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Author Topic: Monsters and Maidens: Extreme Plot thread (Must love animals)  (Read 4793 times)

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Monsters and Maidens: EXTREME Ideas

Please DO NOT post here. Send a PM!

A terrified beauty is being chased, and hunted by monsters! What compels a monster to take beautiful women? Curiosity? Lust? Or the need to breed? This is for the truly kink adventurous. Here you will find plots centered around the concept beautiful women being ravished and or menaced by animals and other worldly creatures. The following plots will involve animals, aliens, demons, mythical beasts, tentacles and larger than average men are some of the monsters looking to satisfy their lust. Will include more extreme end of Non-Con encounters. More anatomically impossible kinks occur here, which include but are not limited to:

exotic cocks (knotting, barbed, ect)
size play/stretching
multiple penetration
multiple orgasm
stomach bulging
excessive semen
cum inflation
oviposition (egg laying)
breeding/birth scenarios (this includes incest: an imprisoned woman being impregnated with eggs and/or a litter of some kind of monster, birthing them and then re-impregnated by those offspring over and over and over)

I found that this one video contains 

Again, these will contain more extreme elements. I will add more plots to each category, but for now enjoy the inspirational images and let me know if you have a plot of your own in mind! Will add or replace pics as I find them.

Remember, if you want to tweak the plot and kinks featured in them just let me know and we'll disscuss it over PM!


"Hey fucko! It's inter-species erotica."
-Kinky Kelly & the Sexy Stud

Dogs, horses, donkeys, pigs, apes, big cats, the idea of being taken by an animal has been a taboo fantasy for many. Of course, writing about women being mounted and fucked by some of man's best friends adds a nasty layer of humiliation that some find delicious. Be it consensual or forced, inter-species erotica can be quite sexy and fun!


The Chamber (Modern NC EX setting, bestiality, torture, exhibition)

Blinding lights awake you from your drugged sedation. Your in a cold white room strapped to...something horrible. You try to move, but the sound of strained and chains tell you you are helpless. As your eyes adjust, you see people looking down at you from an observation platform. How did this all happen? You remember landing the job interview you went in for at the new company. But they did ask a lot of...strange questions. ”Ties to close family or friends?...Live alone?...Do you love animals?...Are you sure you have no one to contact in case of an emergency? Suddenly a voice crackles over the PA system. “Gentlemen, tonight we have a very special treat for you...” You hear some sort of animal approach from behind you.

What the hell kinda place is this!?

A Prince's Delight (Fantasy EX setting, bestiality, bondage, coercion)

It is not easy being a lowly Courtier in a royal's court. Unless you are excetional, the nobles pay very little attention to you. You are the daughter of a widowed woman who once was married to the king's brother, but alas died in a hunting acident leaving you and you mother as nothing more than extra bodies taking up space in the court. Until the crowned heir to the throne suddenly takes an interest in you! His majesty actually talked to you in the garden, he laughed at your witty observations and confided in you some rather intimate information! Could it be that the prince is smittented by your charm? One afternoon, you recive a note from him asking you to meet him at the royal stables tonight. You eagerly wait until dark and make your way as fast as you can.

But wait, the prince wants you to do what?!


Alone on a creepy space station, a girl must escape from an unknown organism. What does it want? Well, human females make the perfect breeding host! Impregnation and egg-laying are some of the kinks found here. Aliens come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. This makes for a lot of possibilities, maybe it can even be consensual? Sci-fi setting is a must!


Station 009 (Sci-Fi NC EX setting, alien, oviposition/m-preg, breeding/birth)

It was too good to be true. An out of work engineer suddenly gets offered a job that would pay off all that nasty debt for just a few months worth of work. This can be your second chance, to put your life back on track. Welcome to Station 009. A state of the art Terra forming platform that is about to make history by transforming the atmosphere of an earth-like planet to make it habitable for humans. You're not a scientist, you just keep the station running smoothly which is fine by you. Then one of the research teams bring back an intriguing sample from the planet's surface. Some sort of stasis chamber, and there something alive inside. You get a bad feeling about this thing, but the scientist assure you that this is important and perfectly safe. Night after night you have visions of something...touching you, penetrating you. It calls to you, pleading to be let out.

The Dig (Sci-Fi NC EX setting, multiple aliens, oviposition/m-preg, breeding/birth)

You've finally scrapped together the funding needed to conduct the excavation. Now all your hard work and research is about to pay off. For years you've been trying to tell anyone that would listen that there was something buried beneath the surface of this planet. Something amazing was waiting for someone with the will to go find it. You've built a rather successful astroid mining company, which is just starting to make a profit. But now you're going to potentially lose it all on a hunch. You know it's risky, but hell fortune favors the bold. After months of digging, your team has come up with nothing. You don't care, you'll going into debt if you have to. You know there's something down there. Finally, a strange tunnel has been discovered. Evidence of a lost civilization this is the find of the century! Then you team starts disappearing one by one. Communication has been lost, there's no way back up. You've awoken something down here.


Chaotic and unpredictable, demons enjoy toying with mortals. Many exist solely to prey on young women's dark lust. Sometimes they seek victims out or are summoned on purpose, either way they always are up to no good and often make deals...with a heavy price.


A Dance of Lust (Modern/Supernatural NC EX setting, large insertion, stomach bulge, slave training)

Young high school girls should be interested in sports, art, or just hanging out with friends. Not you. You learned a long time ago that friends are overrated. You like weird thing, like the occult and magic. Things that regular people are too candy-ass to handle.

One day, you find an awesome tome for sale at the dusty book store, and it just so happens that it has what you've been craving ever since you were twelve. The book claims to teach real magic! Is that quote written in blood? This is awesome! That night, you sneak out and go to the abandoned cottage in the woods to begin your journey as a master of the arcane. You draw the strange symbols in the center of the wooden floor and chant the spells with all your heart. That's when things got too real.

The Order of St. Michael (Medieval/Supernatural NC EX setting, torture, violence, transformation)

1530 A.D. There is a secret war raging across Europe. The forces of hell seek to corrupt and control the mortal realm. Their agents are always looking for ways to infiltrate and destroy humanity from within. That is where you come in. You have been born into a secret order, one that has sworn to hunt down and destroy the demon threat. It is even said that, that you and your sisters are decedents of the arch angel himself, and thus have a mysterious ability to sense when demons are close. You've trained your body to be a lethal weapon and your mind to be an impenetrable fortress.

After a string of misfortunes in the order, you're worst fears have been confirmed. Your own mentor and leader of the order has fallen to the influences of darkness. You must gather your sisters and confront your master at an old abandoned Abby, where a sinister ritual is about to take place.

Mythical Creatures

One of my favs! Giants, Minotaurs, Dragons, Werewolves, Centaurs, Ogres, Griffins, the list is endless if you include cultures from around the world! Lots of size difference here. Beautiful women sacrificed to a local monster or simply ambushed in the night. These creatures will unleash a wild passion that some woman will learn to love. 

More to come!
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