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Author Topic: True Love's Test  (Read 629 times)

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True Love's Test
« on: July 31, 2014, 01:17:16 AM »
I am new to the site and would like to place a request for a one on one, female role playing partner who might be willing to play out the following scenario.

First a little about myself. I am a retired, recently widowed high school teacher. If my age is a deterrent then it’s best to get that out of the way quickly. I love writing and am a big fan of sex. So, sexual role play is my proverbial cup of tea.

I taught dramatic arts and English Literature for forty odd years. I enjoyed teaching but enjoy my retirement even more so.

I write lengthy, detailed posts and would like the same in return. I prefer narrative driven stories which torrid sex scenes. Without the foreplay of a strong story line, the thump-bump leaves me rather cold.

I’m not big on toilet sex or blood unless I am playing a Vampire or some such creature of the dark. I am very flexible with most other kinks.  Role play is fantasy after all and I believe I may have fantasized damn near everything in my time. I enjoy the challenge of writing characters of any age, except for children naturally. I will write any sexual orientation if the plot and character capture me. One can only imagine telling Dickens or Faulkner that they could only write as a character of their own sex and age.

I enjoy writing multiple characters which will be called for in the following request thread.

True Love’s Test

Here is a loose summary of my plot followed by a possible introduction. If you come on board we can change elements of the intro as we see fit. A mature, married couple of archaeologists, discover a transforming goblet in an ancient temple dedicated to Aphrodite. The goblet has the power to turn them one at a time into any heart throb they chose:  Johnny Depp or Uma Thurman for example. The one who remains old has amazing sexual experiences with the virile or nubile partner. But, after a number of transformations the made-over partner, gets the itch to wander into the club scene of New York City. This desire grows stronger in  both of them and they struggle internally between love and lust. If they do leave while transformed they stay as their new alter ego, for as long as they stay away. If they return or stay home the Cinderella-type charm dissipates at dawn; and it’s the other one’s turn. Of course each will begin with loyalty, then drift out for hours at a time. Then jealousy, coupled with an “I’ll show you revenge kicks in. Hours turn into all nighters which turn into weekends which turn into...... We decide that as the characters and plot evolves. I’d like a role player who would play both the wife and the various lovers that the husband meets on his prowls. I will do the same for the wife. I think it will be fun and lusty.


David turned the goblet meticulously, deliberately underneath the magnifying lamp. “Are you sure that is theta, it’s just not working.” He jotted down other possible letters in a laborious attempt to create an alternative, based on shape and meaning. Caroline joined-in scribbling in her own notebook. She placed her hand lovingly on her husband’s shoulder and leaned in to view the bronze artifact, for the thousandth time.

“A feast of love, a love quest, love for taste,” she thought out loud and he wagged his head contemplating the feasibility of each attempt. The pair had married 49 years ago immediately upon graduation from Columbia; and since then had always worked as a unit, a team. Their common interests and easy companionship created an unquestioned and abiding love. Younger members of their dig team would nudge each other as the elderly couple held hands while they walked about the site; or sat with their heads together enjoying a sunset over the ancient village. Monemvasia had been just the second dig they had worked on. Now, they had spent the majority of their adult lives rummaging through the temple of Aphrodite that they had jointly helped to unearth. They would spend six months on site followed by six months of analysis, writing and teaching back in New York City. They loved their life as dearly as they loved each other.

“Perhaps, love is wrong, are we just making the assumption because of Aphrodite?” David wondered.

“No, no I’m sure of it; the other inscriptions, the iconography on the bowl itself. I think it’s the only thing we do know for sure. It’s the first word we deciphered.” Caroline responded and David nodded his head in agreement. They return to the cryptic inscription.

They were abruptly interrupted by the delivery of a large manila envelope. Caroline tore it from the courier’s hand, clutched it to her breast, “Oh David, could it be...Finally? I’m afraid to look.” She whirled and asked the messenger. “Is it from Full Spectrum labs?”

“Oh Caroline look at it for God’s sake, here let me.” His hand shook as he looked at it. “It is. Please, please, be everything we’ve hoped for.” He extracted the 8x10 photos. Images created by an innovative technology which digitally separated then recombined the pics using the entire light spectrum. They blinked and froze in place as they appraised the images.

“My god David we can read it. It’s like reading a text book,” Caroline broke the silence.

“True Love’s Test” They read the ancient Greek in one voice. Then in fits and stops they translated the remaining text, laughing at each other’s clumsy attempts to make rhyming couplets of the ensuing verse.

“But pour quicksilver in my bowl, gaze in with constant stare.
Aphrodite and Hera, contest your heart, oh ardent love beware
Each lover must try while the other must trust
Thus we wage our war between love and lust.”

“Of course,” said Caroline, “the two faded goddesses are Hera and Aphrodite, facing each other in conflict: marriage  versus lust.

The bowl, the mercury, the reflection, are all symbols of transformation; prevalent in every Mystery Religion. The initiate stares into the bowl and is meant to undergo some sort of metamorphosis, experience a rebirth. It’s beautiful Caroline... A significant find indeed... Huh, the test of true love.” David grinned and winked at Caroline.

Caroline with a sparkle in her eye reached out and tweaked David’s cock. “Wanna give it a try sailor?”

They both giggled like youngsters.[/size][/size]
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