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June 24, 2022, 11:19:34 pm

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Author Topic: Solo Heroes project interest check!  (Read 557 times)

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Solo Heroes project interest check!
« on: August 09, 2014, 01:52:57 pm »
Okay, here's the thing--I occasionally go on an OSR kick.  Heck, I'm on one now.  Part of it is pure nostalgia (I cut my teeth on Basic D&D, way back when), but mostly it's because these frameworks are simple, familiar, and easy to work for one-off circumstances.  The downside of any group game, though, is that Real Life intervenes.  Someone gets busy and forgets to post.  Or has system troubles and drops off the radar.  Or just gives up and leaves without notice.  None of that is Not Much Fun for anyone else at the virtual table and is a lot of stress for the GM.

Enter Kevin Crawford, the man behind the OSR sandbox games published by Sine Nomine Publications, and one of his most recent projects, Scarlet Heroes.  Solo-player and GM rules that, by the gods, let a lone PC brave some of those old-school modules with a minimum of adjustment and a fair chance of surviving!  And then he released a couple of patches that let you use similar modifications for his other sandbox games.

Here's what the Panda is thinking: a group of associated solo-hero threads with a common OOC (so you can chat with others in the project), all using Sine Nomine games.  Post at your own pace!  No more worrying about That Guy saying something to the next NPC you meet and screwing up your plans!  No more worrying about who gets what magic item from that stash!

There's one other reason I'm pondering this, and it's the usual problem of too many cool ideas, too few players, too little time.  Interested in Transhuman Sci Fi more than Space Opera?  There's a module for that.  Want to do espionage instead of random galactic freebooting?  There's a supplement for that.  Willing to try fantasy with an African milieu instead of generic Euro Feudalandia?  Spears of the Dawn, baby!  There are enough variations that a player can try something a little different without having to convince three, four other people to give it a shot.

Table's open for discussion!

System Stuff for the interested

Here's a link...but be sure to click the free PDF only!

Here's Stellar Heroes (also free).

And Scarlet Heroes Quickstart, which works with any OSR reboot like Labyrinth Lord or Basic Fantasy.