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Author Topic: Unusual Craving (M seeking F)  (Read 428 times)

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Unusual Craving (M seeking F)
« on: July 31, 2014, 07:24:35 AM »
About me
I'm new to adult RP on forums. Most of my experience has been in chat, and some email. I do have 3+ years experience with Pathfinder RPG in forums, though, so I understand the importance of communicating if you can't continue the RP. You don't have to worry about me disappearing without notice.

I expect that I'll have a limited daily time frame to post, so I'll probably post about two or three times a week, and I would expect the same.

I'm not sure about post length, since I do have limited experience. I don't like walls of text, and I'd try to do 2-3 paragraphs myself, but I'm not averse to 1-2 line posts, at least during dialogues. I do like dialogue, and I like to give the other character a chance to respond.

I don't have any pretense that I'm a writer. I don't know that I'll be able to match some of the talented writers here. I do generally proof-read my posts, though, so you don't have to worry about any text-speak from me.

I'm happy with smut. It's why I came here.  ;)  But I don't have to jump into it. I like a good setup, and I like the idea of a long-term story with smut tastefully apportioned. I just haven't done it... yet.

This is not necessary at all for an RP with me, but I like characters and partners who don't look perfect, and I like pubic hair. Like I said, not at all necessary if you prefer characters and partners closer to ideal. But if you do have similar inclinations, let me know! (I imagine we're a minority!)

What I'm looking for
I'm only looking to RP with female writers. It's more interesting to me to read a woman's fantasy of a woman than a man's fantasy of a woman. I can do that for myself!  ;)

I'm happy to work with a partner to develop the story, at the beginning and all the way through. A lot of these ideas were developed for chat, so I'd welcome input on expanding them into a longer RP for a forum game.

I wouldn't mind finding more partners for the first person chat or IM one-shots that I'm more experienced with. I prefer to play in a chatzy quick chat room, but I suppose YM could work, as well.

I'm not a fan of forceful non-con, but I like blackmail/coercion-type scenarios, especially if the woman begins to enjoy it more than she wants to. I could see a longer RP incorporating some romance between the characters. EDIT: Currently, I'm pretty burned out on the blackmail/coercion stuff. I'd really like to play more of a switch scenario.

Please PM if you're interested in playing together!

What I'd like to play

Unusual Craving
Your character was in an accident and suffered a dangerous head injury. After a life-saving surgery and a short coma, she seems to have made a full recovery with no obvious affect. Her doctor warns her, however, that some people who have recovered from similar head injuries have reported innocuous cravings afterward. For example, one suddenly liked spicy food, or another craved some ice cream flavor she never liked before. After your character's release from the hospital, she starts to discover that her craving is much less innocent. She begins craving the taste of semen, and it gradually becomes too compelling to ignore. My character is a trustworthy, platonic male neighbor. Since your character isn't seeing anyone, she decides her friend next door might be able to help her satisfy her craving.

Other ideas I'm less interested in right now
The Landlady's Debt
A woman who bought her dream home has lost her job. Her platonic male roommate agrees to cover the mortgage, and she agrees to do all of the housework until she lands another job. As her weeks of unemployment turn into months, she has little choice when he decides to start redefining 'housework' - she doesn't want to lose her dream home, and there's no way she'll find another tenant willing to pay the whole mortgage!

The Last Man on Earth
 A few months after the rest of the population of the Earth has vanished without explanation, a man and a woman find each other and begin travelling together. Gradually, the woman starts to feel an unusual hunger for cum that threatens to overwhelm her. How can she satisfy this shameful hunger? The man has never shown an interest in any sexual relationship, but maybe he's just being a gentleman? Should she try to seduce him? Does she even want to? Maybe he doesn't even think she's attractive? Maybe he still mourns his missing family or feels faithful to his missing wife? How shameful would her seduction attempt be then! Maybe she should just tell him about her hunger? Maybe he'll be understanding, and help her out without any expectations? Maybe he won't believe her, and think she's a freak... maybe he will believe her and think she's a freak! Maybe the hunger won't go away?

The Emperor's General
The setting could be either space or low-magic fantasy. One of the Emperor's female Generals has been extremely successful on the battlefield, and she's been gaining much public acclaim and adulation. The Emperor decides to remind her of her place. Alternately, she can voluntarily offer reassurance of her devotion.

What's good for the goose...
A man finds out that his wife is having an affair with a neighbor. He approaches the neighbor's wife to see if she agrees that turnabout is fair play.

The Diplomat's Wife
Your character is the wife of a diplomat. He's been stationed at some obscure (and fictional) Polynesian island that still observes an unusual custom: the lady of the house is expected to welcome the men that visit the house with a blow job (or more). You're hopeful that you don't have to engage in the natives' custom, and you're relieved when your first guest at the island is an American diplomat. While your husband is still at a meeting, the American asks to wait for him. But surely an American wouldn't expect you to welcome him to your house like one of the native wives? Alternately, your character could be the diplomat. You're still the lady of the house, though. Are you still expected to observe teh native custom? Did the leader of your country know what they were sending you into when you were appointed? Were you appointed here as some sort of punishment?

Some pairings (my character on left)
single father x (college-aged) nanny
coach x player
club owner x new stripper
man x sister-in-law
nervous 'manscaping' client x stylist
landlord x tenant
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Re: Unusual Craving (M seeking F)
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