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Author Topic: The Godrobe Sorority (Kill la Kill inspired pathfinder game)  (Read 1176 times)

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Offline NicciKotorTopic starter

Re: The Godrobe Sorority (Kill la Kill inspired pathfinder game)
« Reply #25 on: August 18, 2014, 07:31:48 PM »
I haven't lost interest - just inspiration has been applying itself elsewhere. A dominatrix Ponygirl clicked really well for me, but there isn't much detail to draw out other ideas and sources of inspiration.

My ideas so far focus around:

An adventuring girl who wants to become a Politician/Mayor/Lady. Someone influential and powerful. Unfortunately she needs to earn herself a well respected name, a fortune to buy influence & some sort of great power to ensure she can hold her position within the world. She's a kind, helpful girl who really just wants the best for everyone - but she tends to interfere and talks a lot, so she can be quite troublesome to some folks. Her class would be something like a skillsy Rogue or a wordy Paladin. Race is up in the air.
I had intended for her to end up a ponygirl- forcing her to figure out someway to turn around the perceptions of a ponygirl & try to become a dominatrix ponygirl, perhaps gathering herself some sort of pony cult as a power base. Now, I'm not sure what to do with her...

For godrobes I can throw together a really fun Catgirl concept - I was thinking of adding some elemental theme like an icy snowcat, with clawed gloves, enhanced paw-boots of springing & striding so she's fast & can jump impossible distances, a bonus to hide in the snow & mix in some powers from the various small cat related magical items (Claws of the Ice Bear, Boots of the Cat & Daredevil Softpaws). For a special power perhaps she could have the cold subtype or shapechange into a tiger or something like a hellcat, only cold based.
I really like the idea, I just haven't had the spark that really ties it to a character concept yet. And I know that if I make a character without a spark of inspiration, they tend to become emotionally flat & quickly lose the fun in playing them. So it's important for me. If I can find a spark, I'll enjoy playing them for years! :)

I can also throw together a bunnysuit - but I only have half the ideas needed to put something together. Penalties against fear - since bunnies tend to lack bravery. High heels with sharpened stiletto heels or some sort of dangerous boot that changes into paws? So that the wearer can use their feet to make rake attacks whilst grappling. If you hit with both shoes/paws/???, then you get a free bull rush attack to kick off your opponent and send them flying. Probably with some bonus based off the damage off the attacks. Bonuses to jump, speed & dex for sure! A burrowing speed also seems appropriate. Perhaps a bonus to perception or some sort of perception based feat, from the tall bunny ears. These are all fun to use - but I'm not sure they will be helpful in direct combat. :/ I had a pile of ideas for a maid outfit as well - but they were even more impractical and useless in combat. Cute & fun, but useless & not really what I'd consider a 'godrobe' as just a fun magical item idea. I'm not even sure what might suit as a special power for a bunnygirl.

Another concept for a character is a an adventurer - generic traditional adventurer with a animalistic race. The catch is they find a godrobe based on some animal they despise as a race. For example, a Strix girl (Raven like winged humanoids with an elven feel) could find the catsuit - a natural predator for them - or the bunnysuit - a species they enjoy hunting & eating! And the conflict would be dealing with being stuck inside suck a powerful clothing, despite it's very concept being absolutely humiliating and ostracizing from the members of their race. I just haven't quite found the spark yet to draw up a full character.

But that's a quick summary of my ideas so far. I'd love some direction & advise.

Do you have some examples of thoughts about these special powers?

The bunnysuit seems best.

Online Sethala

Re: The Godrobe Sorority (Kill la Kill inspired pathfinder game)
« Reply #26 on: August 19, 2014, 08:24:16 PM »
Well this looks fun.  Not sure how much time I'll have while on vacation to throw together a character, but a nude apron thing seems like it could be fun.  Not sure what the character herself would do, though.