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Author Topic: Harry Potter Plots (Willing to double seeking M and F)  (Read 669 times)

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Offline MissRozielTopic starter

Harry Potter Plots (Willing to double seeking M and F)
« on: August 08, 2014, 03:21:48 PM »
As you can see from the title I'm seeking people to join me in a Harry Potter based roleplay,  right now the plots I have are two for Snape, One for Draco, and One for Voldemort (Which is a M/M) I am more then happy to double up and play a character you like for you if you don't mind playing out one of these characters for me Now say you want me to play Draco.  That's absolutely fine as long as you don't mind Playing Snape, or vise Versa :)  I'm quiet flexible

Severus 1

AU seventh year.  Severus is saved by Draco and taken to the order.  Draco pleads his case and Harry Taking command Lets Severus Live, on the condition he stays at Hogwarts and does not leave until the final battle at which time Harry doesn’t care what he does. 

Happy, in his own way, to be free of Voldemort Command Snape returns to his position as potions professor Dumbledore death being blamed on a different death eater.

A new professor is brought in to teach Defense against The Dark Arts she claims to know Severus and fully expects him to recognize her.  When he doesn’t she’s utterly devastated.  As they interact Snape starts to feel that something about her is familiar.

Severus 2

The second can be set either Prior to book 7 or just after either way Severus Snape has been severely wounded and left for dead, as he slowly slips he hears a strange noise and feels the brush of soft fur his fingers barely able to grip the soft pelt before his world goes black.   To his surprised Severus does not wake up in his afterlife but find himself in a dark room, aching like a bitch in heat and wondering how he survived, looking around he's surprised to find a woman sleeping in a chair by his bed.

The woman is Maya Gates a panther animageous who was a member of the order and long assumed dead,  after explaining the mission she was given by the headmaster regarding The protection of Harry Potter she explains the last thing Dumbledore had asked of her was that she save Severus when the time came for it.

Now this can be set at either time like I explained,  So the plot can go two ways Prior to book Seven Maya and Severus work together to help Harry Ron and Hermione from the shadows while keeping up the illusions of Severus' death having been discovered as a traitor by Voldemort.

post book 7  Severus is faced with two opposing people those who count him among the hero's of the wars and those who still deeply hate him for killing Dumbledore.  Not needing to protect Harry any More Maya jokingly suggests being Severs' body guard but an attempt on his life by one of the fanatics makes it clear he might actually need one.

Draco 1

After finally seeing what being a Death Eater means at the end of his sixth year Draco crumbles under the pressure unsure of what to do or where to go.  in the end he returns to Hogwarts where at least the one teacher he has any respect for Professor Snape, is in charge. With out the Famous Harry Potter around however he starts to notice something, a quiet Raven claw girl who seems to be everywhere he goes.  she never says a word to him but no matter where he is, if she's there, she'll look up meet his eyes and acknowledge him.

Oddly relieved by the simple gesture that made no demands and had no expectations Drco begins to seek the girl out, if only for the few moments of calm he can find while with her. as he gets to know her more he starts to realize maybe he does have a reason to fight in the war, but not for the side he first thought.

Voldemort 1

The Voldemort role-play is my only current M/M game,  the idea actually focuses on Maya’s Brother.

A proud pureblood he’s more than happy to join the ranks of Voldemort and show their superiority over muggles, stains on the world, helpless and simple.  His youthful eager nature is covered by his smooth manner and slick looks,  not the slimy sort of the likes of Luscious Malfoy but cool, sophisticated, friendly and deceiving.  He plays whatever part he must, to get what he wants, and what he wants most is to be at the side of the one man who understands his view of the world better than anyone.

At school he was the epitome of control and intelligence, charming with the ladies and dutifully responsible to his prefect duties.  His only snare was not making head boy which went to Evens and Potter much to his disgust, not that he let it show.  His welcoming friendly demeanor is almost horrifying when one realizes it’s all meant to lure you in.
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Offline MissRozielTopic starter

Re: Harry Potter Plots (Willing to double)
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2014, 09:56:48 AM »
Sirius 1

Sirius black, a womanizer and prankster finds himself constantly up against Maria Feen a pure blood Witch in Ravenclaw whose cold beauty is just as sharp as her attitude for him.  whats frustrating is when they had been children Maria had been one of his few distant cousins who didn't care about blood purity.  While attracted to her beauty he find he can't stand how high and mighty she acts.  However when a Prank goes wrong and She Lies to a professor to save him from expulsion Sirius begins to wonder if she really is as cold as she acts.

Offline MissRozielTopic starter

Re: Harry Potter Plots (Willing to double seeking M or F)
« Reply #2 on: August 31, 2014, 10:23:35 AM »
Draco 2

Under mounting pressure and the fear for his Father now in Azkaban Draco has been Given a task by He Who Must Not Be Named.  Mixed with a twisted pride is a sick sense of fear and obligation, he must do this for his father he must do this to be more.  but as the days pass he becomes more and more fearful of what may happen.  But a distraction comes in the shape of a younger hufflepuff girl. With a drifting manner a lackadaisical tone she often seems to speak to herself and is considered quiet nutty by her peers.  However her magical capability particularly with transfiguration is unmatched.

What irritating is this strange hufflepuff girl seems to keep showing up where ever he is spouting her strange songs or riddles.  Whats strange is how he's starting to expect her, wanting to see her, if for no other reason then the distraction she provides from his growing fears.

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Re: Harry Potter Plots (Willing to double seeking M and F)
« Reply #3 on: October 10, 2014, 03:49:16 PM »