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Author Topic: Long term supernatural roleplay M 4 F  (Read 241 times)

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Long term supernatural roleplay M 4 F
« on: August 06, 2014, 09:51:25 AM »
So once again I'm on the hunt for someone to fill the void left by a writer who has walked away from a story. I have some info I want to share about what I'm looking for to set the right expectations and hopefully generate some interest!

This story started with one writer who I had known for years but who vanished after a mutual friend of ours passed away. I then spoke to another friend about starting the story back up with me and we continued it briefly before she decided it wasn't really for her. Which brings me here...

The story is about opposites attracting and I think it's a cool idea. First let me show you her bio...

(If you want to get straight to the idea it's at the bottom.)

Jessika Von Brandt

NICKNAME/ALIAS: Jessica Brandt

AGE: 32


PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Jessika's features reveal both her Germanic and Ukrainian heritage in her looks. Like a porcelain doll, Jessika is fair with black hair and green eyes. She has numerous piercings in her ears, and has her septum and lower lip pierced as well. Measuring 36-27-36, Jessika has a dark, sexy look that she uses to full effect both in her personal as well as professional life.

OCCUPATION: Freelance investigator, spy, and/or assassin. Her talents are always for hire.

PERSONALITY: Jessika is incredibly jaded when it comes to the value of human life. This comes from both her profession and her rather unique upbringing. She can be a bit of a vixen when she wants to be.

BACKGROUND: The Von Brandt family is a very, very old German family who's aristocratic roots go back to the 1500's and possibly
beyond. Down through the ages, the Von Brandt family has somewhat secretly practiced a variety of magical arts. So in the age of occultism at the turn of the 20th century, it was no surprise in some circles that the Van Brandts were still knee deep in the mystical arts.

Jessika's grandfather, Karl Von Brandt, was a medical doctor and high level member of an occult social club called Thule-Gesellschaft or as it would come to be known in America, The Thule Society. Within Thule, Karl studied various dark arts, and was party to the Thule conspiracy. Together with the other members, they would assist the Nazi party in rising to power in an attempt to create a nation with the values of the Thule society much as the Freemasons had done with America.

Karl was draped in secrecy and his name, as well as numerous others, was kept from any formal documents. After Hitler's rise to power, he was given the rank of SS Standartenf├╝hrer, though his role was entirely off the books, working with the Ahnenerbe doing experiments with a variety of magic's from all over the world.

Jessika's grandfather's duel role meant that his magical research was meant entirely for military application. Specifically, he worked for Abschnitt 19 developing mystical and psychic skills for spies and assassins for Germany. His work took him to the Ukraine where he would oversee research into a developing type of Necromantic magic that required the mutilation of subjects for psychometry. The leftovers of these experiments would be found in 2002 and reported by Pravda.

Eventually, his experiments were forced underground as Germany fell to pieces and the second great war came to an end in Europe. Living in hiding in the Ukraine, Karl's magical skills kept him free and out of the trials his comrades were facing. His research never ended though and even as he started a family, Karl was constantly working to perfect this new paranormal skill set.

Many years later, Jessika would be born and take up the family art. With a fair amount of potential, Jessika soon became one of Karl's best students. Jessika shined and was able to divine more from her cannibal-psychometrics than even her father.

When Karl passed away fourteen years ago, it was a crushing blow to the teenage Jessika. He was the one person she had been truly close to, growing up. Karl had been more of a father to her than anyone else. She decided then to start using the dark skills she had to earn money to continue experimenting in the dark arts like her father and grandfather. Her family did not support the way she used her skills like a mercenary and it would eventually lead in her banishment.

Asked to leave the Ukraine, she moved first to England, then eventually to the US. Working for anyone with the money to pay her fee, she quickly gained a bit of a reputation for being ruthless and efficient. She was only lucky enough to keep out of American jails due to her services to the CIA and NSA on a few occasions. However, she now finds herself in Miami, on her own, all of her "get out of jail free" cards used up.

STRENGTHS: Jessika has mastered the repulsive abilities of her grandfather and is working expanding her knowledge of Necromancy.

Cannibal-Psychometry (aka Verbrauchen Macht und Kenntnis)
This repulsive magic requires that Jessika remove the tongue, brain or organ of a dead being, boil or cook it while reciting the magic incantation, and breathe the fumes from the prepared meat. Her grandfather was able to tear out the organ and eat it raw with the same magic results, but Jessika has found the results of such crude methods are sketchy.

Different organs offer different powers. No powers are gained from animal organs. More than one item (maximum three) can be cooked up with accumulative effect.

Heart: Fear fades into the background and strength is increased. Lasts a few hours depending on the heart and it's quality.
Liver: Sobriety. No matter how much alcohol is consumed intoxication is impossible. Lasts a few hours depending on the liver and it's quality.
Kidneys: Becomes impervious to poisons for an hour or so.
Intestines: Breathing the fumes provides physical nourishment and will not feel hungry again for 48 hrs.
Tongue: Can understand and speak all languages known to the owner of the tongue. Lasts for a few hours.
Eyes: Jessika will recognize the people, places, and items once known by the former owner of the eyes. She will also know basic things about those people, places or items. For example, Jessika would recognize the deceased's friends, parents, family, lover, wife, enemy, murderer, home, favorite tavern, car, gun, clothes, etc. Duration is a few hours, doubled if both eyes are consumed.
Brains: Provides Jessika with all of the deceased's skills and access to their memories. Lasts a few hours.

WEAKNESSES: The very nature of her abilities requires the deaths of those whom she would take her power from. This puts her at odds with law enforcement almost constantly and means that if she does not watch her back, she'll spend the rest of her life behind bars. Also, if the Shoah organization in Israel found out who she was, they would put a hold on her Passport, preventing her from ever leaving the country to conduct her business elsewhere. Though the nature of her grandfather's experiments are secret, it is known that he was at Dauchau at different points conducting experiments on its inmates at some point. Also, her habits and abilities leave her with few friends.

ITEMS ALWAYS FOUND ON THIS CHARACTER: Always carries a SOCOM USP .45 pistol if at all possible. Also carries knives most places she goes but wont go any where without her Leatherman Steens fixed blade. Not nearly as often, she will carry medical tools such as bone saws and a chest separator.

SPECIALIZED COMBAT/DEFENSE SKILLS, if any: Is a practiced shot with pistols and rifles, and knows how to use a knife. Unfortunately her small stature leaves her at a disadvantage in a lot of hand to hand combat.

OTHER SPECIAL POSSESSIONS: Owns a Bastet, which are a very rare, and very expensive breed of black cats from Egypt. Used in the old days for their strange link to the spirit world to find and converse with the spirits of the dead. 

Okay, now to show you her beau!

Jacob Kovner
NICKNAME/ALIAS: Rasta J (No one actually calls him that but two years ago he tried to talk people into calling him Rasta J. He gave up within two months.)
AGE: 28 
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Until recently, Jacob always had a beard or goatee and constantly wore a knit cap instead of a kippah. This was usually paired with an offensive tshirt and simple jeans. However, after a long conversation with his great grandfather, Mose, Jacob has shaved the facial hair and started dressing a little nicer. His hair has grown out quite a bit and he's been trying to decide if he'll keep it that way.
OCCUPATION: Gas Station attendant, though he's now looking for something better.
PERSONALITY: A joker for most of his life, Jacob rarely took much of anything seriously. He would say anything to get a laugh and usually be as extreme or off the wall as he could to entertain himself and others (in that order.) Recently though he's found himself growing a bit more introspective. His great grandfather has challenged himself to yearn for more out of life and it has really been working. Jacob is really prioritizing his life and figuring out what will make him happy.
BACKGROUND: Born and raised in Miami, Jacob had a comfortable childhood growing up in a predominantly Jewish part of the city. His lifelong friends Elijah and Arty were there for him since they were all in Spider Man Underoos. They all lived off of Voltron, Captain Planet, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Bravestar. Arty talked Jacob into buying Paul's Boutique as his first CD ever instead of some one hit wonder. They all snuck into R rated movies together and Arty took more than one beating, and handed a few out, to protect Jacob and Elijah. They were the three musketeers for most of their lives, with other friends coming and going, but those three always being the core of their social circle.
Discovering marijuana was a big deal for Jacob who was looking for an escape from the perfect sort of urban fairy tale life he had with
his family.  His first experience was incredible and he couldn't share it with his buddies fast enough. From there he started getting into reggae, rap music, and psychedelics. Straight out of high school he went to college with the idea of becoming a civil rights lawyer. Jacob had high hopes for his future but found himself partying more than he was going to class. It didn't take long before he realized that if he didn't drop out the school was likely going to kick him out.
Returning home to Miami, Jacob got a part time job at a local BP station and started a routine that would last until just recently. Going to work, eating snacks and sandwiches that he was supposed to be throwing away. Dangerous experiments with lighters and cans of butane that usually left him laughing with half of his beard burned off and other silliness kept him entertained. Almost all of his time away from work was spent at Arty's house getting high and/or drunk while watching movies or whatever. It seemed ideal, no responsibilities, living to hang out with his friends and just have fun.
Everything would change when Jacob was out with Arty and Elijah and they ran into Delaney Spencer. Some gang bangers attempted a drive by on the pretty blonde and Arty managed to foil their attempt. Afterwards Delaney invited the boys to her home for a thank you dinner and it was there that Jacob discovered that his Great Grandfather was Mose, a vampire. He had seen the man hanging around family events in the past but never really knew who he was. Mose had a sit down with Jacob where the young man was given a much needed kick in the ass by his vampiric relative.
Since then, Jacob has really been reconsidering his slacker lifestyle. He still loves Arty and Elijah like brothers but looking back at everything Mose said to him, there's just no way he can continue to waste the time he has on this Earth. Jacob has enrolled in classes again to finish getting his law degree and is considering getting involved in civil rights law again. Only now he thinks he might focus on vampire make sure that no one ever discriminates against his Great Grandfather again.
STRENGTHS: Loyal to a fault, he would do anything for Elijah or Arty no matter what it meant for him. Jacob is also very smart and has a pretty quick wit. 
WEAKNESSES:  Loyal to a fault, he would do anything for Elijah or Arty no matter what it meant for him. Jacob is also working quite hard to get over his life as a slacker. It's hard to go from no responsibilities to suddenly being a grown up. Also he's back in school which means he'll face the challenge of turning down opportunities to drink and get high to do boring stuff like homework or sleep for class the next morning.
ITEMS ALWAYS FOUND ON THIS CHARACTER: A red wool string tied around his left wrist given to him by Mose.
SPECIALIZED COMBAT/DEFENSE SKILLS, if any: Jacob has no training but has beat the first two Mortal Kombat games (and before Arty did, don't believe that lying asshole!!!)
QUIRKS, INTERESTS, HOBBIES: Has a Rainman like ability to recall pop culture trivia and turn it into a joke. Has read a lot about Buddhism. Has quite the green thumb though up until this point that's only ever been put to use helping Arty grow weed. Is also an amazing cook and owns numerous cookbooks.

So the idea is that she's dated a variety of tough guys and mysterious types and is just tired of all the bullshit that comes along with it. She'll meet Jacob at a club when he rescues her from the advances of an irritating but harmless friend of his. They hit it off that night and exchange numbers and go their separate ways. My idea is that he feels she's out of his league and it's only through the pressure of his buddies that he reaches out to her again after that. However I'm thinking that they just get along well enough that once the ball is rolling it really takes off.

There is tons of opportunities for conflict and adventure, as his great grandfather is a vampire and will not approve of him dating a necromancer who is already under the watchful eye of HIS master. Not only that, one of his buddies was recently infected with lycanthropy and so there are opportunities to get involved there. Not to mention she's sort of freelance so there are chances to bring in danger and excitement beyond just the romance.

As I mentioned in my off forum request, a lot of this writing is happening on Google Docs and/or email. Since I appreciate that it's some times hard to get E's elite to write off site I'd be more than happy to try and make that work since I'm at a point where I'm honestly just looking to get a good writer in to do this story with. I adore the characters and the concept and think some fun things could come of it. Let me know if you like the idea and would be willing to work with me on it.