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Author Topic: Host Special - Host Club Story (F looking for Male Character)3/5  (Read 544 times)

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Online SweetSerenadeTopic starter

Hello! Welcome to my thread, this is another of my specialty stories. This is my plot, so please ask my permission before you reuse it somewhere else. I spend a long time on customizing my stories to fit what I am looking for. I perfect them, before sharing them with others.

Your character is one of the top Hosts in his area, a club lost in the hubbub of Tokyo. Your character worked his way to the top, using his good looks and sharp wit to charm women. It took him many months, but eventually your character is now the top Host in his club. On a good night, he can make upwards of 100,000 USD. He is showered in presents by the women who see him, he is a hot house flower of men. He is pampered, and he is loved. Women pay him large amounts of money, come back time and time again, all in the hopes that maybe someday they may become his real girlfriend.

Your character has slowly become jaded towards his own job. He originally started to pay off a debt his family had gained through the local Yakuza Family. He hated his job at first, but on his first night an older woman offered him a large amount of money just to go out with her to dinner. Of course this money went straight to the club, but it went to his debt as well. He realized he could save his family, very quickly, and he was finally sucked into staying in that world.

His debt is almost worked off, his family is almost saved. It seems like nothing could go wrong, that is until a new male comes to the club. This male constantly steals away the high paying customers, and your character now fears that he may not be able to save his family.


Your character is of course up to you, but I am very firm that he will an attractive Asian male. I would prefer early to mid twenties. I need to stress that SEX is not the first and foremost thing of this story, most hosts have to leave customers after they have sex with them. It is considered the end of the relationship. They usually offer it after someone has spent a lot of money on them. You need to play a charming character, someone who understands that in order to come out on top he needs to convince the lady of the evening to spend a lot of money on him. The female customer pays for the bottles of liquor they drink with the Host, they pay for the food. The more money that is spent, the better off your character will be.

You need to know how to make a woman feel loved, feel special. This is not about creating a realistic emotion, this is about creating a fairytale love, making my character feel like a fairytale princess who has found her Prince Charming.

You can play just your character, or if you feel up to playing more than one character - you can play the new Host that came in. The one that has been stealing all of your characters customers. We can do a sort of competition between the two, trying to find who can win this young woman.


My character comes from a family that only recently came into money. Her father spent a very long time rising to the top, and finally had his break through on a brand new form of tehcnology. It is something that is used with phones, and often used by the government. But he has made himself available to the highest bidder, and he has been bought by a company in Japan.

My character is completely unaware that her father has been bought by the same Yakuza family that your character has a debt to. She has no idea that her father may be heading down a very slippery slope.

My character travels with her family, she just turned 20, but has stayed at home to help her parents with her siblings. What many are not aware of is that she has remained with her family because of something that happened recently.

My character had moved out to go to college, she was doing fine at her new university - she was happy. She had found the perfect boyfriend, she was living the perfect life.  What she did not expect is to go to a party with her boyfriend and have him slip a drug into her drink. For her, the night is a blurr, but sometiems she has flashes that make her freak out. Turns out she was used by just about every guy at the party, but she does not remember it. She was unconscious the entire time.

She woke up in an unfamiliar place, and managed to get help in going to the hospital. She went back to her family, after a grueling court battle. She lost, she lost against the men that had hurt her. She knew it would be hard, since her ex had connections in the Law Circuit. Because of this she has gone from a bubbling socialite to a withdrawn young woman. She has hidden herself away behind unnattractive clothing, and large glasses. She thinks hiding can keep her safe. 

This move is a good thing for my character, going to a completely different country. She gets dragged by her high school sister, 17, after a few months. Her sister says she has found the perfect place for my character to heal. She takes her to the host club that your character works at.


I need a partner who is willing to build the rest of the story with me. I have several thoughts on what could happen, but first and foremost this is a story about seduction and charm. It is about fixing a broken young woman, someone who lost her first sexual experience to rape. She feels as if she is no good to anyone, and it is up to your character to find out why she flinches when she is touched.

This is a story that will have hints of violence, my character attempted suicide after she lost her court case. She has continued to cut herself, and as a result she wears long sleeves no matter the season. She is not well, and she needs a man who is willing to go the distance.

Who is up for this challenge?


Currently Running Host Plots:
Story links are titled based on the girls name, I have a theme of flowers for this one.

Delilah - Open
Amaranth - Open
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Online SweetSerenadeTopic starter

Re: Host Special - Host Club Story (F looking for Male Character)
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2014, 08:09:48 PM »
Updated! I only have two more plots available for this story line. I have two lords, and one lady - that have taken my attentions, but I have two more available slots. Who shall garner their attentions?

Online SweetSerenadeTopic starter

Re: Host Special - Host Club Story (F looking for Male Character)3/5
« Reply #2 on: August 15, 2014, 08:41:47 PM »
Lily has been officially taken. Only two more plots available, Amaranth and Delilah. If you are interested, please let me know.