and have infiltrated many homes posing as just common house pets or stray dogs.  My character can shift into a large black dog and acts as a kind stray looking for a home, for someone to take him in.  The end game is impregnation and breeding, to spread the seed of his race and create more offspring by mating with human females.

Possibilities:  Depending on your preference and the character you want to play this could take many different routes.  You could be a young woman living on your own or maybe a married woman/mom.  He could mount your character and canine form, maybe transform into his human form and take advantage of her at night...the possibilities are endless really and I would like to discuss the details with someone.  Basically it could lead to a secret affair with this skinwalker and a human woman.

Bonus Points:  Adultery/cheating could be fun, especially if the female finds herself enjoying and preferring her canine lover over that of her human partner - sneaking around and having some fun...and of course I would like to include impregnation.

Fandom Role Play Ideas


I have really been craving a ninja role play and pairing...particularly in the Naruto universe.  I would like for our characters to be in a squad together and obviously old enough for Elliquiy's rules so I'm thinking they would be either Chuunin or Jounin in rank.  The role play would consist of them going on several missions, over coming certain obstacles and opponents together and of course their relationship seeping through here and there.  I think their relationship would form more out of lust first with both of them relieving some sexual tension and all of that, getting all rough and passionate.  Then it could blossom into something more like a romance.  We can add as many twists and turns as we want down the line - such as a possible pregnancy, maybe one of them is a jinchuuriki or has a kekkai genkai, so on and so forth.

Some other possibilities could include my character being a missing nin.  I open to ideas and pairings.


One of my favorite games of all time from Elder Scrolls.  I have logged...well an insane amount of hours playing this game so I'm looking for someone that shares my passion and has a good knowledge of it as well.  I would like for our characters to be travel partners/companions that adventure together throughout the land of Skyrim and complete quests and what not together for the sake of earning wealth.  We can follow some of the actual plot and quests from the game or we can make up something of our own and go along with it, or maybe even a mixture.  Looking for romance with this, full of sexual tension, passion, lust and rough sex but also having its more vanilla moments such as cuddling next to a fire on the cold mountain tops.  Race/skills/etc are all open for discussion with this one.  If you are interested then please send me a PM so we can discuss the details and flesh out something fun for the both of us. 

If you have any ideas of your own for a Skyrim based role play then please do not hesitate to let me know.

Fullmetal Alchemist

The idea is that my character would be a powerful chimera, a human crossed with some other animal. Who your female character is and how the two of them hook up is up for discussion. Maybe after getting out of the laboratory he is assigned a female alchemist as a partner and the two of them go on missions together, basically going wherever the state assigns them. He could be getting use to his new body, while it is powerful it is strange and he also suffers from beast-like instincts from the animal he was fused with. The instincts give him urges of hunger, aggression, and lust. Our characters could have known each other beforehand or not, or maybe they were even siblings. The plot and mostly everything is up for discussion, she would not even have to be an alchemist but perhaps could be a high ranking soldier/officer, or maybe nothing like that at all depending on your preference.

Attack on Titan

Nothing too detailed here other than I'm just looking for our characters to be on the same squad together.  Through all the sadness, pain and suffering there is some good to be had.  A romance develops between our characters, something to help them get through the days as they comfort each other with warm bodies and the passionate throws of mind blowing sex.


I would not mind a role play involving a certain romance either between two Digimon Tamers or a female Tamer and her Digimon.  Either way I would like a partner to play a female tamer and then I would either play a male tamer whom travels around with her or her male Digimon partner.  It would be a definite romance of course as they share an instant connection and strong bond.  What digimon is used is up for discussion as well as what form the sexual acts are performed.  We can make the digimon appear more humanoid/anthro-like if needed.  The plot can also be discussed as to what challenges they meet and all of that.


This does not necessarily have to be in a setting similar to X-Men at all. The only thing I'm really looking for is that our two characters go to a school for those gifted with extraordinary powers. A school where besides learning math they also learn how to use their powers and they learn combat strategies and more. I was thinking our two characters could have grown up together, maybe the two of them have even been troublemakers of sorts by getting into fights and what not. I see the setting being kind of gang oriented as in many teenagers/young adults establish and join gangs with their powers and think they are above the law. There could be fights for territory and more. I see the law enforcement being a bit more militarized and perhaps brutal...maybe even the academy they attend as established some form of corporal punishment as well so instead of expelling kids they give them physical punishment and teachers/security guards are allowed to fight back. So the setting as a whole is much difference because everyone has powers, everything sort of turns into a competition or power and strength, even the control for school grounds since some student gangs may want to overthrow the staff. I would see our characters as unlikely heroes. They like to do what they want, but they have a sense of morals and protect the innocent. This means they fight against students and gangs that try to take advantage of others so that there is a balance, but they don't necessarily straight up side with the teachers/staff/law enforcers because they know many of them are corrupt as well. It would be interesting if beyond the fighting tournaments and competitions that there were also sex parties and orgies on campus, everyone being a bit more open sexually and comfortable with their bodies. Our characters could attend one, maybe there are some competitions such as which couple can fuck the longest, or which can produce the most cum by the end of the night, etc. I also see our characters as sparring partners, only when they get heated in combat it turns into a hot and heavy romping.

Harry Potter

Big fan of Harry Potter though I don't have any concrete ideas.  I think I would prefer to do a school setting of some kind - perhaps I could play a male student in Slytherin that comes from a family of Death Eaters.  What role your character plays would be up to you, maybe a Gryffindor girl that has a thing for bad boys?  My character could be somewhat of a troublemaker, he does not really like authority to say the least.  At the same time he wants to walk his own path rather than follow the Death Eater path set by his family.


I would love to do a role play in the Supernatural universe, perhaps one where our characters are hunters but maybe the more unconventional type than just regular human hunters.  Some ideas that come to mind is my character being gifted and having powers fueled by drinking demon blood - much like that of Sam.  So he would be traveling with a female demon companion so kind of like an original character take on Sam x Ruby.  Though I would not mind doing some kind of pairing in which one of our characters is a vampire.  It's up for discussion really.

Death Note

I like the idea of playing a male shinigami whom has dropped his death note in the human world and it was picked up by a woman.  Maybe he dropped it on purpose because he has been watching her from afar and finds himself intrigued and attracted.  Now bound to her by the notebook he follows her around and helps her with whatever quest she may be on.

Dragon Ball z

I would not mind playing a Saiyan in the DBZ universe that perhaps narrowly escaped the mass extermination of his race and crash lands on a planet where a pretty, exotic alien female nurses him back to health.

Code Geass

Lelouch and C.C. are probably my favorite pairing but since I only like to play as original characters in fandom settings then it would be nice to role play with a similar pairing.  An immortal "witch" finds her way to my troubled male character and offers him power and companionship and together they change the world.

Assassin's Creed

Even though I have loved every installment of the games I would prefer to do a role play that takes place in the latest game with pirates and all that good stuff.  I would love to play as an assassin with his own ship and would like a sexy, independent female there alongside him to partake in his adventures across the Caribbean.


Reaper x Reaper
Reaper x Vizard
Reaper x Human
Reaper x Arrancar

Soul Eater

Meister x Weapon


Trainer x Trainer
Trainer x Nurse
Trainer x Breeder
Trainer x Pokemorph



Added "Breeding Infiltration" and a list of Fandom ideas.