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Author Topic: Starcry's Bad Ideas [All Genders and Sexualities Welcome!]  (Read 6912 times)

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Starcry's Bad Ideas [All Genders and Sexualities Welcome!]
« on: August 10, 2014, 04:31:02 PM »
Roleplay status: Very picky

Starcry's Bad Ideas!

Welcome to my idea thread! It is still a bit work in progress after heavily editing it but you are free to look around. However, before you continue to look at this thread I must direct you to my O/O and F-list. It is 100% important that you read them, this way you will know how compatible we are and it will save wasting both of our time and get our hopes up only to find that neither of us flows too well with one another. Once you have, I look forward to seeing if you are interested in any of the ideas below or whatever ones you have in mind.
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« Reply #2 on: August 24, 2014, 05:46:18 PM »
The Chains Of An Assassin

Inspired by
Crying Freeman (Animated series. And I know it hasn't aged well but I still like it!)

My character: They are pretty much an average person who lives alone. (If this takes place in high school then parents will pretty much be workaholics.) MC has just admired YC from a distance since he seems like a really decent person. They haven't really interacted past work related things but MC hopes to change that and wishes to invite YC to hang out sometime so they can get to know each other better. Sadly, due to seeing other people get rejected he/she is unsure if they will get shot down or not thus has chosen not to take the risk. However, that might change...

Your character: He has been born into the life of a yakuza and is the sole heir to take over once his father deems him fit to do so. He has not been shielded by this family and has always been aware of their harsh business. Since he was of the right age he was homeschooled in both academics and honed into a weapon. When he was 14 he killed his first target and officially started his path to becoming an assassin for his proud yakuza family. Now with all perfect training mastered he has been sent to public school/college/university/average workplace to experience what it is to live a "normal life." After all, he would be useless to them if he didn't experience the real world or interact with people properly. After being sent out into the wild world, his life has been somewhat smooth. He is good at most tasks that he is confronted with and a few people believe themselves to be his friends but are just tools. He also has female admirers a few have approached, but all have been rejected. This has made other girls question themselves before even talking to him. All in all, life is good, so far. Until he meets MC.

Details: Our characters know each other as classmates/work colleagues around school/work but MC is not aware of his darker side. However, this all changes when he/she witnesses him making an assassination on a fellow classmate/work colleague! 

Extra: What happens from here can go a number of ways:


Ideas for your character's appearance. You don't have to use them thought they just a thought!:1 2 3 4

Partners in crime

Your character: He is a freelancer who will do any job, just as long as it pays well and doesn't involve harming children. He has been assigned a job to steal some documents that will incriminate the company he is stealing from as they are apparently corrupt and have dealings with the criminal underworld. Upon taking the documents he is confronted by MC, whom he was going to track down at a later date. However, he decides to kill two birds with one stone and kidnaps him/her with the intent of trying to get more information out of MC, as per requested by his clients.

My character: He/She is second in line to inherit her family's company. He/She does all the legwork that his/her older brother is supposed to and gets no credit for it. His/Her life is mostly made up of work, sleep, eat, and repeat. Once in a while company forces him/her to go to places to socialise with clients and sometimes his/her parents force him/her to go on engagement screenings to try and get them a husband. He/She is frustrated with life and as a result of the pressure they have been under is the type to take crap from no one.

Details: While under interrogation, it seems MC is being stubborn in giving up anything useful but it soon becomes apparent that they know nothing of the supposed corruption taking place right under their nose. YC is then given the task of "breaking" MC so they can make him/her work for them as YC does... only MC won't be freelance. He/She will be theirs to do as they bid.

Extra info: What happens after all this is up for discussion. It could go many ways.

1) YC does as they ask and trains MC to be their servant to do their bidding.
2) YC ends up keeping MC to himself.
3) ???

Either way, as the title describes. Whether it be permanent or not, they become partners in committing crimes. MC hands become as dirty as YC's as he teaches him/her everything he knows.

This will be set in modern times, with bits of tradition still around.

Details for this idea can be changed or expanded on and such. Feel free to pm about this.

Ideas for your character's appearance. You don't have to use them thought they just a thought!: 1 2 3 4 5.

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« Reply #3 on: August 25, 2014, 08:36:46 AM »
Green is my prefered role
Purple is either role

Younger/Older Step Brother x Younger/Older Step Sister
Younger/Older Step Brother x Younger/Older Step Brother
Magic boy x Classmate
Magic girl x Classmate
Master x Pet
Patient x Nurse
Doctor x Nurse
Teacher x Student
Angel x  Human
Demon x Human
Demon x Angel
Supernatural Being x Shrine Maiden
Warrior x Shrine Maiden
Servant x Unwilling Master
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Solo Samples
« Reply #4 on: August 28, 2014, 07:06:03 AM »
Solo samples:

To Protect and Serve

It was during the spring when the sakura was in full bloom that a child between an Okami Yōkai Daimyō and his Kitsune friend was born. Despite the legitimate reasons for the wolf demon to produce an heir with someone other than his mate, the union caused a stir due to the lady who gave birth to the cub. However, as the cub grew he proved that the circumstances of his birth were a moot point. His natural appearance was similar to his father and nothing like his biological mother's, which also went in his favour. The other factor being that his biological mother played no part in his upbringing. She simply performed the role asked of her and left the lands shortly after his birth, not without giving him his name of course.

Unlike his siblings, Mamoru had a very disciplined upbringing and was never spoiled. From the moment he was able to hold a sword, the half-breed had learned to hone his entire being into a weapon. For it was the duty of his father and those before him, to protect those who lived on the lands and defend it from those who dared to interfere with the peaceful life between man and deity. He was to live and die by the sword.
 This was decided when someone within his bloodline asked the gods for help, the price in exchange was servitude for every firstborn son of that generation. What caused this pact with the divine is something Mamoru has never been informed of; only that he is to serve those who needed his strength when called upon. While he had demonic blood running through his very core he was the servant of kami above. The added pressure of this is because it was widely believed that his existence in itself was a blessing from the divine as a reward for his family's service.

While out on patrol, Mamoru was struck by an arrow laced with poison. At first, it seemed to be an average poison that he had grown accustomed to and it didn't really do much damage at all. However, over a few days, he would then get into a battle and the effect of the poison would slowly ebb away at him as he used spells. Over time his ability to heal slowed down, then his ability to manipulate magic became reduced to basic attacks and defence spells. Unfortunately, he was taken off the mainland he was protecting as he deemed unfit to serve and was forced to take leave until his clan could get to the bottom of what was causing his abilities to deteriorate as they were.

Hope for any possible recovery for the demon wolf was seemingly thought to have been lost as he fell victim to a qi draining trap during a routine training drill. As the clan were preparing to issue official notification of Mamoru's death, a male onmyoji happened to be in the area and offered his assistance. The Okami accepted seeing as he was of a family that they had an alliance with; the Abe bloodline.

After freeing Mamoru, the onmyoji known as Abe no Seimei was escorted to their home. There he helped the young wolf recover from some of his injuries, during which Seimei informed the family about the misfortune that had been inflicted upon Mamoru...
A qi draining poison had entered the Okami's system when the arrow hit him and due to its anti-demon properties and because Mamoru had not been exposed to it before, it was making him weaker and weaker by the day. Add to that the trap, which was imbued with a curse as well as being qi draining. The curse itself had sealed the rest of his abilities so now he was limited to his pure strength, demon senses, and his experience with the sword.

Seimei agreed to try and undo the damage done by the poison and reverse the curse but he had one condition; bring his sister to this place. He stated as he needed to carry on his journey but she would be useful in assisting Mamoru with his recovery and breaking the curse that had been placed upon him. However, he needed to speak with her about the task first. The family was reluctant at first but given that the Abe clan had proven themselves useful they saw no reason to deny the request. Thus it was decided that Mamoru fetch the girl and bring her back to their homeland.

On his way to the Abe family shrine, Mamoru had to battle a surprising amount of corrupt humans that had been influenced by lesser demons. Annoyingly, the closer he came to the shrine the more frequent he found the minions of evil had trespassed upon the land he and his ancestors had vowed to protect. While most of them were simple to deal with the last few tested his limited capabilities to the fullest and had heavily injured him to the point where he was leaving a trail of blood droplets. It was clear word had spread of his arrival in this part of the territory and those willing to risk fighting him for the sake of a title was ridiculous. It also made him wonder where the general that was placed there had vanished to since there was no sign of his protection around. No human should have been under the influence of others to this extent.

When he finally arrived at his destination he could feel the energy flow of a barrier. To his surprise, it was quite weak. He gently touched it with his paw and felt a slight shock. It was enough to ward off the lesser demons he had encountered but nothing as big as he, even in his sealed state. Letting out a small sigh he simply walked through the barrier, gritting his teeth as the light pain hit his open wounds. Once he was inside the boundary he looked around for a spot to rest. The protective spell had drained the rest of his powers and now he was exhausted. Thankfully it didn't take too long for him to find an area that seemed out of the way enough before laying down. Then to make sure he wouldn't be completely defenceless he summoned one of his shikigami to keep an eye out while he rested. While he had many, he chose this one as it took up the least amount of energy.
Its name was Daisuki and it was the smallest, weakest, but most important of all; it took the least amount of effort to use. He rarely summoned this particular one due to its harmless nature. While it couldn't attack like his other shikigami it did serve as a useful aid to keep an eye out when he rested while he was on patrol or in this case, before he entered the shrine. Once he was satisfied that he wouldn't be bothered he closed his eyes as sleep invited him to rest for a while.

Mamoru was enjoying the gentle rays of the sun and the soothing sound of the surrounding trees swaying in the small breeze when it was interrupted by untainted humans. His ears flickered slightly at the commotion his presence was causing, some of the voices grated on his sensitive hearing. Then again, most people would be freaked out at the sight of a ginormous beast covered and laying in a small pool of blood and while he was too aware of how hysterical humans could be at times, these ones really knew how to put on a theatrical performance. Thankfully it didn't last long as a familiar and pleasant scent filled his nose, although the voice was different. However, he wasn't sure of her intentions given how she had never seen him like this before and because of her speciality when dealing with unwelcome demonic guests.
Mamoru continued to feign sleep as he listened to what she and her shikigami said about him. He figured he may as well test their knowledge a little. At first, he was impressed with how she consulted with them to slowly piece together what he was. He wasn't ashamed of being a half-breed but rare few humans picked up on that; they would simply see him as a massive wolf. However, that quickly changed and if he could he would have glared one of the comments made about him, but thankfully the female onmyoji knew how to discipline her familiars. Before long she then made her mind up and he approved. She was right to confine him since she was unsure of his reasons for being there and for all she knew he could be dangerous. But still. She was being too polite to an unknown guest.

Mamoru's assessment of her abilities came to an end and he was forced out of his sleeping act. He gritted his teeth slightly as her no-so skilled craft began to slowly heal, but it caused pain as it did so. It would seem that although she was from a family that was highly skilled, this one hadn't quite mastered the craft of her ancestors yet. She had not taken note of his family crest which showed he was from the clan that her family had an alliance with. While he was a demon, he was no threat to humans. If anything he and his father often protected farmlands and small villages from other demon attacks.
Daisuki sensed his master's pain and quickly ran up to the witch. He then began barking at her and tugging at her garments. When that didn't work it climbed up her back and then jumped up and down on one of her shoulders in an effort to stop her continuing her healing.

While she was distracted Mamoru finally opened his golden eyes and looked at the girl's reaction to his shikigami trying its' hardest to protect his master. Usually, he would have been amused by the sight but right now he was too exhausted and uncomfortable to find anything funny. For now, he was focused on the person the scent came from. Sayuri? He questioned internally. She really had grown into a beautiful young maiden and even though he was weak he could still sense her purity as she worked her magic on him. However, he doubted she'd realise who he was like this.

When they last met he was in human form at the request of both their fathers. Apparently, they didn't want to scare the children who were in the shrine at the time and big 10ft demon wolves would definitely frighten any human child given the fables of caution they were told by their parents.
Mamoru let out a small rumble to signal to his familiar that he was to stand down, which it did. The shikigami jumped from the female onmyoji and onto the large wolf. Once she made eye contact he decided to finally answer her. She would see his muzzle move slightly but the speed of his speech would not match up. She would hear a low non-threatening growl as he spoke to her, calmly. Afterall, she was clearly wary of him and was trying her best not to show her nerves, even though he could smell it. 

"Thank you, little one." His manner of speaking reflected his noble birth and upbringing. "Mamoru." It wasn't his full name but he had been commanded by his father to at least give the girl a part of his true name. "Is your name truly "Abe no Sayuri"?" He asked. Genuinely curious as to if she had done something foolish.

Mamoru wasn't about to tell her why he was there if she had just done what he thought she had. If this was indeed her true name then she needed more help than he was originally led on to believe. Healing a demon incorrectly was one thing. Giving a demon your true name? A mistake that could prove her undoing in the wrong hands. Luckily for her, this half-breed had no interest in taking advantage of her slip. If anything it made him very concerned for her safety.
Horns in Disguise
The demon had assumed that he was being stared at. In actual fact, no one was focusing on him, but more the girl just behind him. Her name was Aki Tsumnia and she was wearing the same uniform as the rest of the students. Her hair was mahogany and tied up in a tidy ponytail. It was clear from her build that she was the leader of the athletics team and she was the same height as the demon boy. Her breasts were 34 H, her skin pale (which she claimed was caused by anaemia) and her crimson eyes showed hatred behind her glasses. 

They were staring at the scene behind him because the schoolgirl had a rather large male in an armlock. It wasn't every day that you saw a girl like her take down a businessman with such ease. That and molesters were quite rare these days. 

"Perverts like you deserve to die." Venom was in her voice and she twisted the man's arm, making him cry out in pain. A few people who were watching flinched as they were thankful it was him and not them. "But I am feeling generous today." A sadistic grin appeared on features. "Instead of killing you right here, right now, I will be taking you to the police once we reach the next stop." She then looked to the victim and sighed. "It means we'll be late for school but I will call them once we get the chance."

The victim she was speaking to was a fellow classmate, who was adjusting her clothes, so she went from half-naked to presentable once more. The big give away to exactly what had taken place was glistening down her thigh, the blush on her face and the slight laboured breath.
 Her name was Kaori Tsmorai. She was shorter than Aki but her breasts were a lot larger. 36 J's to be exact. Her hair was neon pink and today she had down, so it floated down to her rear. Usually, she would have it in pigtails but she was in a rush for the train today so she didn't have time to style it. From her build it was clear she didn't do any more than the required PE at school. If anything she seemed more like the intellectual type than a sports fan. Her skin was slightly tanned, likely from sunbathing, and her eyes were ruby reds. Although they were currently puffy from where she had been crying a little.

"i-i-it's fine. I don't want to be late again..." Kaori said in but a whisper. "Please?"

Even though she was a highly intelligent girl she had already been late to class most days this month but it was mostly due to "homework" or "assignments" give to her. It left her exhausted so she would often sleep in and be late. Last night she actually got to bed at a reasonable time and had woken up refreshed. Unfortunately, it seemed fate had a horrible sense of humour and decided to make her late once more.. in the shape of a chikan. She was on her final warning before she would have after school duty for a month and she really wasn't looking forward to doing it again. She just wanted to get to school on time for once, even if it meant her perpetrator got away with touching her in such a lewd manner.

Aki glared at Kaori. This wasn't fine. This pervert just sexually assaulted her and he needed to be brought to justice! Men like him needed to be taught a lesson and learn that they couldn't just lay their hands on whoever they wanted! But she knew it would be pointless to take her to the station if she wasn't going to press charges. Letting out a frustrated sigh Aki decided to take the law into her own hands and punish the man herself. The amazon-like school girl threw the pervert to the floor so he was now on his back and at the demon boy's feet. She then slowly pressed one of her heels on his crotch.

"If I find you trying to do this again I will rip off your dick and shove it up your ass!" With that she kicked him and walked back to Kaori.

After that display, people muttered about what had just happened. Once they reached the next stop the pervert was kicked off the train by Aki. The rest of the way Kaori tried to calm herself down from what had just happened but it was proving difficult.
Ruins of the Old World
  Papina Sylvaine

If you were to ask anyone who or what High Elves are, depending on who you asked, you would not be able to get much information past: "They are a race of elves that used beautiful but Pride and Greed were their downfall and changed them into their ugly forms." or "They are elves who tried to play god and were punished for it." or "They are what Ghouls used to be before they made a mistake that changed them."
However, if you were lucky enough to come across a normal High Elf and ask them, they would tell you that they are the original children of the forest. They believe that their gods and goddesses have the power to grant almost any desire, within reason. That they can speak with spirits of the land and are happy to live in the forest rather than in the suffocating industrial cities of the human races. They would also tell you that the Ghouls were the result of High Elves that had chosen to abandon their traditional ways and turned away from their gods and goddesses, who in turn no longer gave them the protection that they gave all of their children. There is a certain order to things and celestial beings cannot keep their eyes on those who do not wish to contact them and reject their existence entirely.

While some of these rumours have some truth to them; the reality is that the High Elves who retained their original forms are still very much alive, but they are very small in number and travel in small tribes. The hidden wonders that used to be their home have vanished as their evolved brethren destroyed all towns, villages and citadels that once housed their magical and mysterious ways. High Elves have nowhere to call home and do not stay in the same place for too long out of fear of being discovered by Ghouls or the humanity that has grown to hate and blame them for the world being in its current state.

According to High Elven lore; their evolved counterparts are the result of the members who freely chose to abandon their traditional ways and embrace kinship with humans. Instead of striving for equality they grew greedy with their new found knowledge and abused it in such a way that the goddess of fate chose to punish them. She shone a mirror upon their sins and the ugliness of their deeds changed them into the Ghouls they are now. Their once proud race was brought to the edge of extinction so they could appreciate their lives, learn from their mistakes and atone for the sins that had been committed against their gods and goddesses.

Papina, a High Elf, was 49 years, still young and barely seen as credible or reliable in any community of elves, especially considering her speciality. Her tribe's title for her was "Seldarine's bride." But other elven races or humans would simply call her a witch or mage. Her "choice" in clothing was often a thing of a taboo by people who were not of High Elf lineage. In her tribe, elves who were to be followers of Seldarine, regardless of gender, would wear almost nothing apart from fine blessed silks and jewels. According to their lore, this was to amplify their connection to the gods, goddesses and spirits of the land around them. Papina had always dressed like this since her crowning ceremony and was proud of it. Not because of how it made her look, but because she had decided, from a young age, to dedicate herself to the natural world and she was fully prepared for the path she took. Unlike other beings in this world, she was not shy when it came to nakedness and simply saw it as everyone's normal state. For her the body, regardless of race, was beautiful and something to be celebrated rather than shamed. However, she understood why other races would not share her view and respected it.

When Papina had met Naois for the first time it was certainly an event that changed her world forever. The High Elf had barely managed to escape the Ghoul that had destroyed the last few of her family members and entered the Runetown, exhausted and injured. While she was aware of the views of her race she had no idea just how bad it was until she stumbled her way through the slums. It was here she learned just how much the monsters had damaged the High Elve's reputation.

Simply by her hair, skin and clothing, humans and other elves recognised her for what she was. Had she not fought off a Ghoul moments before she would have likely been able to handle the collaborative efforts that had found her and had decided to "punish" her for her predecessors' sins. It was when she closed her eyes and readied herself to be accepted into the arms of her goddess that fate intervened. It would seem that the gods didn't want her to disappear from this world yet. To her surprise, it was a Dark Elf, who's race used to be sworn territorial enemies with her own, that saved her. While she could sense his intense but hidden hostility around her, she knew that her gods would not have given this chance encounter to her without reason. More so as he had put aside their former rivalry to make sure she was healthy enough to stand her own ground once more.
As per tradition, she had offered a range of services to repay the debt she had incurred but Naois did not seem interested and just wanted her to leave. It would seem no matter what she couldn't get him to understand that once a High Elf was in debt to someone they had to repay them with an equal amount. In this case; a life for a life.
It was just as she was about to ask the gods for assistance that she finally gained the interest of the Dark Elf. For her, it was a simple task of connecting herself to nature and asking for help. For him, it was powerful magic that was all but forgotten and lost to the world. Since that moment she has finally passed the trial given to her to start her new life, as an equal to a Dark Elf no less.

Today was just another day that Papina spent hunting with Naois. While they were out, beyond the sanctuary walls, the High Elf did not speak a word. She would use sign language unless they were in battle and simply follow him as if she were a hunting dog. As they approached the former farm town the High Elf had to stifle a sudden urge to just break down and cry, something that was unusual when she was hunting with her companion. These lands had been ravaged badly and she could feel the pain of the spirit guardian, who was barely hanging onto life. Just touching the dead tree was emotionally draining as she practically felt the surrounding foliage calling for the goddess above to grant them peace. From what she understood the Ghoul here was the one responsible for the land's current state and she was going to make sure that justice would be served. When Naois made his move, Papina found a secure location nearby to start her chanting. While it looked like she was just sitting there mumbling to herself she had actually been consulting the guardian of these ruins and the surrounding lands. She had been asking for their help and making offerings to them as she had been trained to do. This made her very vulnerable while in the process because she wasn't just open to physical attacks but sinister spirits also. On this occasion, it would seem the small children of the forest were happy to see her and no one in these lands wanted anything in exchange. All that was wanted was for this Ghoul to stop raping the land of its magic and to give back their connection to Gaia. Both things she was more than happy to give. For the task that she was about to do it was a very generous offer, one that she wasn't going to reject.

"Casta!" She commanded. From seemingly nowhere, sparkling clear water flowed from the ruins and temporarily disabled the runes the Ghoul was using. The combination of her pure energy and cleansing nature of the water itself made her able to disconnect his draining presence on these lands. At least for a while. "Justina!" The next command enchanted Naois' sword. It was imbued with the energy given from the guardians of that land to slay the monster before them. "I cut off his mana supply for a few moments, finish him before he reconnects!" With that she jumped from behind the rock she was hiding and cast a small rock spell from her staff to grab its attention from the Dark Elf. "That's right... this way..."

One by one she sent a mixture of small stones, rocks and sometimes boulders if she came across them, at her evolved cousin. She made sure she was careful as she crept slowly towards some of the heavier stones that were previously buildings. If not for her training, the emotions running wild in her body and mind would have been possessed by this land and she would be out of control. However, despite her age, she was wise and knew full well what she was doing. That and she had gained the trust of these lands; something that not a lot of elves would be able to do.
A study in elven culture
It all began with a summons her mistress received the few days before her current arrival in the elven settlement. The letter stated that they needed someone of her speciality and, that due to her past merits, she had been selected to act as a representative and needed to go into the elven territory to learn more about their ways in a last ditched attempt to calm the ever-strained relationship between humans and elves. However, the young witch's teacher felt she was simply too old to travel the lands and that it would be better if her young apprentice went in her stead. After all, she trusted her and she had been the best student in her long lifetime. Angelica had lived with her mentor since she was abandoned at her doorstep at the young age of four. Once she was deemed old enough her mistress began to teach her the ways of the craft. She quickly picked up on how to use magic, make potions and even mastered the difficult art of communicating with animals.

As far as the witch-in-training knew, there had been a conflict between the humans and elves since before she was born. She didn't know the exact details as her mistress had chosen to keep the event brief and basic. What she did know is that most encounters with the elves had resulted in an incident that left either side either more wary or confused with one another. She knew little else apart from the trades of goods between the two races and how there had been communication problems since day one. Thus it was down to her to learn all she could about the basics of elvish that she had learned from her mistress but she would quickly learn that most of it were outdated or unhelpful.

After packing basic necessities and saying her goodbyes Angelica was escorted by some of the king's knights as a political statement to humanity and elves. (Not that the young witch cared for such pointless complexities over something simple.) It took almost a week but they had managed to navigate their way through the mystical forest safely and reached the boundary where no human was allowed to pass without permission.
Throughout the whole journey, Angelica was both excited and nervous. She was excited at the prospect of learning more about the world in which the elves called home. In her experience books barely covered the truth and most of the time you had to go native in order to really discover anything worth knowing. Sure it was a dangerous method that she often got scolded for but she felt it was worth it. But she was also nervous that she would make a mistake that would risk offending the elves and therefore placing more strain on the already fragile relationship between the two races. Overall, there was a lot of pressure on her young 19-year old shoulders but her mentor had taught her well and she was more than prepared to take on this task and complete it without a complaint... it was just a matter of not messing up.

Angelica let out a soft sigh as they finally reached the "world tree" as the elves called it. From the small amount of documents she had read; it acted as a link between the worlds of mystical beings and the human world. She herself wasn't exactly convinced and felt the author likely got carried away and exaggerated for their own benefit. Money was money for some biographers and it seemed " the first explorer" was under pressure to give out as much information as possible, whether it was true or not.
 From what the witch could sense it was more of a ward that protected the area from evil spirits but she would have to find another magic user to confirm this. For now, she gently placed her hand on the tree before laying her body up against it, earning her odd looks from the knights. The tree gave off a comforting vibe that calmed her senses and gave her the feeling that everything was going to be ok. After paying her respects to the tree she got out a spell book she had been studying recently and began to read it while they waited on her escort.

Angelica had no idea who her escort would be. Just that they would be one of their best scouts and that they would blindfold her so she could not say where she had been taken. Although her mind wondered what the elf would actually look like. From the basic pictures she had seen, they looked very pretty and were built very differently to humans. The pictures had painted them as very thin, majestic creatures, with long pointed ears and were fragile looking. However, they were described as powerful foes that could easily overpower someone if one was not careful.

The young witch was slightly startled as she one of the knights tapped her on the shoulder and motioned towards the elf approaching them. As he came close enough take in his profile she was stunned. The information she had read had been mostly wrong. Angelica blushed slightly as her heart skipped a beat at the sight before her. A very beautiful elf that wasn't a stick nor a wall... he was of the same basic muscle build as a human but quite a bit taller. It wasn't often that she paid so much attention to someone's body and doing so was making her feel slightly bashful and like she was committing some sort of taboo, but she just couldn't take her eyes off him. The way he casually walked towards them it was clear that he was a child of this forest and knew it very well.

"Greetings!" Angelica paused for a moment as she quickly searched her bag and looked at her piece of paper that her mistress had given her. Unfortunately, but there was nothing on how to greet an elf which made her sigh in frustration. While humans shook hands, bowed or even kissed, there was nothing on elves. "You will have to excuse my manners but I am not sure how one is supposed to greet an elf... will a handshake do?" She asked before slowly offering her hand to him. "My name is Angelica. My mentor sent me in her place since she feels it is best to send someone younger to explore rather than someone of her seniority." She smiled awkwardly and blushed as she noticed the small chuckles of amusement from the knights. Sure it was fine for them to watch her interact but they had no idea how hard this actually was. "That is not to say I am not capable... I just... lack her vast experience."  She quickly added in a semi-panic as she realised that she may have made herself look like an idiot. "I'm going to be quiet now..." Angelica bit her lower lip in nervousness as embarrassment washed over her. She was convinced that she had made a fool of herself and possibly made a bad impression... great.

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Group Game Samples
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Group Game samples:

Anus of Gaia

Group: 3
HP: 21/21
XP: 0/8
Before Ishmael and Jon could test and finalise the trap the Floran took the bait. Literally. Unfortunately, the trap was a dud and thus in turn made the bard panic a little. They had no idea how dangerous this thing was, even if it did have a strange aluring look to her. However, it seemed things weren't totally dire and he raised an eyebrow in confusion as she seemed to misunderstand things. Ishmael wasn't sure how to feel as she thanked them for their "offering" and even invited them to join her, all the while giving Kyoko a good seeing to. This isn't how things were supposed to go but they had no choice but to go with it as her bushy minions slowly made their way towards the duo and urged them to go towards the Floran.

It didn't seem to matter that they had hidden well, the lacky plants obvious knew this forest better than they and thus found the two men with ease. Well fuck... was the only thought that came to mind as one of the creatures crept up on him and made it known that he had little choice. Go willingly or get grabbed by the vines and taken by force. He looked at his pack and then back to the vine minion and had a small idea. He quickly made a dive for his things and threw some of his food and bandages as vines aimed at him before rolling away with the remainder of the rope they used for the trap. Thankfully this move delayed the bushes enough that he could think for a moment on what else he could do but he had little time as he had moved too close to the lewd plants he had spotted earlier. In a moment of panic he decided to throw more rations and bandages, leaving him with just the tiny amount left in his now abandoned pack.

As he barely escaped the clutches of the naughty plants he caught a glimpse of Kyoko trying her best to top the Floran. Had he not been in danger he would likely have found her actions and words funny but right now the only thing going in his favour was his stamina and reflexes to run and dodge the penis plants that had taken a liking to him. He knew he wouldn't be able to keep it up for long but seeing the position the Floran was in gave him an idea. He'd tie that monster up and pull her off Kyoko!

Once he managed to hide near the yaoihand large trees he saw before he quickly turned to rope into a lasso. While his rope craft wasn't as good as Jon's he was confident that this simple design would do for its task. He only hoped he was strong enough to pull her off!

"Here goes nothing!" With that, he jumped from the safety of the trees began to swing the piece of rope around.

Unfortunately, all the running had taken its toll on him and he was much slower than he was before but it didn't stop him looking for an opening so he could lasso the Floran fiend!

Deify danger and usage of rope
Roll Result: Starcry rolled: 2d6, adding -1 to the total
Comment: Dodging vines
Result: 3, 5,
Total: 7

GM: Okay so tough choise. Ishamel manages to fight off the vines, but at a cost. Pick one:

- Ishmael has to toss his rations and bandages at the vines. They grab those and he manages to find a moment to escape.

- Some of the vines puff a cloud of sweetly scented floran pheromones on Ishmael's face as he struggles from their grasp. The scent goes right into the head and makes movements and the world seem a bit more sluggish. Take 1d8 damage from the headiness and dizziness

Roll Result: Starcry rolled: 2d6, adding -1 to the total
Comment: For Ishmael to Lasso the Floran.
Result: 1, 4,
Total: 4

GM: just describe up to the lassoing and I'll handle the description of glorious failure
If you have requests or ideas for that though feel free to shoot : D

Player has pmed GM to bounce possible ideas on how Ishmael fails the lasso.
Not Your Normal Harem Show V3
Name: Fenfang
Date: 2nd June.
Time:  11:05 am.
Location: Infirmary
Tagging: Nari, Zyra, Ami (open)
Warning/summary: Visting daughter~

Fenfang continued to watch over her kitten as Ami worked her magic and couldn't help but enjoy seeing her look so peaceful for the first time in over a hundred years. It wasn't nice that it took something to knock her out but after all the chaos they had been though, it was a welcome rest. Although it did feel strange to be in the presence of those who genuinely cared about Nari. The silly child had rare few allies left in this world and Fenfang hoped that being here would calm her spirit. Just not like this...

"Regardless of whether or not you feel worthy of thanks, Kawakami-san, you have it." Fenfang replied to Ami's words as she bowed to her once again. "I have been in this world long enough to know how important your kind are and how much of a thankless task you do." She said as she held her hands with her own for a few moments before letting go. The kitsune then leant in close to the nurse and whispered. "Never underestimate yourself."

Fenfang's features softened as she saw just how the incident had upset Zyra. The fox-spirit hadn't meant for the poor witch to be left feeling bad about helping her child. Her words were meant for Nari and she hadn't expected Zyra to take them to heart, but it seemed that she was more of a sensitive soul than she appeared.

"I did not intend for you to learn such a harsh lesson, but more my stubborn daughter. However, if you have learned something then I guess that means you needed to grow in wisdom." Fenfang told her as she held her hands for a few moments."We are never too old to learn things." She told her as she cupped her cheek with one hand and stroked it softly. "I think we both have duties to tend to. I have the gardens and you have the archives. Nari has Kawakami-san to watch over her for now so let us leave the little devil in the nurse's care." She assured Zyra.

Fenfang then walked over to her daughter's form adjusted her hair and clothes so they were tidier before giving her a small peck on the forehead. It didn't matter to the kitsune that her kitten was over three hundred, she would always be her precious little girl. After all, she was the only daughter she had left.
Once she was satisfied with Nari's stable condition she bowed once more to Ami and left the room with a simple.

"Ja ne~"
Café de Fae

Name~ Belial

When~ September 15, mid afternoon

Tagging~ Has noticed everyone but is interacting with Akira, Open

Side Note~ Although John and Avynn have left the room, Bel can still sense the "mood" of the room as a result of a human being there. He won't know the cause of the "air being tense" but he is able to "feel" it. Also: Crimson = his natural demon form. Green = his human form.

Belial's eyes slowly fluttered open as he gradually woke up. He raised an eyebrow as he was awake enough to notice the two sets of deadweight on his body. Letting out a big sigh he rubbed his eyelids to rid them of sleep before shaking the duo who had made themselves at home on him once again. The half-breed was simply staying at their's until he found a stable job and a place of his own. For now, he slept on their floor and had to deal with finding the sisters sleeping on him whenever he woke up, most of the time.

"You can't keep snuggling up to me every time you have trouble sleeping ya know?" Belial did his best to put on a frowny face at Grace but quickly figured out that Mercedes was also awake from her childish snicker from under the covers. "Same goes for you." He bopped her on the head.

"You are so mean!" They both chimed in unison before sticking their folk-like tongues out. Belial simply smirked before throwing his covers over them to block their view as he rose from the floor and made a half-jog to the bathroom. He chuckled slightly at the playful protests behind him as he closed the door.

It's not like Belial cared if they saw him nude, but he figured he could skip the horseplay this morning and just head straight into his new workplace. As much as he adored the twins they had a habit of making him late for appointments if he didn't escape their timewasting clutches quick enough. Today it would seem they had chosen to take the hint and let him get ready. By the time he had a shower and changed they had put his bed away, thrown on some random nightwear and had a bit of breakfast for him to have before leaving.

"I'm not sure what time my shift will finish today but don't worry about staying up for me." Belial told them as he took a seat
"If there is any trouble don't be afraid to holla and we'll be there!" It was more of a demand from Mercedes than advice.
"We are family after all!" Grace added with a cheerful grin.

They weren't actually his family but they still considered him as such. If anything it was his eldest half brother who shared the same father as them. Unlike his blood-related siblings, these sisters were free to be on the surface since they were pure blooded demons that weren't part of anything dodgy... unlike his mother and her contracts. His half-brother had simply made arrangements for the sisters to help look after Belial until he got onto his feet, in the event that their mother finally got busted. (Which she did...) The only reason he had stayed this long is because they had decided to let him stay for as long as he wanted to. They had the same attitude as his half-siblings in that they felt he wouldn't be able to live safely alone. Then again they also enjoyed having someone to cuddle up to who wouldn't exactly take advantage of them or want anything in return for simple comfort.

Once he was done eating his breakfast he gave them both a kiss on the forehead before finally leaving for his first day at work. It was definitely going to be different for sure...

Belial took a slow stroll through the town that he had come to call home; it wasn't the worse place to live and it had a nice scenery to it. He made sure to take a few shortcuts so he didn't run into any undesirables that may want to cause an issue. Like everything in this world some people just liked to cause problems. In his opinion, there were assholes in all walks of life, all you had to do was search the internet to find that out. It didn't take him long to get to the cafe since luckily it was only a fifteen-minute walk.

As the half-breed entered the cafe he was taken aback slightly. This place had a different feel to it from the last time he was there. Then again he was there when it was closed off and there were no staff, just the owner. This time, there were a few people and it seemed he had just missed something that had made the atmosphere somewhat tense since people were still on edge slightly. Aside from that, it looked like business was going well so far.
 Belial looked around for a few moments as he tried to locate the owner to talk to him about setting up but he was nowhere to be seen. He let out a small sigh as he tried to figure out who to approach. His mind was settled when he noticed one of the male hosts standing by himself and observing everything else going on. 
"Hello!" He greeted the blond male. "Judging from your appearance, I am guessing you are one of the hosts here?" Truth be told it wasn't just his appearance but he gave off a welcoming warmth intended for those who desired it. "My name is Belial, I am the new Bartender for this establishment." He offered his hand as a friendly gesture.

All the while he was there he hadn't thought to change back to his natural look since he was too used to looking like a human outside his home, even when other demons had tried to get him to "ditch the act."
Blackwell Manor ☪ School for the Paranormal ☪
Name: Fenris Milovanovic
Age: 18
Rank: New student
Date | Time | Location: September 16th, Saturday | Lunchtime | Settling in his dorm room.
Wearing: This.
Notes: Listening to...

Fenris had been standing in the doorway to his room for a good few minutes now. There were many memories that he had here, memories that he would be leaving behind for the first time in his life and as much as he didn't want to leave this place he knew it was for the best. For the fifth time, he walked back into his room and made sure things were secure enough to be left as they were. He had been limited to a number of personal items he was allowed to take so he had to take certain measures to make sure things could not be fiddled with while he was away. Once he was done checking and hiding things he then looked at his room one last time before locking it and walking down the stairs.

“Goodbye my son. Be good and try not to get yourself kicked out, please?” His father asked as Fenris walked down the large staircase.

The young upir looked to his father and searched his features. While the man's face and voice were saying one thing, his eyes were saying something else. That something was the only thing that had made him determined to get to the bottom of whatever the hell was happening to this household. There was

“Don’t worry I’ll be a good boy.” He replied with a devilish grin and a small chuckle as he shook his father's hand.

As he went to stop the handshake he was then being dragged into a firm hug, which made his eyes widen in surprise. All he could was pat the large, muscular back that towered over his much slimmer and shorter form. This really was it. Goodbye, for god knew how long. Unfortunately, the moment was quickly broken by the voice of the woman he hated.

“I will miss you my sweet little wolf~” His mother taunted, all the while keeping up the "sad mother" act. She knew very well that he hated her calling him that and the smug grin showed as much.

Fenris simply shot her a hate filled glare that he didn't bother to hide. He wanted all to know that he wasn't going to play nice anymore. After the drama, she had pulled to get him out she had finally put herself on his shit list. Even now she rubbed salt into a raw wound, so he decided to get her back in a way that would leave many questions and rumors once he was gone.

“I am sure you’ll have plenty of “company” to make you forget about me, mother He looked to one of the female servants and then to a male as he snorted with a knowing smirk, before returning his vengeful filled eyes to her.

As the servants felt his feline-like emerald orbs wander towards them they began to feel very uneasy, a feeling they would feel until he had been gone for at least a day. After all, he had a way of finding out every move they made... including the various affairs his mother had had with some of them. How he managed to find out so much information was a mystery to all. One thing was for sure; he had learned to play a very dangerous game and any cards he had he kept very close to his chest. 
His mother clutched her fists and growled slightly, a sight that truly brought satisfaction to the young upir. She didn't know how he knew, but it pissed her off that he had managed to out do her once more. Something she was getting extremely frustrated with as he had grown with age. It was also trait she would be glad to be rid of from the household.   

“See you both later. Try not to have too much fun without me~”

With that, Fenris made a gun gesture with his fingers and pretended to off himself as he walked backward out of the front door and slammed it shut as he bowed. He then got into the back of the black family limo and made himself comfortable as the door was closed.
This was going to be a long journey and for the first time in his life he was literally going to have no one to support him as an upir. Fenris put the tip of his thumb in his mouth and bit it in frustration as the realisation that he would literally be using everything he had learned from his father to survive. The slight adrenaline flutter that hit his body as anxiety fill questions hit his mind annoyed him. While he was an adult by mortal standards, the fact he hadn't lived without parental assistance meant that he was still a mere child by upir standards, even if he did have his rebirth earlier than most and was considered a prodigy within both family lines. Something that was going to change now he was leaving to live a new life away from here...

As the car began to drive he put his earphones in and began listening to his mp3 player. This was to prevent the driver from bothering to make mindless chatter... something he definitely would NOT miss while away from here. He went to light up a cigarette only for the driver to tell him not to until they reached the manor. Fenris let out an annoyed sigh before putting it back into the packet and into his jacket pocket. Stupid humans worrying about second-hand smoke bullshit... He mused to himself as he glared at the back of driver's head. He then let out a sigh and rested his head against the window and watched the scenery in silence.

The events from the previous days were still playing on his mind as his eyes took in every detail of which direction the car was taking him. Part of him wondered what signs he had missed for his mother to be able to be this successful in effectively having him banished, another made him wonder if everyone was like his father; captured under her control but somewhere inside they were aware that she had done something to influence them but were unable to break the hold. Either way he had a long time to think about it...

Fenris let out a loud yawn as they finally reached the school and took a moment to admire the grounds despite the fact it was raining. Once the door was opened he stepped out, refusing the umbrella he was offered and simply walked towards the courtyard where everyone else had gathered. He didn't care that he would get soaked if anything he wanted to feel the rain cleanse him of his old life. So these will be my fellow peers, huh? He carefully assessed the arrivals from a safe distance. He made sure to stay far away enough that he could hear any announcements but wouldn't really be noticed by anyone. However, it seemed his plan not to be noticed by anyone was crashed as one person quickly gave him greeting and a pamphlet before running off. Fenris was grateful that the female had left him alone and that she hadn't drawn any attention to them. Social interaction was something he wasn't exactly in the mood for right now. For now he just wanted to assess his situation and figure out what he was going to do from here on out.

The young upir watched carefully as the last of this things were carried inside of the manor and then smiled as the family driver gave him his key to his room and finally left him alone. Before he had a chance to go into too much deep thought the voice of the headmaster drew his attention. Fenris then opened the pamphlet and gave it a quick read. It seemed pretty organized and simple to adjust to, something he needed.   
Once everyone had left the courtyard he went straight to his assigned room and was amazed as he unlocked the door and walked in. The room was a bit smaller than his own but it would seem boxes with his things had been handled with care and put in there, undisturbed. The only thing that stood out was a strange looking lava lamp next to his bedside. Who the fuck put this here? He pondered as he made his way over to the bed and saw a random letter with his name on it.

"Fan mail already, huh?" Fenris said to himself sarcastically before opening it and reading the contents.

Once again it seemed to give him the information that he needed and put his mind at ease, although the menu didn't exactly persuade him to socialise with his new peers. Had he been anything other than upir he was sure that the menu would be very appealing... it just wasn't for him. He then let out a fed up groan and plopped onto the bed as it would seem he was going to be denied his wish to just stay in his room as he saw that he was going to have to play dress up for an evening ball. Just wonderful...
When he was done reading he went to place the open letter onto his bedside table, only to find another letter addressed to him lodged under the "lava lamp." As he went to open it he noticed it had his family crest on there, which made him stop for a moment. This meant his situation was even more serious than he thought it was. Fenris took a deep breath before carefully opening the letter and reading it's content.

Dear Fenris

If you are reading this then my worst fears have come true; your mother has somehow gained control over the household and has made sure that you have thrown out into the world or possibly disowned by me.

I have been aware of her change in behavior since you became a full upir, however, I did not wish to alert you just in case I was being paranoid and imagining things. Unfortunately, if you have this letter then my paranoia has been confirmed and your mother has failed in making you her servant to exploit. Instead, you have proven yourself a true Milovanovic prodigy and not the weakling your mother claimed you were.

Since your rebirth, your mother's behavior has become more erratic than it was before and she extremely secretive, especially with some members of the staff. While I know we all have a right to privacy she has been going out of her way to cover for something, what that something is I do not know because my powers do not seem to work on her. I fear that whatever she has kept secret has caused you to leave and whatever that it, it needs to be unveiled. I am sorry to place this burden on you, my son, but you are this household's only hope.

I have made special arrangements with the owner of this academy so you will have access to medication and proper feeding. In your bedside table, there should be your eyedrops. If you get close to running out of them go to the headmaster so he can have some more made. The lava lamp on top of your bedside table is actually a small feeding dispenser that has the food that your upir pallet demands. It has been made to look like a lava lamp simply because the contents need to be kept at human body temperature and because I don't think anyone would react well to body parts floating around randomly.

Please know that you have always made me proud to call you my son.

Take care and do your best,


"Seems the old man decided to give me a bit of a head start..." Fenris said to himself before opening his bedroom window. He didn't care that it was pissing it down by now, he wanted to relax just as he would at home; sat on a window ledge with a smoke. "So the whore has been planning this since my rebirth, huh? Sounds about right." He smirked as he crushed the piece of paper. He then used his lighter to set the letter on fire before using it to light his cigarette and taking a long drag. “I will expose you…” He muttered to himself as he exhaled the smoke and watched the letter slowly become ash in the palm of his hand and floated out into the rain outside.
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