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Started by Red Tressed Imp, July 28, 2014, 11:51:23 PM

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Red Tressed Imp

I have a few ideas for stories (listed below), and I'm very open to others' ideas as well. The most important thing for me is to find a compatible roleplay partner, since I'm only going to have ONE on-going story. I'm looking for someone who writes well, as well as understands character creation and plot development. Even more importantly, I would like to partner up with someone who won't start something and leave me hanging. If you have these qualities, have time for at least one post per day, and think our Ons/Offs match up, let me know. Godmodders need not apply.

My ideas:

The Investigation
A female private investigator with years of experience busting husbands who cheat gets a new case. She shadows him for a long time, and decides it's time for the final test. She sets herself up as very seductive bait, something she has done a thousand times before. Only this time, it's different. Things get way out of hand.

There are a thousand different ways this could go, and I am open to almost everything. He could enslave her, break her, sell her, make her star in pornos, make her sexually perform at parties, etc. A cool plot twist might be that the wife who hired her isn't his wife at all, but someone he hired in order to facilitate their meeting.

This is mainly for a Gor type environment (medieval-ish, slavery as an accepted institution, etc, if you aren't familiar w/ Gor). A long time slave is freed by her owner, and adapts to being a Free Woman. She does well, being adopted into a wealthy, powerful family, earning her own wealth, becoming companioned, having a child and finally earning a plum position as an ambassador.

One day a man shows up in the city where she lives. He is her former Master's son, and he has papers which prove two important things. When she was owned, her Master gave her to his son. And the papers freeing her were faked. All of this comes out in a trial, and the ruling comes back. She is a slave, and her owner is her former Master's son.

She absolutely hates him. Not only did he enslave her again, but proving she was never freed means that her son is now a slave too. In addition, she spent years as a Free person, and she's forgotten what it's like to be a slave.
This is a rather plot heavy story, and could have a lot of twists in it. I'm not big on mushy stuff, but she may very well end up, reluctantly, falling in love with the man who owns her.
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