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Author Topic: Blind Kunoichi: The Ironically Titled Visual Request Thread (M/F, M/F/M)  (Read 2048 times)

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CURRENT ROLEPLAY STATUS:Selectively looking for partners. Three spots left!

If you are reading this, then you have obviously stumbled onto my request thread. Therefore that means you are awesome, and thusly, see something that you may or may not like.

Honestly I rather post up some of the characters and settings that I want to play in here versus my O/O's. That will be receiving a proper cleaning shortly. Insofar as plots go, it all depends on which world we settle on. I am up to dreaming up way too much for my own good to ever write down a proper synopsis for each.

Before going over any of my pairings/ requests, please take a look at my O/O's for a full range of my likes and dislikes as well as posting length, expectations, and the like that I am sure others have stressed here before.

Please PM me if you see something you like (sort of like? maybe a little?) and we can go from there!

Now without further ado, visuals and stuff!


For Me to Play
First Row: Left to Right: Hawkgirl, Supergirl, She-Hulk, Fem!Shep, Carol Ferris (Star Sapphire), Storm
Second Row: Left to Right: Wonder Woman, Sheva, Quistis Trepe, Satsuki Kiryuin (Junketsu), Ryuko Matoi (Senketsu)
For You to Play
First Row: Left to Right: Iron Fist, Sodam Yat, Batman, Squall Leonhart, Snow Villiers
Second Row: Left to Right: James Vega, Dante, Chris Redfield, Thor Odinson, Captain America

***Original Characters***

Olivia "Violet" Johnson
Olivia Johnson
Codename: Violet
Appears to be in her early twenties
Violet hair coloring
Flecked hazel amber eyes. Crimson when her power takes over.
Cinnamon skin tone
130 lbs.

Known Details:

-Army brat. Father was Lieutenant Commander Lloyd Johnson stationed in Japan. Mother died in labor.
-Lieutenant Commander Johnson was known for under the table dealings.
-Kazuya yakuza clan killed Lt. Commander Johnson after a shady deal gone wrong; kidnapped Violet.
-Violet was assimilated into Kazuya society. The clan began teaching her Ninjutsu, Traditional Jujitsu, and Aikido.
-Psionic ability showed up at 13; killed a third of the Kazuya clan when powers first manifested. Barely escaped with her life from Japan as a stowaway on a freighter. -Ended up escaping as far as Cape Town, Africa.
-Signed on as mercenary in South Africa. Learned how to shoot from son of unknown gun runner she worked for. Also coerced an older member of the company to teach her Krav Maga.
-Disappeared on 16th birthday. Last known location border of Israel. Reemerged two years later parading around Amsterdam.

Miscellaneous Details:

-Diligent when honing her skills. Will spend the first three hours of every morning working out to a vigorous training regiment.
-Tenacious. Does not give up until the job is done.
-Most likely to have hidden offshore assets due to the caliber of her weaponry. Has been known to experiment with new tools/weaponry periodically.
-Likes to listen to music while she kicks ass. Known to go through many pairs of headphones.

Abilities and Skills:

-Adept Pyro-kinetic: Able to manipulate and conjure flames with her mind. Has been known to conjure and control flames with her hands and feet, which is useful in close quarters combat. Can conjure and manipulate flames up to five times her size. Recently discovered the secret to heat manipulation, she is able to superheat her blood or any objects around her as long as she makes contact. Note this takes a considerable toll on her body, larger objects tend to add on additional stress to her mental state.

-Adept Ninjato Wielder: Violet is adept at using the ninjato, or ninja sword. She never keeps one blade for long. Known to communicate with several forge masters to go over new modifications and designs frequently.

-Proficient Kunai/ Shuriken User: Violet realized she liked throwing things at a very young age. Practicing everyday before receiving any formal training. The result is her able to hit her mark from up to 90 yards away. When not on assignments that require a sniper rifle, she utilizes kunai and shuriken to get the job done.

-Firearm Proficiency: Violet is a proficient shot and has been known to wield a pair of semi automatic pistols. Currently using SiG P226 9mm Pistols.

-Proficient Hand to Hand Combatant: Learned martial arts include Ninjutsu, Traditional Jujitsu, and Aikido. Picked up Krav Maga as a hobby.


Name: Surreal
Type: Succubus(Refrence)
Sex: Female
Personality: Haughty, shrewd, promiscuous
Sexual On's: There is nothing she hasn't tried and enjoyed to some degree. Except (see below)
Sexual Off's: scat, vore, snuff, water sports
Ashe Victoire Jones
Face Claim (Lifelike)| Face Claim (Anime)|(Werewolf)| (Full Wolf coming soon)
Name: Ashe Victoire Jones

Age: 22

Race: Werewolf

Background: Ashe was born to a French mother and an African American father. Her mother worked as a model with little to no success in a city where models where a dime a dozen. Falling back on hard times, her mother met her father, who had happened to be a successful stockbroker and they fell in love. Shortly after, they married and a year later Ashe was born. After spending a blissful year in France while his partners ran the company, Ashe's father flew his bride and daughter back to the U.S., his home base of operations.

Ashe's life was relatively easy growing up in the city. Her father spared no expense when it came to his only daughter and her education, enrolling her into prestigious schools around the city. Though nothing could compare to the lessons of common sense and responsibility he taught her at home safe within the penthouse duplex they lived in by Columbus and Park.

Ashe graduated from her high school with relatively high scores. Not being the most popular or sociable afforded her a lot of time to study in her spare time. She did have a small group of friends, they were all pretty straight laced and level headed except for Rhian, who happened to be a big fan of the supernatural.

Ashe is currently enrolled in NYU, majoring in business management with a minor for marketing. She has also taken on a part time job as a bartender in one of the West Village dives to keep her time occupied between her studies and hanging out with Rhian, who happened to follow her to NYU, the girl being a genius of her own. Ashe hopes to follow in her fatherís footsteps one day, taking over the brokering business he opened and getting into the field of stocks and bonds. To live a quiet and relatively normal life.

Her plans for her future were halted, however, the night she met him.

Additional Information: Ashe was already a conventional beauty, never having to work too hard to impress anyone but herself. She keeps her 5"7' body in as best shape as she can, taking care to keep to a healthy diet. She weighs in at about 135 pounds in human form.

Ashe's attire usually runs high in tight jeans and shirts, sweaters, or tank tops and boots or flats. Occasional she will wear a skirt or dress with heels, depending on the occasion. At one point in time, she could not keep herself out of the various thrift stores that seem to decorate the village even to this day.

In Wolfman/Wolf form, Ashe grows nearly three feet and grows a solid tan colored coat. In werewolf form, Ashe tops out at 8feet 7inches. She also gain a few hundred pounds, much like her natural hair coloring. Her eyes manifest into a deep and clear blue, almost ephemeral to the eye.

Some of Ashe's hobbies include long walks and gazing at the beautiful landscape in the surrounding countryside of her town. On the weekends she likes to party and has been known to be a pleasurable conversationalist, if a bit introverted at times. Her second language is French, her mother felt it was best that she learned both of her parentís native tongues.

OC's are also okay within appropriate settings! Please blame, then PM me for the plot bunnies the following images stir!


Take a look at some of my current plots and cravings!


-Mass Effect! (FemShepx J.Vega) UNDER DISCUSSION: I mean, how can you NOT love the tension between them? Why not take it to the next level, cross some lines they have previously sworn not to cross? Of course, how could they even begin to manage their own feelings when there is a galaxy constantly in trouble?

-M.E. (OCx OC): She was an Eclipse commander. He was the C-Sec officer tasked with bringing her to justice. She eluded his grasp time and again, yet he never gave up on finding her and taking her in. What happens when the two vastly different people meet in the darkest corners of space? Will he bring her in for justice? Will she sway him to her immoral ways, finally bring the light of true Law to his eyes? Or will they both die while trying to figure out themselves, and each other.
(Open to Human, Turian, and Drell species.)

-Just A... Thing (StormxThor): This particular plot bunny I want to use canon characters in a canon setting, no exceptions. Why not the biggest fan of movie Thor, I feel like his personality would best be suited for this RP. I would be playing a comic book version of Storm, one long after her divorce from Black Panther. Anywho, Storm discovers she has a particular kink for being spanked after every mission. No idea where it came from or when it manifested, but after a couple of painfully embarrassing incidents trying to fulfill her own desires, the Goddess had no other choice but to seek out the counsel of a peer. After a lengthy discussion with one Thor Odinson, Storm has discovered the one superhero who can help her achieve what she so desperately craved. Sessions have been negotiated, arranged, and started... but can eventually lead to something more, with the right negotiations. How far is she willing to go just for a hand to throttle her bottom?

-The Diary of A Superhero Callgirl (She-Hulk x Supers): The title says it all. When not out fighting crime, She-Hulk is giving into her baser urges on a nightly basis. She has already cut a large swatch through the eligible human bachelors of her city, hoping to spark a real relationship between them. When that failed for the nth time, Shulkie begins to look elsewhere. Her libido since has increased a thousandfold, making it hard for her to get anything done, whether she is at work at the firm, or beating up the baddies. Out of ideas, Shulkie decides to do something drastic. With an ad posted on a Supers-only site, she began to pimp herself out to high paying Supers who appreciated just a service. Every man, woman, and other has a fetish and she was bound to find out. This is the saga of a superhero call girl.

-How to Train a Goddess (Storm and/or Wonder Woman x Canon Super (Marvel or DC is acceptable):) Okay so if you haven't noticed a trend, I like Supers. Like a lot. I am also big on staying strictly canon, with minor details here and there that would be changed in order to suit the Rp's needs. So this plot can be played out in one of two was:

Storm was once worshipped as a Goddess of Africa, revered for bringing rain in times of drought and thus increasing the bounty of the people. The people loved and worshipped her in turn, much to the chagrin of some of Storm's former team mates. One in particular (your Super) finally fed up with how far she takes things out of control, decides to kidnap her and bond her powers. Over the course of several days (weeks? months?) he shows her that though she has incredible power, she is still a woman. Women are meant to be broken. (Still a work in progress, damn my muse!)
Wonder Woman

Diana of Themiscyra learned recently that she was a Daughter of Zeus, making her more than human. Upon fighting for the glory of her father, Zeus granted her demi-godhood, much to her delight and honor. The first several years was a breeze, helping people and servicing the greater good though that began to fade over time. Diana discovered she had a a penchant for trickery, and had deceived (your Super). However, she underestimated the lengths (your Super) would go to in order to exact his revenge...

Untitled (Ninth Doctor x Martha Jones): I want this, I want this so bad! I dare not add any plot until I can find someone who dares want this as much as I do!


-Wanna Watch? (OCxOC): This one is pretty basic insofar as a scenario goes. A typical scenario involving a guy and a girl (high school seniors, perhaps?). The girl is no virgin, but also since losing her virginity she has had no interest in having sex again with neither a guy or a girl. She mostly likes to have sex with herself, sometimes with nothing but her imagination, or times with visual aids and toys. She gets it into her head (as embarrassing as the thought is) that she wants someone to watch her, just watch... and maybe watch him in return.

-The Duchess (OCxOC): This shall take place in a slightly fantasized 18th century Europe. My character will be the only daughter and heir of a Duke is known for some radical ideas and customs. One of them being taking a dark-skinned woman to wife. My character is the outcome of their love, being the only mixed race heiress to a Dukedom in history. Needless to say her skin color as well as her mannerisms are quite the topic on everyone's tongue. Your character could be several things. He can either be her intended, another Lord who was roped into marriage by his parents, and hating them for it, thus hating her for being who she is. Or he could be some Prince from a far away land who is quite taken with the lass. However you want to play it. I want something typical romantic with a few flashes of darker themes, but this rp will mostly be light-hearted, as it would follow these two characters and see what sort of crazy hi-jinks and antics they get into.

-Three of Hearts (OCxOCxOC):So... one has been thinking about this particular pairing for a while. It has been in my O/O's for a long time and I never did much to act on it. I want to change that. As far as setting, I am thinking a modern setting would be nice to play in, though futuristic would be pretty awesome as well. We can also experiment with elves or other humanoid creatures as well. It will be a reverse threesome relationship, with TWO men and ONE woman. Some half-baked plot bunnies:

Plot Bunny A 'Edge of Extinction'
(A)They are all paired together to increase the chances of breeding in an infertile world.
Plot Bunny B 'She's Mine!'
(B)Two friends who decide instead of fighting over the girl, they just share her.
Plot Bunny C 'No Escape'
(C)Stuck on an island with no hope or chance of rescue... or so they think.
Plot Bunny D 'Coincidence'
(D) I want to do something along the lines of Samurai Champloo for this plot. Three strangers meeting and going on an epic quest. They fall in love and complete their journey, to which they do not know if they should part or stay together once their task has been completed.
Plot Bunny E 'Triumvirate'/'Trinity'
(E)Superheroes! Inspired by this image!

Not so much in the way of plot yet, these basic ideas can all be fleshed out thoroughly once some interest has sparked. Looking for some pretty special guys who can help fulfill a ninja's request. Inspirational images are on the way!
Image 1 | Image 2 | Image 3
Image 4 | Image 5 | Image 6


-Pathfinder/D&D/etc...: I am a serious newbie when it comes to tabletop/system games. I would love to play any 1x1 campaign you may have in mind sometime in order to get better at it. Greatly appreciated! ^___^

-Male X Male: So... remember all those nommy males in my 'For You to Play' spoiler? Also.. loosely... my image thread? It has been in my mind for a very long while to play something out between some very nommy bishounens. Thing is, I have no experience! Looking for a partner/sometimes mentor to help me break into this field of nommy* slash writing!

*: Jeez, how many times did I use nommy? O.O Inspirational pictures:

Image 1| Image 2|Image 3
Image 4| Image 5| Image 6

**Please keep in mind that this is request thread will be an on-going work in progress. More will be added to it as time goes on.**
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Re: Blind Kunoichi: The Ironically Titled Visual Request Thread (M/F, M/F/M)
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  • -Added an availability section to keep potential partners aware of my status!