Dath's dimensional travels! [OC/Canon] [f/f or f/futa] [kinks negotiable]

Started by Dath, July 29, 2014, 07:29:50 PM

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Dath groaned as she woke up... face down and aching. This isn't how she went to sleep, at least normally (There was a few times she'd gone to Ironforge on a piss up and ended up on her face and lucky that with her body and looks she hadn't been used as a sperm deposit.

That was of course diverting from the point, she hadn't been on a piss up and she hadn't been to Ironforge (the guards hadn't taken lightly her cockteasing last time) so this was odd... she remembered a flash of light... A device she has built... oh sod... she didn't even recognise the air she was breathing.

"Bloody heck... that's it. I quit Engineering. I'll take a less dangerous hobby... like Tauren fighting..." she muttered as she slowly made her way up to find out where she was...

So yeah... I haven't roleplayed here in a while so I'm after something fun for one on one. As the title suggests I'm after a cross over between my WoW character and various anime universes. This can be with Dath (a Night Elf Druid) as a protagonist or antagonist.. sub... dom... I have a lot of ideas that I can share. I'm only after Canon characters and I look to include themes like language barriers. F/F or futa/F only please. Links available on message.

Preferred chars are from Naruto or Sailor Moon. Video Game chars accepted too.

I look forward to responses. Ask away your questions!


Update: Made title less cringy!

Thought I'd mention that my favoured kink is pregnancy/impregnation and that I'm also in for a bimbofication RP. Again feel free to hit me up and I'll talk it through with you.