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June 17, 2021, 10:47:03 pm

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Author Topic: △Come to the darkside...we have cookies △  (Read 525 times)

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△Come to the darkside...we have cookies △
« on: August 10, 2014, 03:05:10 pm »
...Salutations one and welcome all....
                                ..... to my darkest desires... 

To contact me I'd prefer if you Personal message me rather then post here, as it's a way I can keep our conversations together. Hello my lovelies, I'm snow. This is a forever changing thread based on my wants, thoughts and possible pairings. All parts are negotiable and hopefully I'd be able to snare a partner (s) that share the same values as me and able to come up with an awesome 'long term' role play. 

I'm the jack of all trades when it comes to role playing, seme, uke, seke. But I try to refrain from labelling the characters. My guy's are well fleshed out personalities and Uniquely designed and generally start from scratch for each role play. Each 'first's post are generally sketchy as I noticed in my years of experienced. But I can tell you that they're not door mats. They are feisty, stubborn with a dry sense of humour.

△What do I look from a partner? Am I right for you?△

- Communication- 
This is a vital key for me within a role play, if you don't like where the role play is going? can't understand a sentence within a post?  feel like it's gone a stray?  not interested in it but interested in doing another?  (Tell me.)

I'd sooner we both be happy.  Then  the RP become a chore. If you have  writers block, by all means just PM me.  I will not bite you I get it too sometimes believe it or not and more likely be feeling the same. Don't stress, please if you find you can't change direction or I took the wrong turn, tell me as I can go back so it's easier for you too post. If you don't say I won't know.

If you don't feel like our writing styles, pairings ect won't match don't ignore me please I'd get paranoid about how I write fast without you realising. But don't worry I won't hound you after 24 hours. I know about life commitments I have them too. If it's longer then a week, if you can warn me. I'll do the same. If you don't I'd be concerned for your well fare.  But I can understand they'd be times you can't warn me. Sooner the better, but I will always welcome you with open arms. I don't hold grudges.

-Effort & Respect-

I can not express how much I hate one liners. No offense to those that do, but it's a personal preference. I love fully in depth role plays and doesn't do a role play justice. Grammar I can understand we all make mistakes, (I do double check on everything) as long as it's near enough to the word I can pretty much make sense of it all. Same as if there's a word that you cannot understand, I will try to explain and correct it. We are partners, I'd rather help you then bite your head off. I understand that English
is not all the mother tongue on this site. And some relay on phones but please don't
use Text talk.

- Contribute new Ideas (Be spontaneous!)

I cannot tolerate how much I love contributing new ideas. I will get bored if I'm constantly leading it, if your following my lead. I may be either dominative, but that's no excuse. I really like creativity and thought. Take charge it's your role play as well as my own. I love reading posts and sometimes if it's just reacting not adding. If your stuck on ideas I do have Skype.


The thing to know about me is I'm patient as they come. I know that everyone has commitments. I will not always be near a computer to reply, roughly in the evenings in the UK time I'll respond due to working long hours in the morning.  I will not hound you if you don't respond. I waited for nearly a year for a post that's how dedicated I am. And how much I want it.

△   Possible pairings △
Affair Related
kind of speaks for itself doesn't it?

Athletics (Sports) Related
Team mates

Split Personality

Gun Related Theme

Witness Protection Program (Bodyguard x Civilian)
#  Gangster x Cop
# Warden x Prisoner
#  Prisoner x Prisoner
#  Mafia Boss x Rookie
#  Bodyguard x Employer
#  Cop x Mafia Don
#  Cop x Mafia
Home Related
Involves family relations in some way but not necessarily incest

# Brother-in-Laws (Sister's Brother x Sister's Husband)
# Ex boyfriend's Twin Brother (Aka a Stranger)
# Son x Dad's Work Friend
#  Babysitter x ''teenager'
# Babysitter  x father (secret love affair)
# Father x Son
#  Parent Trap: Estranged Son x Father
# Brother x Brother
# Brother x Brother
High School Student x Best Friend's Father

Hospital Related

Magical Occurence Related
Everyone lives in reality but then something "impossible" happens: a wish comes true no matter how absurd



Things that don't really have a place

#Hosts x Contestant
#Look-a-like x Trophy wife
# Spoiled Brat x Enemy
# Old Friend x Kidnap Victim x Therapist

Greek Gods
Sirens (Mermaids)

Opposites Attract
Black & White characters
Yin & Yang

Outer space Related

Pet Related
Animal Hybrids 

School Related
# 01 Student x Teacher
#  Mentor x Student
#  Philanthropist x Juvenile
# Class President x Student Council Member
# Ex-Boyfriend's Revenge
# Popular Guy x New Kid In School
# Boy-next-door x Secret Admirer - Cute Version
# Boy-next-door x Secret Admirer - Sadistic Version
# Librarian x Student
# Nerd x Bad Boy
#Bad Boy x Wallflower
Popular Guy x Anti-Social
 #Student x Student
#Punk x Cross dresser
#Punk x Wallflower
#Boot camp

Science Related
Mad scientists

Servant Related

unwilling employees
Master x butler
Prince x body guard
#  Millionaire x Stripper
#  Master x Slave
# Prince x Prince
# 133 Master x Butler
# Master x Butler
# Master x Genie

#  Vampire x Werewolf
# Vampire x Human
# Vampire x Hunter
# Shifter x Human
#  Vampire x Werewolf
# Demon Priest x Priest
#  Alpha Werewolf x Ex-Alpha Werewolf
#  Vampire x Human
#  Vampire x Hunter/Master x Slave
#Werewolf/Vampire Hybrid x Elf
#Demon Angel Hybrid x Demon

Work Related
# Magician x Assistant
#  Boss x Employee
#  Ex boyfriend x Ex boyfriend now co-worker
#  Singer x Owner
#  Actor x Manager
#  Boss x Employee
#  Escort x Manager - Ex Boyfriend Drama
#  Escort x Club Member




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