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Author Topic: DC Origins-Coast City Interest Thread (Green Lanterns and More)  (Read 229 times)

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Offline NosCorventiusTopic starter

Description: Coast City, California; was founded as Presidio San Georgio in 1778 by Spanish explorer Sebastian Rodriguez Cermeno, and served as a both a mission and fort for most of its time. In 1846, It was captured by the Americans as part of the Mexican-American war but only after weeks of resistance and heavy casualties. General Stephen W. Kearney later wrote in his memoirs "Preisidio San Georgio was the toughest fight of my career; for every man, woman, and child took up arms against us to protect their little city on the hill. Whether due to their spiritual fanaticism or the harsh land that surrounded the outpost; Presido San Georgio was truly unshakable. A town without fear." 

The Sentiment seems to still hold true today, despite the name change and the towns boom under the 1879 gold rush. Coast City, now a major metropolitan area, is a leader in innovation and technology. Whether it's through military-industrial companies like Ferris Aircraft and Kord Industries; or the bio-medical labs of 2nd Chance Medical, run by the mysterious Niles Culdier, Coast City is constantly pushing the envelope of possibilities. Possibilities that may change the course of not just history but the human race. The question is... Will that course be for good or evil?  Only time will tell.

Tone and Characters: This is an origins RP exploring the beginnings of the careers of modern Heroes/Villains and those they inspire. As Coast City is the home of the Green Lanterns we are looking for his supporting cast, villains, and fellow heroes including but, not limited to: Carol Ferris, Thomas Kalmaku/Pieface, John Stewart/Green Lantern, Hector Hammond, etc. However, we are not limiting players to just these as in our Universe Coast City will be the home of all our west coast heroes and villains; especially those of military and tech origins. Villains and heroes like: Ted Kord/Blue Beetle, /Booster Gold, Jaime Reyes/Blue Beetle II, Cyborg, Robot-man, Captain Atom, Sonar, Rick Flag, Deadshot, Deathstroke, Black Hand,  Gizmo, Plasmus, etc. As well as the future members of both the Doom Patrol and Teen Titans Rosters, minus Dick Greyson/Robin and Racheal Roth/Raven who are committed to other boards. We believe there is some great stories and Rp opportunities within the formation and early days of these teams and would love to help you build them your way.

Location, environment, and population: I am basing my Coast City on San Diego,CA thus the emphasis on military and tech characters. The population is a little more racially mixed than elsewhere and the remoteness from the power that be in the Capital are far removed so even the military and government people have there own way of doing things. This is the prime location for our universe to show the struggles between the military-industrial complex and the counter cultures of youthful ideals. Unlike Gotham or Opal in Coast City anything is possible and people live that way. Like it's no big deal to see an orange skinned alien or a half robotic man walking down the street. And honestly it's not. it's just another day in "the town without fear."

Storyline: The First main storyline will focus on an early appearance of the Five inversions and the rise of Atrocitus and the Betrayal of the Corps by Sinestro. However other smaller plots include the creation of the doom patrol by Niles Culdier and the formation of the Suicide squad under Amanda Waller and ARGUS.
Interested? contact us through the OCC or leave a message in the thread.
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