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Author Topic: Sheol's requests - M seeking F - dom, oral, coercion  (Read 406 times)

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Sheol's requests - M seeking F - dom, oral, coercion
« on: August 05, 2014, 08:47:26 am »
Hey. Thanks for looking. Had a few weeks off, but back and looking for some RP.

Okey dokey. No beating about the bush. So here we go :

  • I'm experienced.
  • I play a male characters.
  • 1-3 paragraphs.
  • I like story, especially in first person, third fine, but can do quick smut too.
  • Frequent updates - daily usually, but at least a couple of times a week minimum. Depends on real life.
  • Play via PM. Google Docs I like. Maybe Email.  I have a YIM now, but not on it enough to make it useful for play. Feel free to add me for chat though. I'm GMT based, for RT will be difficult for a lot of play.
  • My characters are generally dom, sometimes aggressively so. Am open to most kinks. I’m not good at furries, anthro and will not do underage. Not big on scat to vore either. See my f-list
  • I like coercion, blackmail, abuse of power, nc etc. Corrupting teachers, bent cops, criminals giving payback. I’m sure you know the drill.
Pairings wanted
  • Teacher/Bimbo student
  • Dealer/addict
  • Brother/sister
  • Cousins
  • Airport Security/Traveller
  • Psycholgist/Patient
  • Prison officer/inmate
  • Prostitue/Sadistic Client
  • Photographer x Model
  • Boss x secretary
  • Teacher x Student
I generally play modern, but happy enough to give most settings a go.

  • YC is on a foreign backpacking trip and gets stopped in customs in a non-tolerant country. MC plants drugs in her backpack and takes her in for questioning - probably nc +
  • MC is a music tutor and finds himself attracted to YC - could be cons or nc.
  • MC turning YC into a Bimbo, either physically, mentally or both using pills/hypnosis.
  • The Psychiatrist - A psychiatrist takes a special interest in a new patient, admitted with delusions and hallucinations. He manages to stablise her, and schedules regular therapy sessions. Multiple possibles here - could run as a romance , the relationship building between them. Or it could be a more dominating NC scenario.
  • The Casting Couch -  a casting agent advertises for a model or actress for a new role in an advertising campaign. He gets her into his office and an interview begins.
  • Waitress - you're traveling and take a waitress job in a foreign country where you don't speak the language. My character acts as your friend and ally, but isnt. this could be light and fun or dark and intense. we can work it out.
  • A woman loses her job and will get put out onto the street with her child unless she finds money quick. My character comes across her in her desperation and offers to help her - in return though he wishes her to dress and act as he instructs. This would have a bimbofication theme - drugs use etc.
  • Remote girl. MC finds a secret about yours and starts to blackmail you via text, making you slowly do more degrading things. This would be a slow decent into depravity, public humiliation until finally they meet.
  • [new]Possessed. YC's family is responsible for the death of MC who is caught between worlds and decides to take his revenge of YC. He is able to control any living creature, human and animal during the day, but by night takes a corporeal form of his choice. This would be a psych horror story -  it could be quite full on. He doesn't want your girl dead, but wants her to suffer. Badly.

I've a few characters I play for general stuff and pairings - for specific RP's I'll generally create a new one.

Jack Thompson
Daniel Peterson
Maxx Harrman

I'll flesh this out as I get time, but drop me a message if you want to say hi or chat about a RP.
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Re: Sheol's requests - M seeking F - dom, oral, coercion
« Reply #1 on: October 07, 2014, 08:11:08 am »
Have updated with some new plots. Scored plots I'm already doing, but if you're really keen on any of them, let me know.