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Author Topic: Some of my ideas  (Read 372 times)

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Offline MrBellroyTopic starter

Some of my ideas
« on: August 08, 2014, 01:18:38 PM »
Hello there!

I'm a recent addition to elliquiy (I had to google that term, hehe) forums but old time role player :) I'm looking for female partners to role play various scenarios. I prefer threads, but can do YIM, Skype or PM (though, pm is least preferable).

Here are some of my ideas:

Slave girl
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Hello, long time reader, first time writer (on this forum). I'm looking for (disobedient) submissive female to play the role in following scenario :)

It was almost noon, when your character and other slaves were escorted from the ship's hold up on a large wooden platform in a middle of market. Guards masterfully chained each slave by their ankles to the rings attached to platform, one by one until all slaves were evenly spaced out, between tracks for potential buyers enjoyment.

Before letting customers in, guards started to make rounds, making sure that each slave was well represented, giving whips or two to those who decided to sit or lie down. Once market was opened platform was flooded with people, they wanted to touch and check every one out but guards didn't let anyone to have too much and spoil the goods, after about an hour of this large, wide shouldered and muscular man with raven black hair, blocked sun for your character.

OOC: This scenario consists of two main acts, first being played on a market in front of other slaves and audience, and second one inside my character's mansion.

Flatmate in training
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I see this scenario going either as a training of "O" (Training of a sub my Master), or seduction play by female, though I'm open for suggestion ;)

Our characters are flatmates for couple of weeks now, flirted a couple of times in shared area and in kitched but don't really see each other often. YC suspected that MC was quite kinky, she saw blind folds and hand cuffs in his room, and a rather large box under a bed. Once he left for a vacation, and she couldn't hold her curiosit and decided to venture to his room, pulling the box from under the bed she found bunch of vibrators for different occasions, hand furry and metalic hand cuffs, cat whip and a paddle, some hook shaped items.

Feeling naughty and decided to play around, pulling rabbit vibrator she pulled skirt and panties down and got on a bed. Meanwhile his flight got canceled and came back to the apartment, moving silently my character approached the room and heard distinct sound coming out from behind the door. She was laying on his bed, with one of his favourite toys, with excitement and confusion he entered the room.

Sexy adventure in the Maze
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OOC: This scenario inspired by movie "Maze" and some other less appropriate things I was exposed to during my life . I'm looking for playful and proactive female partner in crime to play a protagonist role of this story, she will be adventurer who want's to complete the maze that no man could ever complete. The maze is filled with magical creatures that will tease, seduce, use her or be used by her, while the maze it self is sentient and quite aroused being, will put her to the test.

I think story will start with couple of short encounters, and then we'll proceed to longer ones and mix them up a little. The story is for female who enjoys to be submissive, but likes to switch from time to time

Young lady, tied her horse to a long phallic pillar that grew out of the dark sand that surrounded this magnificent construction. No one remembered who build it, immune to weathering and effects of water, young adventurer couldn't help but feel like a little girl before this ancient construction. Regaining her composure, he strode towards the entrance.

Night of her life, for a bride
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You will be playing a cheating role. Your character wedding were quite soon, and one of her girl friends kept suggesting that YC should have a "night and day of your life", she would show her clips of dominatrixes and dominant males on her phone, and games they performed with girls. She sent emails with not safe for work pictures, making YC blush and hide your display. YC kept telling her that you are faithfull, sometimes joking about it, but couldn't deny it to herself that thought of it arroused and excited her.

One quite day, YC didn't receive a single message from her friend. She came home after long day in office and relaxed on a couch texting a little with her future husband. Until she heard someone knocking on her door. Few moments later she opened a door and saw tall, muscular man with raven black hair. He was wearing fitted shirt and leather trousers that did a poor job of hiding large bulge. – "Hello there" – He greeted, his voice is rough and low.

Flexible family
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My character, Greg is either brother or father in this roleplay. Yours Alice (you can pick different name) is sister or daughter.

Greg got an invintation to visit new strip bar from his old college buddy. His friend opened a new venue right outside a town and Greg found a good excuse to leave home this night. Packed with small bills he enters the club only to find out that his little Alice is dancing there, performing a lapdance for some man.

He managed to find his friend, and bribe him to get him a private time with Alice in VIP area, without any disturbing.

Naughty Hitchhiking
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It was a hot afternoon in a middle of nowhere, your character were driving a car few hours ago, and then fucking rental just broke apart, no cell connection only sun on an empty road. She started to walk, thinking that maybe, she'll find something, a gas station or a police station or anything. But there was nothing, only heat and dry landscape.. And then she heard a loud noise of a motorcycle.

My character was driving on this god forsaken road for hours now, wearing fitted denim jeans and mostly unbuttoned red shirt, few miles ago he noticed abandoned sedan, and now he  saw skimpy dressed girl who were signaling him with her hands to stop. It's probably a mirage were his first though, but he stopped anyways. "Hey there" – Voice was dehydrated and low yet excited.
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