Predicaments - Female seeks (M) or (F)

Started by HarmoniousProse, August 02, 2014, 11:46:20 PM

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Building upon my Picture Post concept, comes a series of visuals that I'm choosing to label Predicaments. Pictures and/or gifs that leave the viewer in a contemplative state. How did these women end up in such a plight? A situation riddled with complication and emotion. There is a background narrative waiting to be unearthed, and that challenge is left to you and I. As collaborators, we will tell the tales of these wayward ladies and the quandary they now find themselves.

Media is extreme, NSFW.







This is unfamiliar territory, much more 'dark' and 'debaucherous' than I'm used to. Further posts of this kind will be predicated on personal response messages and if there's an audience for such subjects.

Interested parties, respond to my inbox with your musings.