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Author Topic: Naruto RP ideas (F seeking M)  (Read 377 times)

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Naruto RP ideas (F seeking M)
« on: August 08, 2014, 12:04:35 pm »
Hello everyone!

For a while now I've had a couple ideas for Naruto based rp's with a few various male characters (played by you) and OC's of mine.

I'm looking for someone who is willing to play NarutoXOC, SaiXOC, ItachiXOC, KakashiXOC, or SasukeXOC.

Here are a  few samples of my ideas:
Naruto x OC:
We all know that Naruto has lived his life alone since the death of his parents and has an odd love for the color orange.
In this game I would like to play an OC character that met Naruto when they were both children (maybe around the age of 5-7). Her mother was an assassin for hire/ninja with no village affiliation and was in the Leaf Village on a bounty mission. She has been teaching her daughter the ways of an assassin and has brought her along on this mission as a teaching experience. During her short time there she runs into Naruto, a lonely boy in an empty playground. My character is dressed in monk attire (orange and reds) and plays with Naruto until night comes. They meet a few times like this before her mother's mission is drawing to a close. She meets with Naruto one last time to say goodbye and promises to return to Leaf in 12 years and meet him under the Sakura tree by the playground at dusk. She is then taken abruptly by her mother who is fleeing the village with a group of anbu on their tails. Since that time Naruto has adopted the color of that girl he met so long ago but has since forgotten about their promise. Then, one day upon arriving home he sees a note left on his bed reading "If you still remember, meet me at the Sakura tree at dusk" which is signed with an orange smudge at the bottom.
I'm willing to start the story off briefly when they were children or at the present time.

Sai X OC:
Sai has been a part of Anbu Root his whole life and has sworn off affection for anyone. In this game my OC would have been a fellow Anbu Root in training. The two became fast "friends" or as close to friends as Sai could muster at that time. However, my character gets sent on a mission and returns after several years to find Root disbanded. She would then meet up with Sai, after finding he still resides in the village, and the story could progress from there. Does he remember her? Does he/she having feelings for one another? Will they slip back into their old Root mind set? It's up to us to decide!

Itachi X OC:
For this story I would consider my character being a former love interest from leaf: either a ninja from another clan or a fellow Uchiha who he spared along with Sasuke but told to leave and never return.  Or a love interesting during his time after he killed his clan. Both characters would have thought the other to be dead until one day they find themselves trying to kill the same target.

Kakashi X OC:
This story would be based on my character being a former student of Kakashi's or leaf ninja who is a few years younger than Kakashi. This would be more of a rom/smut game since I'm interested in her either seducing him or vice versa and letting all the fun that ensues follow. ;)

Sasuke x OC:
After Sasuke left and joined Orochimaru he had a lot of adjusting to do. My character would be one of Orochimaru's henchmen that help Sasuke adjust to his new life and help him train to become more vicious and keen with a blade. This could be a rom/smut game. I haven't decided the details of whether or not he would have thought she was killed by Orochimaru, fled his capture and finds Sasuke in the world again, or just some smut during the time Sasuke first arrives at Orochimaru's lair.

I'm very flexible with ideas and would love to have some input! These are just skeletons of the plots and if you have anything to add or an even better idea I warmly welcome suggestions and ideas!

And of course all ideas will include action since it's Naruto based. I love fighting rp's, the romance is just a plus! ;D

If you're interested and want to discuss these topics more please PM me!

Thank you!
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