Incest on My Mind (Male seeking F or even FF)

Started by WildStallionNYC, August 07, 2014, 08:57:05 AM

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I think the subject says it all, I've got incest on my mind.  I like a good story and good smut, I would say 50/50.  I like a partner who is creative and willing to help develop a scene.  I've listed some ideas below but am open to hearing your ideas or creating something with you.  Whether it be Consensual or NC. The more creative and detailed the better!  I try to post regularly and expect the same from you, though I do know life gets busy so I am patient.

The Escort:
  (Daughter, Step Daughter or Sister)
He couldn't believe his little Princess was old enough for University.  He remembered dropping her off at the dorms, how sweet she was thanking him for everything.  They talk once a week while she is at school, she tells him how she is studying hard, making new friends and enjoying every aspect of school life.   What she doesn't tell him about is her new job and all the money she is making. 

A few months into her first semester, he comes to visit his Princess for a weekend.  She shows him around campus that afternoon, then he takes her out to a fancy dinner, but then he drops her off of the dorm so she can go to a birthday to go to a party of a new friend or so she claims.  He goes back to his hotel, alone.  After a drink in the hotel bar he goes upstairs, lonely.  He goes online and finds an escort agency and orders himself some company.  It's quite a surprise when the girl knocks on the door, he opens it up finding his princess there.  It's soon that he realizes His princess is not as innocent as he thought and he starts to see his princess in a new light...

The Troubled Niece:
(Niece or Cousin)
Your mom caught you smoking pot and drinking with your best friend.  Raising you by herself had always been a challenge for your mom.  With summer break starting she thinks it is best to send you to your Uncles for two weeks.  Your Uncle lives in the country a little secluded.  It will give her a much needed break and she thinks maybe her brother, your uncle will give you a little structure or discipline.  It's not long until you learn that your Uncle is very into discipline. 

Roommates Friend: 
(Sister or Step Sister and roommate)
The two ladies roommates, very close college friends.  When one of their brothers comes to visit. From the first moment their he starts to flirt.  Its not long before something starts to happen.  I'd love to develop this story.

Daughter's Boyfriend:
(Mother, Daughter, Step Mom or Step Sister)
A simple scene the young beautiful mother can't control herself.  Her daughter's new boyfriend is hot and she can't stop looking at him, flirting with him.  Does he notice the glances?  Does he flirt with her?  who seduces who.  What happens when the mother sees this stud coming in from the the girlfriend upset that her mother is flirting with her boyfriend?  How does she react?  Any ladies interested in this scene? Could be a MF scene or could be a MFF scene

The Masquerade
(Sister, Daughter, Step Sister,  Step Daughter or Step Mom)
Halloween or another reason for a costume party.
Mistaken identity or planned. 

I am interested in exploring any other incest ideas you might have from Mother/Son, Father/Daughter, Uncle/Niece, to Sister/Brother

Any discussion and suggestion from interested players are more than welcome, love to hear your wild ideas...