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Author Topic: Mael's Plot Corner || Where My Ideas Rest || M/M or M/F  (Read 5736 times)

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Mael's Plot Corner || Where My Ideas Rest || M/M or M/F
« on: August 05, 2014, 11:17:12 AM »
What Trips My Trigger || My O/O's || Other Little Things
Check this thread out, too, if you're interested in playing with me!

Current Plot ideas:

These plots are all very vague ideas, just basics that I tend to toss around whether I'm interested in them or not. I'll try to keep up with them and mark them as 'available' or not, depending on what is going on. I may forget, but I'll try my best. :)

1.] Damaged Soul - Available/Tentative
Plot where my character is a sub, definitely, who has been a captive of an abusive man for quite sometime. Then, under investigation for a long while, the man is finally discovered and captured for some kind of crime, either by an FBI agent or a cop. Upon ransacking the home, they come across my character, his sort of sick slave/abused toy, practically close to death. She has no record, no memories of her past life before this man because of the damage he'd done to her emotionally and physically. The agent/cop feels pity towards her, and while trying to work with her on the case and get her to remember herself at the same time, he starts to get real feelings for her. But being a slave, she doesn't know how to really live out in the real world, nor deal with her pain from the past. It's a long and slow journey, but with love and care, she can begin to remember and possibly move on.

a. Of course, there can be drama, like friends of the man coming after her for possibly snitching, and he could even possibly get out on lack of charges and come after her, etc, etc, something dramatic but with a warm story line as well. ^_^ This is definitely for a romantic player, but that's okay, that's how I want it.

2.] Rescue Me - Unavailable/Interested
My girl would be a girl in a sort of abusive, partial Master/Slave relationship with a man. She either comes across an old best friend, or she meets one of his friends who has no idea of the relationship and only knows of her by name. Because she meets up with him, she becomes really close to him, and soon he is able to crack her outer shell and get into her secretive life that she hides so well from the outer world. He finds out about the abuse and everything, and he basically tries to become her 'rescuer'. Throughout that, there can be drama, injuries, anything else that can be thought of. This would be romantic, of course, and a rocky journey, but I'm eager to play.

3.] Copyright Infringement - Available/Interested
I prefer this plot to be focused around the basic (very very basic) ideas of the Crossfire Series, where there's a little more angst and a lot more hot sex than Fifty Shades of Grey (which I'm not truly a fan of). So, I'd love to give a plot such as this a shot. A rich philanthropist of some kind and a troubled female whom he becomes enraptured with. It'd be a lot easier if you'd read either series, since they're both terribly similar. I just really am interested in doing a plot like this one but making it our own, of course. Crossfire has a lot less bondage and freaky things compared to Fifty Shades. Like I said: a lot more angst and hot sex.

4.] Open Idea - Unavailable/Interested
My female character is going to be a wife - but not just any wife, one of many wives. She is going to be married to a man who has multiple wives, be it a cultural factor or simply a way of life in this society, not something that's taboo. So your character could be the man's friend, or someone who comes in and tries to change her life. Something could happen to change things up, like a tragedy where the man dies and the wives are left destitute and split up, something like that. This is fairly open, but the main concept is simply being one of many wives, and I'm searching for a character to change her entire life and flip it upside-down --- or maybe to play the actual husband with the multiple wives, and she is a brand new wife? I dunno! Just a main theme with this one. Definitely up for discussion.

a. My specific on this would be because of a certain... hankering I have, for wanting to play a half-ling, neko creature who has the ears and tail of a doe. So she'd be skittish, but willing to please, and rather happy to please as well. I'm wanting to play this idea with the concept that the harem may consist of various half-ling creatures, and either she is brought in as a new wife, or when the harem is broken up, she's nervous to leave the life she's known, etc. Maybe she is sold to another man to be a new wife for his harem, or something. It's still a rather open concept, one I'm willing to work with extensively to someone who is willing and interested to iron out the details.

b. I'm also currently interested in play the reverse, almost. Where this world, particularly, is rare for humanoids. So, anthros, and half-lings would be the most prominent species. So, humans would be traded, or sold, or married off... however you really want to view it!

5.] Southern Belle - Available/Interested
I'm looking for someone to play a bouncer/rugged cowboy-type character. My character would be a rowdy female who works at a bar/club, somewhere in the South. She would participate in dancing (not necessarily exotic), bartending, etc. I would like her counter-character to be a male who is naturally protective, probably knows her and is friends with her since they work together, and possibly even trains her in self-defense. This plot line would be one that requires heavy development around this basic want/idea. I'm thinking that both characters have possibly slept together on different circumstances - drunk, one-night excursions, tension-release situations... stuff like that.

6.] Amnesia - Unavailable/Interested
This idea is exactly how it sounds: I wish to play a character who develops amnesia. This could be from a variety of incidents, but I want it to be based with certain specifications. I want there to be a pre-existing relationship settled between our characters. Maybe they were engaged to be married? Maybe they were already married? Or they were simply dating? I don't really mind, but I think the deeper of a relationship they are in, the better. This can help give the partner a reason to stay after the accident, when they work on trying to get my character's memory back. I'm thinking almost total amnesia; so my character would have to remember who your character is. Not total amnesia - they would remember basics, of course! - but enough to forget maybe their family members, and your character as well.

7.] Colorblind - Available/Interested
This would be set in a universe where everyone is born colorblind. And you only receive your colored vision when you meet your soul mate. It can happen more than once in a lifetime, but it is a rare occasion for someone to have more than one soul mate during their existence. I like the idea of pairing this maybe with some kind of royalty pairing, or even in a more modern setting. I also imagine this pairing to not be with simple, human characters. So if the idea sounds interesting to you and you're willing to help me build up a world and thick plot around the concept, please, send me a PM!

8.] Slave to the Night - Available/Very Interested
In this plot, my female (or male) character would be a human trapped in the sultry world of vampires. My character would have been taken as a slave, a human form of fast-food, really. My character would be subjected to simply being something to feed from and manipulate in whatever way her Masters and Mistresses saw fit. This would be another damsel-in-distress plot in a fantasy setting. I would anticipate your male character to play one of the following:
-> A vampire interested in getting humans out of this trafficking situation/ending slavery of the humans to their race
-> A werewolf interested in taking down the vampire human trafficking ring (this plot would be a little different with the involvement of werewolves. I imagine that werewolves would actually be a preferred species to feed upon, which is what drives the werewolves to go and try to break-up the rings of vampires using werewolves and humans as feeding sources. So, the werewolves would break in and rescue whoever they could, and would be surprised to find a human trapped in the mess. Maybe humans are rare? Who knows!)

9.] The System - Available/Interested
My character would be a prostitute. She would have a decent life with only a semi-violent pimp who only sends her to wealthy clients. I'm thinking that the opposing character in this would be a client, an undercover cop posing as a client who is trying to uproot the whole prostitution ring, a wealthy man who wants her all to himself, or anything else, really. I'm willing to be flexible with this idea, so if you have any input, feel free to let me know what it is!

So this would be a more passionate, romantic and dramatic plot line that would take some time to develop. But if you're willing to put in the commitment, so am I!

10.] Unlikely Bond - Unavailable/Very Interested
My character would be a young, slightly naive witch/wizard that is an outcast in their own community. They often pick on him/her and do dirty tricks while my character is trying to simply get better at their magical abilities. One of the pranks goes very, very wrong, and my character ends up summoning your character - a demon or a beast of sorts. They would be a powerful creature with a reputation of being harsh/cruel, etc... and they would end up bonded to a mediocre witch/wizard to basically do their bidding. The only way they would end up bonded, however, would be if my character was much stronger than they are aware of. So this would be a detailed story-line involving some character growth and bonding. I imagine our characters wouldn't actually get along too much at first, and your character might try to break the bond (resulting in hurting my character) or something like that. 

11.] The Collector - Available/Very Interested
My character would be a rarity of sorts. The last of a race type of character. And the man/creature who would be keeping her hostage would be the most well-known collector in the world. He would pay loads of money to keep those and possess the rarest things of all. My character would basically be trapped there, and your character could be anything from another collector who wants to obtain her, someone who rescues her, a thief who takes her for his own/to sell, a relative of the collector, someone who the collector gives her to as a gift, or maybe someone at an auction that would purchase her when he's making room for more rare items? Who knows! The possibilities, I feel, are endless. But my character would be treated  more as a possession in this plot line, at least at first. So if you're interested in that kind of story, then this is the idea for you!

12.] Therapy - Available/Interested
This is loosely based on a roleplay that I was a part of on here, but was never quite completed. In fact - it didn't really get very far at all. The idea is that your character would be a therapist of some kind, and he would meet my character at a high-profile event. It's sort of similar to other plots I have, but this is just more specific. My character would be engaged to one of the high-end people who has a lot of money at this event, maybe even hosting the event. And my character would be in a relationship with that character, though not necessarily of their own free will. It's hard to explain, so if you're interested, here's the beginning posts from the roleplay that didn't make it, here.

13.] Raised - Available/Interested
This idea is very open. The basic plot backbone is that my character has been raised by a group of something that they are not. For example: a human raised by werewolves, a feline hybrid raised by bird hybrids, a werewolf raised by humans. It's a very, very open concept that I'd definitely be willing to work on with a dedicated individual willing to story-build with me and willing to possibly create a whole universe of this concept.

14.] Shelter - Available/Interested
This is a bit of a world-builder, to be honest. I like the idea of shelters existing in this world were hybrids (human/animal) are basically bought and sold or passed down to families as different types of workers. Such as a nanny being passed down, or gifted, to someone with brand new babies. Or simply a hybrid being bought as a maid, and sold to a friend to become a maid or cook or anything like that. But shelters are where hybrids are abandoned and can be bought/sold or even 'adopted', in a sense. It's a rather corrupt system and more often than not, they get picked up to become sexual workers. And even dropped off there after a pimp/trainer/someone like that gets sick of them or doesn't need them anymore.

Basically, it's another open concept that could really be drawn out and played with. Definitely some brainstorming required for this one, but if you're game, so am I!

15.] Take Care - Available/Very Interested
This story would be pretty plot heavy, but I promise the smut would definitely come after some development! So, essentially, my character would be a hybrid of sorts (seeing a pattern here? I like 'em, sue me). Essentially, the role of hybrids would be to be purchased by wealthy people to become maids, servants, cooks, general laborers. And truthfully, hybrids aren't treated cruelly. They tend to enjoy the work they are given and like their roles in society. They are sold off or gifted at birth to a wealthy family - or even born into a family, based on generational growth - and taken care of by that family as though they are members of it as well. So, your role would be to play a character who is an elder brother or a relative of the family that my hybrid works for. Probably a family member, like a cousin to the younger girls, is how I'm seeing this panning out. Or even an uncle to the girls. Whatever! Anyways, my character would basically pose as a nanny for the girls, caring for them and protecting them, while also taking on the role as a plaything. So, she would get dressed up, sit in on tea parties, throw little puppet shows, all innocent things. However, the twin girls' older brother/step-brother (a well-known military man) has taken a liking to my character. And he abuses her, in any way he can muster, whenever he comes home from stints of being gone for the services.

My character keeps it a secret, afraid of the consequences if the family finds out and afraid that they won't believe her. As the only hybrid in the house, she doesn't really have anyone to turn to. See where this is going? I'm really excited for this idea and I am hoping for a good writer to latch onto it with me, one willing to help build the background of the story. You wouldn't have to play the abuser - I can totally handle that - but just your character or other minor characters, if you wished!

15.] A Modern Take - Available/Very Interested
So, this one is a bit of a slow build, one where I actually would prefer it to be M/M. My male character would be just finishing up college, earning his degree, but struggling to find a well-paying job. So, he turns to the world of Tumblr and begins to run a porn blog. He dresses up in lingerie that he has, posts pictures and videos of himself, and swiftly gains a following. He receives packages to his P.O. Box every once in a while, and that's where your character would come in. An avid follower and rich, your character would send mine very nice lingerie, plugs, whatever he wanted to see my character in, essentially. And after a while of running this blog, getting these gifts, my character realizes that it's not enough to pay the bills and goes out to search for a real job.

Cue your character again, who turns out to be the corporate head/boss/whatever at the job my character is applying and interviewing for. So the smut and romance can hit up from there, and maybe your character would even tag into a couple of the photos/videos on my character's blog. :D

That's the main idea, of course, but it can be altered!

16.] Mercy - Unavailable/Very Interested
So, your character would be a mercenary of sorts. Gets paid to protect people in specific circumstances, get stalkers to quit stalking, killing rapists, etc. My character would be the person who needs protecting, and the story would kind of develop from there, yeah? It could go anywhere, really, and I'm open.

17.] Twins - Unavailable/Very Interested
So, I would prefer this to be a M/M/M story, but I could go with playing a female. My character would start a relationship, preferably, with only one of the twins. Maybe through a humorous mistake, my character will meet the other twin - mistaking him for his brother, etc - and starts conversing with him as well. Eventually, there's a bond formed between all of them and a suggestion that maybe my character dates both twins at the same time. Of course, my partner playing the twins would have to be okay with sexual scenes involving both twins - but by no means does this have to involve incest. It could totally be focused on the twins pleasuring my character and receiving pleasure the same. What kind of relationship they all have sexually is up to whatever we desire, really!

18.] Royal Secret - Available/Very Interested
Essentially, this is loosely based on the concept of 'Anastasia' (yes, the cartoon kids movie!) where my character (or maybe even your character?!) would be a royal and grow up in a different situation, not knowing it. There are many different directions this could take - dark turns where the royal is a slave of sorts, into crime, etc. Or is living the peaceful life somewhere and is forced from their home for some reason? It's really open-ended, but if you've got an idea or some framework, just lay it out for me.

My A/B/O-verse Requirements/Ideas:

"A/B/O-verse" - Alpha/Beta/Omega universe. Were-creatures/anthros [depending on the plot/preferences] hold a rank in society and amongst their families. When they reach a certain age, they present as a rank or they don't present at all. To present an Alpha means males and females would become part of the highest ranking and most respected group, Betas are the second most respected and tend to hang around with Betas and Alphas, while Omegas are the lowest and often have limited rights/choices in life.

I decided that this needed a whole separate section since it's a pretty specific kink that I currently am yearning for. For these little mini-plots, I'm willing to play female or male roles, but only to pair with other males. So, basically, F/M and M/M plots only, please. And these can be applied to various different forms of anthro-creatures or were-species.

In these sorts of topics, I'm willing to play any of the A/B/O roles, but I'm leaning more towards playing B/O roles, since they tend to be a bit more submissive in nature. These are all plots that could easily be developed and are bare-bones ideas that would apply to this universe/idea.

  • My Omega would be kicked out of their Alpha-filled house for being a disappointment and have to house with a friend/someone close to them that would take them in.
  • My Omega will have grown up believing that they were going to be an Alpha or Beta, and is friends with all Alphas or Betas, and ends up presenting an Omega. So after making excuses of being sick, they get put onto suppressants to try and hide their scent and mask who they really are in order to try and survive in society.
  • Omegas are treated harshly by society and basically have no rights once they've presented. They're typically solely seen as sex-objects who only want to fuck and need to belong to an Alpha or group of Alphas to have any say at all in society. My Omega would be on the run or hiding, or would accidentally present around a friend or a friend of a friend.

1.] The Contract - Available/Very Interested
So this will be my first, official plot idea for A/B/O, to help scratch a specific itch I've been having. This is rather specific, so I need someone who's willing to work with me and help me to brainstorm ideas and other areas where we might need to further this plot a little. The main idea is that your Alpha male is a high-profile male with a lot of money. I mean, extremely wealthy. And he's a bachelor because he prefers it, or rather, society does. He has images to uphold and things of that nature; he has a place in society he needs to fill because he's the one who either has inherited/is to inherit his daddy's business. An heir to even more money, business, security, etc. My character is an Omega [be them female or male], who has a decent job. Whether we begin them from the very beginning, or in a pre-determined relationship for a small amount of time already, it doesn't matter to me. But this would be a contract-driven, secret relationship where they are a Dom/sub pair. Or even a Dom/sub-pet pair, considering how they would either be nekos or shifters for this plot. The Alpha would want to spoil the Omega inside their scenes and outside in real life. Maybe he pays the rent for where they life, buys them gifts and toys and lingerie, things like that. But after being in this 'secret' relationship for a while, my Omega would have started to year for more - I'm talking being in the contract for at least a year, possibly two at this point. And the Alpha would be battling mentally with it, too, about what people would think, and his bachelor lifestyle, etc. All of those factors you think would be involved, will be. And so my character would probably flee, not sure what else to do because they're scared the Alpha won't want anything further. But fleeing would break the contract, which could lead to issues in itself.

This would take some work, planning, etc. I would want this to be my first specifically Dom/sub or Dom/sub-pet pairing that would participate in scenes together, partaking in aftercare, all of that jazz. My character wouldn't live with yours, initially anyway, and they would have their own lives. But at a beck and call, or maybe specific days, they would meet up when they can and do scenes. Does that make sense?

Really, these can go anywhere, and I have plenty of other scenarios that could be twisted to this verse.
Here's a starter I have already prepared before, and I'm willing to use if the right person comes along and wishes to play. It holds a lot of the components I desire in this sort of background, and my character plays a 'trap' character in this - a feminine male acting the part of a female and hiding their true, male nature.

2.] The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing - Available/Very Interested
The mutation of the gene had occurred sometime many, many centuries ago. No one was quite sure when, or why, but the human race had all but been transformed into something mutated. It was a form of transformation, something triggered by rapidly influenced emotional turmoil, sometimes triggered by fear, or even occurring by choice to those who were strong enough in rank and personality to handle such a power. Society had been split into a form of a hierarchy to match the species base of the mutagen: the wolf. The Alphas ran things, females and males alike. They were the powerful people in society: the lawyers, business men, bankers, any person who was to be in control was an Alpha by birth or after fighting tooth-and-nail their entire life to get to where they need to be. Alphas mate with Alphas, have little Alpha babies, and the cycle continued on.

Betas were the second ranking, white-collared workers who worked just beneath Alphas, and tended to be the ones most trusted by the powerful ones of society. They sometimes lacked the brains of the Alphas, meant more for brute strength and being powerhouses and protectors. Anyone in the middle ranks of society worked as lower white-collar and blue-collar workers. They were well enough off, and many of them lived very happy, content lives. They reproduced (that trait of the wolf instinct didn’t seem to transfer over, the mating of Alphas being the only pair to result in pups) and raised their children, living in suburbs or rural areas, spending their life happy where they are and enjoying it as much as they can. Then… unfortunately, there were always the bottom rungs of society.

Omegas. Omegas had ‘rights’, but it was such that those ‘rights’ weren’t often enforced. Actually, they were often blatantly looked over, especially if in the right situation. Omegas were the ones working the scum jobs, the jobs people didn’t wish to do. They sold their bodies, sometimes lived on the streets, they occupied the gutters. A lot of the female Omegas worked in strip clubs, as escorts, and thrived through the sex-trade. The lucky members of society that fell into the lower rankings in life, well, they tended to become maids, butlers, nannies. Those born into families of higher ranks could often get nurturing jobs as nurses, teachers. The ones truly unlucky were male Omegas. Rare indeed, the male Omega who was born an Omega and not thrust into the rank via society’s harsh nature, was often seen as a being who held no rights whatsoever.

In certain cities, they had nothing. They were objects, often wards of the state, and could be used as vessels for those who bought, sold, or owned them. In newer cities, in cities that were on the right path to equal rights, Omegas were on the better side of things. They were getting jobs, having opportunities and chances. But, no matter where you go, there are always people stuck in the old thoughts and ways of their grandparents and parents. The apple doesn’t often fall far from the tree, or so they tend to say.

In one of these thriving cities, Omegas were moving up in the world. They were getting rights every day, making headlines, applying and getting into colleges to work to become something better than the low-life their parents wanted them to become. Omegas who felt threatened by society, or who had grown up in another town, had the opportunity to get themselves put onto suppressants. These pills, or shots, would allow their real scent to be muddled down into something it wasn’t. They would suppress heats for Omegas of either gender, and tended to sometimes had negative effects for child-bearing for males and females alike. But, for some Omegas, it was worth it.

Particularly for a mid-twenties ‘Omega’ named River Tesson. He’d grown up in a society, a rare male Omega born as the result of an unfaithful Alpha male and an Omega slut. He’d been taken in as the bastard child of the male Alpha until he’d presented as an Omega. Then, he was prettied up, trained, and then sold off to be the bitch of some harsh Beta male lawyer. He’d been subjected to his ‘kinks’, large and small, and mated against his will. He’d not had any say in the matter, bearing the small, silvery scars along the flesh on the back of his right shoulder as a mating mark that claimed him even after he’d run for his life. He’d run to the city, run to become something better. He’d been picked up by an agency, and then he’d been hired by the current Alpha of the estate. His Alpha had no idea that he was an Omega – he had been on suppressants for a few years, masking his true smell, his true ranking, to appear something of a middle-class wolf. In fact, his Alpha wasn’t even aware that he was a ‘he’ truly. Ever since he’d been hired, River had been known as the female he posed as. He wore simple, maid clothing with his hair kept brushed, cleaned, and long. He made sure that he always looked presentable for his Alpha and did whatever he asked of him.

Like, right now – it was laundry day. The pencil skirt was dark, charcoal grey and classy. He wore a blush colored blouse that looked good against the smooth paleness of his skin. Hair pulled back into a braid, his sharp blue eyes were relaxed and gentle as he walked in his sensible, flat shoes. His legs were smooth, hairless, pale and soft as they stretched leanly from beneath the skirt as he bent, grabbing up the sheets wadded at the base of his Alpha’s bed. They smelled heady – he wondered which one it had been, this time, before shaking his head and putting them into the basket on his hip. His Alpha was working right now, so this was his time to get things cleaned and tidied for when he came home.

The sense of smell in his nose had been a little off, lately, so he’d long since avoided trying to sift through the scents of who often came in and out of his Alpha’s bedroom. He’d never bedded the Alpha – they had a business relationship, and honestly, the idea seemed to put River off. Relationships, after his last one (if you could call it that), made him rather nervous to even contemplate. Humming quietly, the feminine man took the laundry to the small room off of the kitchen, preparing to wash all that needed to be washed, as he did every Tuesday of the week. Routine was safe, and since he’d been here almost a year… it was familiar, something he’d grown to enjoy.

3.] The Sacrifice - Available/Very Interested
In this, Omegas are very rare creatures, but also seen as rather unnecessary except for breeding. [In this area, MPreg can be involved, or not involved]. And in order to please the God of the Forest, nearby villages often sacrifice one of their own - betas, omegas, the like - so that the weather maintains good harvests for them and they keep the protection offered by the God. The God, despite being depicted rather cruelly, is in fact the exact opposite. It's more for keeping up an image, really. He takes in the sacrifices and gives them a home to stay in - his castle in the depths of the forest, probably guarded by magic so it's not often found - and jobs if they wish to fulfill them. He's kind and intelligent and takes pity on those chosen for sacrifice, but tries to give them the best life he can now that they're... well, his.

I'd like to play the Omega in this plot, probably another M/M plot (though I could be swayed away from it), and I would prefer my partner to play the Alpha God. ^-^

But... what I'm really looking for in this verse are the following kinks:
- Knotting (Alphas only)
- Dominant/Submissive nature
- Wolf!Alpha; Fawn!Omega
- Differing Species/slight size kink
- Uppity
- Heat Cycles: referring to omega's getting 'slick', indicating they're ready for breeding
- Slight breed kink, not over the top
- Mates
- Fantasy plots/story line
- Romance, as per usual
- Possible MPreg
- Claiming (i.e. physical marks, scent marking, etc.)

So please let me know if any of these things interest you or you're into setting something up like this.
This whole idea is a lot of 'sandbox' concepts, I believe. More of building our own universe and settings and unspoken societal rules and roles for our characters. It would be heavy development on the backgrounds of characters and things of that nature. So, please, be committed if you're going to be interested and seeking me out for something like this!

These are simply pairs I'm willing to combine to form into plots/into my already pre-made plots.
Some may already be leaning towards a certain plot/era/idea. Simply ask if you have questions.
Bold = what I'm willing to play.

Vampire x Werewolf
Werewolf x Werewolf
Human x Werewolf
Vampire x Human
Hunter x Werewolf
Werewolf x Huntress
[[Werewolf can be replaced with an anthro/shapeshifter type. No real animal preference, and can attempt anything!]]
Beauty x Beast (Note: the 'beast' could be any sort of creature, spanning from werewolf as a physical beast, to a figurative beast of a creature like a vampire. Or even a cruel human and a kind human.)

Master x Slave
Slave x Slave
Soldier x Spoils of War
Royal x Spoils of War
Royal x Thief
Royal x Servant

Prince x Princess
(Either arranged marriage or not)
((Also works for almost Disney-like plots, too, but with more smut.))

Soldier x Gypsy
Bar Bouncer x Bartender
Bouncer x Dancer
Scientist x Experimental Subject
Scientist x Mutant

War Soldier x Wife of Soldier/Girlfriend of Soldier
War Soldier x Wife of Best Friend Soldier (KIA)

Ring Leader x Circus Freak/Acrobat

I'm also someone who almost constantly craves damsel-in-distress plots. So bring 'em on, alright? ^^

Any of these are subject to editing at any point in time. Please, PM me if you're interested in any of these plots and/or pairings. Or even if you have an idea of your own! :)

Also, please feel free to use the links in my signature to view this thread, or my O/O's thread, as well.
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Re: Mael's Plot Corner || Where My Ideas Rest
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Pairings added and my 'What Trips My Trigger' thread has updated stories on it!
Not much is happening there, but still. :)
Little bump, for me!

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Re: Mael's Plot Corner || Where My Ideas Rest || M/M or M/F
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Here's a bit of an update: selectively looking for new roleplay partners!
I've updated my interest levels on some of the plots, added a few new plots, and I'm willing to take on those interested!
PM me if you'd like, or want to discuss anything.

xo. Mael.

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Re: Mael's Plot Corner || Where My Ideas Rest || M/M or M/F
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Here's a little pre-Christmas-y bump for myself.
Because I'm feeling festive! :D
And I'm feeling some story-time.
Like, with some hybrids and things like that.
Especially in the mood to play a little lamb hybrid. ^-^ Or really, any.
Just come and feed my muse, people!
It's Christmas-time!

xo. Mael.

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Re: Mael's Plot Corner || Where My Ideas Rest || M/M or M/F
« Reply #4 on: January 24, 2016, 02:18:03 PM »
Here's a little new year bump for me.
Really in the mood for some A/B/O dynamic plots.
World-building and all of that.
So let me know if you're interested.


xo. Mael.

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Re: Mael's Plot Corner || Where My Ideas Rest || M/M or M/F
« Reply #5 on: February 13, 2016, 08:19:07 PM »
Bump for February with some updates.
New Plot number 15 added to the main list.
New Plot number 3 added to the A/B/O list.

Really been craving some M/M pairs.
Feel free to hit me up if you're interested in anything, though!
Let's see if we can work stuff out. :D


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Re: Mael's Plot Corner || Where My Ideas Rest || M/M or M/F
« Reply #6 on: March 27, 2016, 12:49:17 PM »
Happy Easter!
Because I hate myself (and get-off on overloading myself with stories) I'm bumping for a bit of availability.
So, please, feel free to gimme a PM.
Spice up my life!


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Re: Mael's Plot Corner || Where My Ideas Rest || M/M or M/F
« Reply #7 on: May 13, 2016, 08:39:32 AM »
Added another two plots to my list, because I'm a glutton for punishment.
So, bring on the interest... if you have any!


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Re: Mael's Plot Corner || Where My Ideas Rest || M/M or M/F
« Reply #8 on: June 18, 2016, 10:04:38 AM »
So! I'm a glutton for punishment. Hah.
I've got some time since some stories went on hiatus or dropped, so I updated some of my interests and added a plot or two.
So, let me know if you have any interest! Just shoot me a little PM.

I promise I'm nice. I'm sure I could find someone to vouch for me.


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Re: Mael's Plot Corner || Where My Ideas Rest || M/M or M/F
« Reply #9 on: October 11, 2016, 04:46:39 PM »
Hey all.
So I'm willing to take on maybe one or two more stories! If you're willing to have patience with my posting pace.
I usually get to posting once or twice a week, depending! But I'm committed and patient myself.
So if you like that, and some of my plots strike your fancy, feel free to shoot me a PM.


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Re: Mael's Plot Corner || Where My Ideas Rest || M/M or M/F
« Reply #10 on: March 16, 2017, 07:14:06 PM »
Hello, hello! Haven't updated in a while, but the muse has been a leeeeetle dry lately.
My post pace is significantly slower than it used to be, but I've got a craving to play a specific character.
Specifically, as follows:
-a feline, fox, or canine hybrid/neko/etc
-who's in a slavery position of some sort (sexual or non or both or whatever, not picky)
-gets rescued/bought/etc something, I don't care really! Can be discussed (maybe he/she's a royal sold into slavery long ago? maybe a royal falls for he/she? Not picky, seriously!)
-deaf in one ear, almost completely, but hides it well
-willing to apply this character into any plots it would work with, listed above.

Shoot me a PM if interested.

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Re: Mael's Plot Corner || Where My Ideas Rest || M/M or M/F
« Reply #11 on: August 16, 2017, 03:57:26 PM »
Welp welp welp. I still have a slow writing pace, but I'm still hankering for some kind of Master/Slave business.
I like the idea I posted previously.
Or I'm thinking of having an avian mix of some kind, set in a mountain kingdom, gets sold to some royal as a 'gift' for a birthday/victory, something.
I don't have any specific craving, but man.
I need this in my liffeeeee. Any volunteers?

PM me if you think you fit the bill!

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Re: Mael's Plot Corner || Where My Ideas Rest || M/M or M/F
« Reply #12 on: November 26, 2017, 05:35:04 PM »
Hello! Mael here with some updates: some plots have been revived and others shelved.
I'm selectively available for people willing to roleplay with someone who has a posting speed of about once/twice a week. -nods-

If anything here peaks your interest, PM me! :)


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Re: Mael's Plot Corner || Where My Ideas Rest || M/M or M/F
« Reply #13 on: February 02, 2018, 04:20:59 PM »
Back again to say I'm tentatively taking on new plots and things!
PM me if you're interested; make sure to read all the things beforehand, though.