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Author Topic: Kamakazi's Requests: Original Fantasy, Historical, Story Driven [M lf F and M/M]  (Read 3414 times)

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Offline KamakaziTopic starter

Hey there! Thank you for taking the time to read through my advert! I have a lot of deep ideas that I'd like to find partners for, and by no means think I'm limited to just one of them! Below you can find the detailed and basic plots I have in mind, please PM me if anything takes your fancy, or if you like the concept of an idea, but would like to try and twist or modify it with me.

Roles that I will play: (Bearing in mind of course that I will play various and multiple NPC's and also female characters in a wider story!)

Dominant heterosexual males - I love playing a strong warrior, king, commander etc engaged in a power play with an equally strong female!

Submissive heterosexual males - If you look at my ideas below, you will see that in 'The New Bride' I have an interest in playing a younger, less experienced lord or nobleman who is betrothed to a promiscuous, beautiful lady who teaches him a thing or two about the world and his place in it. I want to state again that this doesn't necessarily mean that I will play this kind of character as fully submissive, just that at first at least, he would act that way. Of course I'm open to taking this as far as my partner would wish.

My potential plots and ideas! (Concepts with more *'s by their name are the ones I crave more!)

*The Assistant: I love the idea of playing a new male employee who is brilliant at his job, but joins a notoriously strict and successful company as a personal assistant to a very domineering, independent and feminist boss. A beautiful woman by anyone's reckoning, with this only enhanced by her strong personality, and her incredibly sexy heels and business attire! This could go many ways and I'd love to discuss it further with possible partners!

*Colonial Conquests: A colonial soldier stumbles across a hidden african/indian kingdom, and due to his wealth and sudden arrival is heralded as having been sent by the gods. As a result he is married to the beautiful princess/ daughter of the tribal chief and welcomed into their society. I'm really interested in playing the clash of cultures between a beautiful, voluptuous African tribeswoman or seductive Indian princess and this rough-hewn, white European soldier!

**The Warlock's apprentice: In this I'd love to play the character of an arrogant, skillfull apprentice of the dark arts, who is studying under a beautiful, powerful and dominant female warlock. The whole plot being centred around her toying with him, occasionally using him for her own desires all the while teaching him and watching as he grows to try and impress her with his burgeoning skills. There are many ways this could go, there could be a lot of fem-dom in this situation, possible cuckolding, and definitely a lot of sexual tension!

***The new bride: A young lord is forced into an arranged marriage to a foreign lady by his father, who turns out to be a little older, (not necessarily by much) and far more aware, and experienced than himself. She's instantly turned off by his naive, boyish nature, and takes to teaching him a lesson by laying with her bodyguards, and other nobles and diplomats..After a time she can grow fond of him, even to love him, but perhaps she grows even more enamoured by the fact that he is growing to enjoy the sight of her with other men...This could go really far, and take place in original universes, or many different fandoms.

(Sidenote: I'd love to do this in a World of Warcraft setting. I had an idea that it could be a marriage between two blood elf nobles perhaps (other races are fine), and the wife secretly is addicted to fucking Troll prisoners..)

****Anything with a large cast, set in a medieval/fantasy/ancient world: I have played several games recently with a large cast of characters set in original universes. Usually these consist of two dominant characters, a male and female, who spar with each other for control, whilst wrestling with their own burgeoning desires for one another. This can lead to jealousy, spitefulness, cuckolding, and many other interesting kinks to explore. Furthermore I enjoy playing in this sort of setting as it allows me to explore a massive world of our own creation, where a truly fantastic story can blossom! I would fully encourage anyone with a desire to create a large-scale universe with many interesting characters to contact me :)

Fully Conceived Plots:


Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This has become a recent craving of mine, and differs greatly from my usual plots or concepts. For one thing, it is set in modern times, and deals with no elements of fantasy beyond what the human mind can conjure up.

Based somewhat on the TV series "Hannibal" and the works of Thomas Harris, creator of Hannibal Lecter, I have a deep craving to create a roleplay based around the relationship of a Psychiatrist and her patient. Ideally this relationship would be somewhat similar to that of Hannibal Lecter and Bedelia Du Maurier in the series; a meeting of two highly intelligent, sophisticated individuals. My character has a dark secret to hide, which your character may only ever come to know about through the exchange of careful, insightful dialogue.

Furthermore, what might happen when the clear-cut lines of the doctor/patient relationship begin to blur? After all, people of such unique tastes and intellects rarely find the company of others stimulating, but these too might end up coming to the realisation that they are driven by more than professional courtesies to spend time with each other. My goal is to make it so that after enough time between them is exchanged, your character will be able to think of nothing and no-one else other than mine, and I expect my partner to create a character able to incite the same response in my character too.

The details of this plot can be discussed with anyone willing to take me up on it, though I will say that more than with my other concepts, imagination is not simply enough for this particular rp. My partner for this storyline must be intelligent, highly literate, and willing to create the role of a female psychiatrist who has no initial intention of falling for, -or even befriending- my character.

From the start they will be nothing more than acquaintances, viewing the other as a curiosity, and only as time moves on, and they begin to take special note of those weekly hour-long meetings in her consultancy room, will the ball begin to roll, and will the game truly begin!

Daughter of the Count -

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This curse, -as men call it-, which runs through our veins, is a blessing, dear one. It is the tie which binds us all. It is a sonnet written in sweetest scarlet vitae, every drop of blood a word, every heart-beat a drum which rises in tempo as we claim what is ours. Indeed, far from cursed, we our blessed by our fate. The only curse, is that of loneliness, my daughter...

The Premise - It is a Dark Age in Europe. In the East, there are tales of powerful infidels which seek to destroy Christendom, whilst in the North and far west, barbarians still worship pagan deities, there are even rumours of demonic hordes which attack in dragon-ships, plaguing Frankia and the disparate kingdoms of England. This evil however, is just a fog, concealing the true darkness which lurks, hidden as it has been for centuries, in the superstitious extremities of Europe. Long ago a strange noblemen inherited a castle deep in the Transylvanian wilderness under mysterious circumstances, never leaving his abode by day, and rarely seen by the peasantry of the land....After his unexplained disappearance, his daughter now rules, as enigmatic as her sire, with the same nocturnal tendencies...For now the rumours surrounding the court of this Dark Lady, and the woman herself, have been kept hushed, and circulated only in the local community, but that soon changes when the Lady in question sends an invitation throughout Europe to thirteen different men, all inviting them to the castle, tempting them with a rich, if uncertain reward.....


So I have a massive love for the Gothic genre and all things Vampiric. Be it Dracula, Underworld, Van Helsing etc. And right now I have nothing that I'd like to start more than a detailed game revolving around a noblewoman sired by Count Dracula himself, and effectively taking the role of his daughter. The story would progress with the Countess seeking a suitor to inevitably turn into a Vampire and to share in her life as Queen of the Night, because after all, what is immortality without a companion? To ensure that only the strongest, most intelligent, witty and cunning man can rule beside her, thirteen men have been carefully watched and selected as possible suitors, though the Countess knows none of them, and will have seen none of them before they arrive. Once they do arrive, it's anyone's guess what will happen!

For this rp I'm looking for someone to play a beautiful, pale, raven haired Countess, who is intelligent, dominant, worshipful and downright sexy! I'd also expect my partner to play the roles of at least some of the suitors, whilst I will mainly focus on a few, in particular one that I prefer the most, and intend to inevitably become her Count.

I would love there to be an element of female domination to this, particularly as it is set in a time period where that would be seen as taboo and bizarre, only heightening the sense of mystery around the lady. Furthermore, I would LOVE for there to be some cuckolding in this roleplay. My main suitor may fall for her, may think she has fallen for him...But the Vampire is a jealous, greedy creature, and the Countess is no exception. Once she's tasted another man's blood, what's to stop her from riding him like one of her prize stallions?....

Heaven and Hell

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This is an idea that I will go into a lot of depth describing, because I've taken a long time to think about it and I think it has several differing, and equally exciting possible paths! Read on if you dare!

It is the year of our Lord 1356, and Europe is dying. Famine, plague, and endless wars wreak havoc across the continent; peasants and nobles alike look to the heavens for deliverance, to no avail. Most believe that Heaven has abandoned them, and that these evil times are heralding judgement day. Little do they know how right they are. On the middle kingdom, the realm of man a war is about to be waged the likes of which has not been seen since Lucifer's rebellion, and both sides will claim it was the other which started it.

In this maelstrom of chaos, whilst battle rages, two mighty champions of heaven and hell will be thrown together, perhaps by chance, or by fate, it is unknown...Their meeting will change the nature of the three kingdoms in ways that even they cannot possibly comprehend...

So basically this is my idea: A warrior of heaven and a general of Hell's legions meet on the field of battle and are thrown together somehow, and over time feelings of lust/curiosity get the better of them and they break that most taboo of taboo's, coupling with their sworn enemy!

The angel will be a mighty warrior, renowned as a disciplined killing machine willing and able to seek out any demon and bring them before heaven's gates bound in iron chains. Whether I play the character as a male, or if you play her as a female, the angel will be bound by duty and a love for his/her god. Armoured in close fitting steel that will accentuate his/her sculpted vigour, this character will be the very image of an Angel of Vengeance.


And what of the demon, you ask? Whether male or female, the demon will be a general of great standing and reputation within Hell's Legions. Feared by foes and allies alike, he/she will be a merciless, intimidating master of darkness, posessing an uncanny charm, be it male cockyness and feral desire, or the sensual seduction of a succubus, peeling the armour from that warrior of god and showing him the true meaning of "falling into temptation."

So that's pretty much the idea summed up! I don't mind playing the angel or demon, both pairings have interesting possibilities, so if you want to play a beautiful warrior of light, like a chaste paladin who becomes drawn through curiosity or loneliness to this dark warlord, or if your this seductive demonette who just has to wrap her thighs around this powerful, perfect warrior, it will work either way!

Here are some pics to show you what I'm looking for!

Angel :


As for smut/story levels. I'm thinking that the smut will be very rough, heavy and dirty, the way I like it! But the story will be of key importance. I don't want to grow bored quickly because they have sex within a page of posts, that's really unrealistic. There will be copious sex, and not necessarily just between those two characters, but be prepared for a decent build up to generate that sexual tension and love for the other character!

I'll just list the main kinks I'm after for this rp, so you know whilst reading:

Cuckolding (would be great if one of them is sleeping around, obviously this would make more sense with the demon, but who knows!)
Rough (They're gonna be hot and sweaty by the time they're done!)
Creampies (Defiling this beautiful angel, or conquering the seductive demon!)
Figures (what do I mean by this? Well basically I want to feel like the angel is a beautiful white, tall Valkyrie-style figure, and the demon is this fallen angel, twisted to be the object of desire and seduction. Also I would quite like the female character to have some pubic hair around her womanhood if possible. I'm not sure why, but I think it will make the angel seem more innocent and the demon more primal and feral! I like the idea! Maybe the demon can change her form and teases the angel with different sexual possibilities, coaxing his desires from him!)

So that pretty much wraps this up! I hope you enjoyed and that you send a reply soon! :)


I have a really big fetish for playing a submissive male who becomes enslaved and dominated by many other men and grows to reluctantly enjoy it. So far, this itch really hasn't been scratched and I'd love to find a dominant male to help me out. I'd love to play this in a World of Warcraft setting, possibly the idea of a troll captured by a rival tribe and turned into the chief or warriors' personal bitch. I'm up for discussion on it, but I'd love it if someone would contact me if they're interested in the idea and we can work something out. I will stress again however, I want to play the bottom in this pairing only.

Enemy of my Enemy

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Many centuries have passed since the Eternal City of the Old Ones fell. Once, it was a bastion of light, a beacon in the centre of a united continent, binding the races of men, orcs, elves, dwarves and all others together in friendship, beneath the benevolent, yet mystical guidance of the Old Ones. Few ever set foot inside the city itself, only the greatest leaders of nations, or chosen magi were permitted to even look upon its titanic walls, which stretched high into the clouds. Few ever set food inside the Eternal City...Yet all knew of its greatness.

Just as the day inevitably is overtaken by the night, no matter how glorious, any civilisation, any race, will fall from grace. No one knew then, and indeed no one knows to this day what occurrence ended the reign of the Old Ones, but though a hundred stories and more are told of that lamented cataclysm, they all agree on only one thing: that overnight it seemed, the city was abandoned.

Foolish were they who wished for the city to be repopulated. Those who cried out that someone, anyone should seize the initiative and at least explore the city, if not settle in its expansive majesty. After all, no one had looked into its heart, and it's sheer size alone would fit the inhabitance of a kingdom! Foolish were they who ordered exploration, establishment and settlement...They were soon to reap the harvest of their greed.

Over the first century since the disappearance of the Old Ones and the abandonment of the Eternal City, several thousand settlers had been sent from each of the many surrounding regions and civilisations which had once worked together in harmony under the guidance of the great people who had once populated the city. None were to return, nor was any word received of their fate. It wasn't long after that when the first attacks began. In the beginning they were little more than myths, stories to scare the children, or wild merchants' tales.

Tales of villages being burned in the night, with not a soul left alive. It didn't matter who you were, what race or kingdom you belonged to, no one who lived within a hundred leagues of the Eternal City was safe. Of course at the time no one suspected the threat might be coming from the city itself. No, at first the lands beyond lay the blame upon each other, and it was not long before ancient rivalries which had been all but ousted by the will of the Old Ones once again flared to the surface, and swords were drawn. Dwarves lay siege to the Elven forests, merchant caravans were attacked or at least denied entrance to foreign lands, no matter how they were, and the once proud and dignified Human Kingdoms waged war upon the Orcish chiefdoms.

Only a century before the present did the mortal races truly begin to understand their cataclysmic folly. Years of ignorance and bigotry had blinded them to the truth of what was happening around them. Perhaps they are not to be blamed so strongly, for the attacks in the night came only rarely, and none were left alive to tell the tale of the terrible crimes committed against them. Only when burnt villages started to become burnt towns, sacked cities, butchered populaces from across the free lands did heads begin to turn inward, and the realisation dawned that something was truly wrong, and perhaps the Eternal City was not fully abandoned....

A fragile, temporary truce was ordered between all the surrounding kingdoms who had fought endless, pointless wars against one another for generations, for the simple purpose of finding a way to understand and if possible to combat this threat to their collective survival. King Valrath of the Icy northern kingdom of Mordenheldt declared a royal tournament, inviting the royalty and greatest warriors of all the free peoples to compete. The winner it was declared, would be sent alone to investigate the city, for all knew that even with an army beyond counting, they would be foolish to attempt a siege upon the Eternal City....Perhaps one valiant adventurer, one skillful warrior, true of heart and purpose, might save them all...


The idea I have for this plot is that I will play a wayward warrior from the Human kingdom of Mordenheldt. The theme of this land is based heavily off the idea of Germanic, Anglo-Saxon or Norse kingdoms. They are a tough, militaristic people who prize honour and loyalty to one's friends and King above all things, and my character will be little different in this regard. Similar to his kin, he harbours a strong resentment for the Orcish peoples, who have proven to be the traditional and most bitter of Mordenheldt's enemies, and this will play an important part later on.

What I'm looking for in this rp is for my partner to play a female Orc warrior, who shares many of the resentments towards humans that my character holds against the Orcs. The idea is that the two of them face each other in the grand tournament, only to find that they cannot best one-another. As a result, they are both sent to the Eternal City, to work together, partly as a result of the terms of the tournament, and partly due to the political maneuvering of both of their leaders, who do not wish to see a human (or orc) succeed, though they still doubt the mission will prove to be anything but fruitless. The picture reference I've put at the top of this plot gives a good indication of what I'd like the Orc to look like, (or similar to, there can of course be negotiation for it is your character!) and I would love to have someone take me up on this! Please pm me if interested :) 


Here are just some of the big On's which work for me, though the full list can be found in my O's/O's! :

Cukolding - A massive turn on for me, I love playing a husband or partner who walks in to find his wife screaming in enjoyment whilst riding another man. It is important to state here that this doesn't necessarily imply a submissive male character in the form of the husband, and can be consensual as well as non-consensual from his perspective.

Plot - I love a good plot in most of my scenarios, after all, is there any bigger turn on than sharing an erotic scene between characters you really care about? To expand on this point: what I'm looking for in my partner is someone willing to write at least a few paragraphs in each post, with acceptable regularity in posting. (I perfectly understand that real life comes first and hope you'd understand that too when engaging in a game with me, but at the same time, you know as well as I do that when you're really into a story, the last thing you want is to wait ages for that reply!

**For example, let me give a demonstration of how much I feel comfortable posting typically, (if my partner does the same and I'm thoroughly engaged, that is! (Oh yes, and bear in mind that when you see a spoiler in this spoiler, it is an actual spoiler! Just you can't see it here! *eyes mischievously*)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Aella had taken his time in preparing himself for this dinner. To him it was just a meal, but formalities needed to  be observed, and royalty was present, which meant that he had to display a level of respect. The thought of making a half-hearted attempt to ensure that his Queen had a lovely evening was near blasphemous in Cragenwulf's mind. He dressed smartly in a rich black velvet doublet complete with golden embroidery and a pair of fine, slim fitting trousers to match. The outfit was complimented by his pair of black leather boots, and when worn together, his attire only served to enhance his trim, soldierly figure, as well as his sharp, lupine features.

Due to the sheer expanse of Aella's manor, he was able to dress, meet guests and socialize far from the dining room, indeed, it was possible to partake in these activities without anyone knowing he was even present in his home, which was useful for a man who didn't enjoy being bombarded by guests and visitors. Ironically, tonight was an exception for several reasons. Firstly, and paramount in his mind, was his desire to return the gracious blessing the Queen had bestowed upon him by dining in his home. Only the choicest food and drink had been cooked and prepared for the meal, Aella instructing his servants to bring up his most expensive wine from the cellars and purchase the finest goods from the cities wealthiest markets. After perusing their inventory himself a few hours earlier, he had counted himself satisfied with what was available and had turned his thoughts to the other reasons why this evening would be more welcome than his usual social activities.

There was of course his desire to see those guests of honour which he had deemed worthy of attending what had become a royal dinner. Every soldier, even if he was a General, didn't have much time to see old friends and enjoy the company of those who were not away at the front, and so this night was precious to him. The Lord in question: Lord Ravencrest, had been a friend of Aella's father decades before, when the elder Cragenwulf had been still amongst the living. There were two kinds of Kyrosi: the tribal, peripheral clans who still hunted in the northern forests and mountains as their ancestors did: and who's sons still made up the core of Kyrosi's mighty army; and the City Kyrosi. Those who had banded together after the great Invasions, centuries earlier, and had built the city in which he now stood, preparing to meet his guests. Ravencrest was of the latter breed, but Cragenwulf did not shun him for that. The elderly lord had been a powerful figure in his day, binding the differences of the Kyrosi together and helping to forge the blossoming empire which even now began to stretch its long arms out across the continent. Aella looked up to him, and saw the visionary that many were too stupid to comprehend. Many saw money, prestige, that was all that mattered to some.

Aella also knew that Ravencrest had recently re-married. His first wife, (and true love who had grown up with him since they had been young), had died sadly a few winters before, and by all accounts, Ravencrest had never recovered from the loss. The young bride he now lived with was rumoured to be intelligent, cunning, devious, and beautiful...All of the most dangerous weapons a woman could have in her arsenal, Aella mused with a frown. He didn't blame Ravencrest for marrying a second time. After all, any man, especially an elderly man, needed company. The company of a beautiful young woman, who could soothe with only a few words and knew the ways to twist a man around her little finger, was hard to resist. In truth the General was curious to meet this woman, if not just to see whether the rumours were true, and to ascertain whether or not his friend and mentor had committed a grave error in allowing her into his life, and bed.

The third interest he had in this dinner was the most obvious one, and yet Aella was reluctant to acknowledge it. He wanted to see how his "guest" performed. Whether she would lash out, act submissive, or perhaps express herself in another, completely unexpected way. Like a child introduced to a new toy, or foreign object, he found himself curious about the woman...And could not deny his own arousal at her. She seemed to have a more exotic, pure form of sexual attraction to her which was utterly different to the women of Kyros, with their fancy dresses, make up and hairstyles. On the contrary, there was something about the Theatisian that interested him. He curvaceous hips, rear and breasts. Her full lips and sleek dark hair..

Casting the thoughts from his mind at the noise of footsteps entering his chamber, he turned to regard one of his male servants.

"The Queen and her party await you in the dining room, General, as does your..Guest." The man spent a fraction of a second thinking of the correct term with which to address the matter of Zuri, though he recovered in quite a professional manner.

"And Lord and Lady Ravencrest have just arrive also, they are in the main hall."

Without a word of thanks or acknowledgement, Aella moved out of the room and down the flights of stairs which led him to the main hall, where he found the Lord and his wife having their cloaks stowed away by gracious servants. Upon seeing Aella, Lord Ravencrest Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide smiled broadly and moved over, shrugging off a light dust of snow which  had evvidently fallen upon him during his journey across the city to Aella's manor.

"And here is the man himself!" He bowed deeply. "General I should say! It is good to see you again, Aella." Cragenwulf even smiled, which seemed incredibly rare to him, and moved to embrace the older man firmly, with a true and genuine sense of friendship. However, upon looking over Ravencrest's shoulder, he saw another figure, which gave him pause.

Lady Ravencrest, for it must of course have been her, stood by the doorway, seemingly almost enveloped in shadows, as if sucking in all of the light. He skin was very pale, and her hair black Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide, and whilst she seemed passive and neutral, Aella couldn't help but detect a cunning, thoughtful nature behind her pale blue eyes.

Almost as if he understood that something was amiss, Ravencrest broke their embrace, turning towards the woman. "General Aella Cragenwulf, this is my wife, Amelia." Cragenwulf nodded. "My lady," he said calmly, which evoked a deep curtsey, but nothing more from the dark-haired woman.

Aella looked back to his elderly friend. "The Queen awaits us in the dining room, best not to keep her waiting." Ravencrest nodded and followed Aella as the General moved into the dining room.

"My Queen," he said, acknowledging Delina before all others, his warriors' eyes instinctively taking in and analysing everything and everyone in the room at breakneck speed. The Ravencrest's were moving inside, as were servants bearing the first courses of the night. He noticed Jonathan, with his sour, secretive expression, and then finally Zuri. By the gods which of his servants had chosen that dress? It fit her perfectly, and at the same time it seemed as though it would burst from her, so curvaceous was her form.

Ridding himself of the thoughts for a moment, he took his seat at the head of the table, bowing his head in deference to the Queen once more, before explaining: "My apologies for my tardiness, Your Grace, I thought it only right to make extra preparations for your visit, of which I am both honoured and thankful."

With that he signalled for the servants to begin laying out the spread, whilst his eyes almost immediately fell upon Zuri. Everyone else began to look to the food, doubtless ready for a delicious dinner, though Aella could hardly remove his gaze from Zuri's features, especially given how the dress accentuated and revealed much of her ample bust...

Creampies - There's something about the domination of it, the claiming that I find really hot, whether it occurs with a male, or a female! Especially when combined with my cuckolding fantasy, this makes for the ultimate act of claiming.

Outfits - This encompasses so many things, including but not limited to: Lingerie, maid outfits, nurses, school girl, business woman, stockings and many many more. I should also state that when playing M/M games, I love being instructed to dress up when playing the role of the sub, bare this in mind!

Multiple Characters - In almost every story, I enjoy playing multiple characters and would encourage my partner to do the same. It keeps things fresh, and allows us to explore those delicious kinks afore mentioned!

These are just a few examples of the sorts of kinks I'm into, but this is greatly expanded upon in my O's/O's, so I encourage you to take a look if you're interested in rp'ing with me! I'm very open to kinks, and will definitely hear you out even if its not for me, so feel free to suggest :)


Read my O's/O's (in the signature) if you'd like to see what other kinks and themes I'm into, and hopefully I'll find someone right for this role! Feel free to message me with questions!

*I'm also interested in a male/male gangbang or rough scene, where my character is effectively made the bitch of a more dominant, powerful male. Open to many possible fandoms or oc scenes for that, though it's currently not high on my list of priorities for rp'ing  :)

In truth however I'm open to loads of suggestions, and would love to hear what you have in mind! I'm open to male and female rp'ers, although with male/male scenes, I'm more interested purely in the erotic side of things, whereas with a mxf game I enjoy a longer story where things can really take off and I can grow to really appreciate and be excited by your characters and how the plot thickens. Hopefully some of you are a little interested or just curious as to what I'd be comfortable with, so please give me a PM and we can figure something out! :)

Examples of my writing:

Take the Throne - Kamakazi and Letrie : (Showcases my ability to set a scene, create a unique universe and introduce characters)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Ten years of war. Ten years of wasted time which could have been spent helping his own people, and what was worse, was that Godfrey knew that his time was running out.
Ten years of his life had not been the only sacrifice which Godfrey had been forced to make in this war. Several hundred thousand dead Varidians, leagues of scorched and pillaged land, and the loss of his one, and only son, Prince Richard.

Perhaps it was selfish that the loss of his son hurt Godfrey far more than all those other lives spent in endless war, but he took no shame in it. His wife had died only a few years before Richard, and when the Prince had followed her to the hallowed halls of their ancestors, he had felt a true sense of loneliness.
Sylvia was the light which kept him from losing his grip on reality. She was everything a King could wish for in a daughter: beautiful, intelligent, and witty, with an aptitude for learning and statesmanship. But still, she was all he had left, his only daughter, and for that reason he had always protected her, perhaps too much.
For several of those ten years of strife, his armies had faltered, and his despair had increased along with his age, but then there had been Argus.
What a warrior, Godfrey thought with a smile to himself. The General he had raised from childhood had grown into a fine man and an unmatched commander. In his heart, Godfrey knew he was fonder of Argus, the Barbarian child taken in and trained by Varidians, than he was of any man from his own homeland. Argus was a warrior, and Godfrey respected, even admired that. He lived by his own code of honour, which was more than could be said for many of the men present in the Great Hall.
He had seen them bickering, conspiring and whispering together in dark alcoves and hushed corridors, they barely attempted to hide their conceit as he grew older. Their bitterness, their jealousy and envy of the barbarian.
And then there was Sylvia herself. Sometimes the King wondered just how clever his daughter was. She knew how to play the game of politics which so many of his court was mired in. He didn't blame her, despite how loathsome he found the whole business. Sylvia had not been trained to command in battle, nor to duel, or explore as a Prince might do, and so she relied on other weapons in her potent arsenal. Beauty, intrigue, intelligence. In a way, she was a warrior in her own right, in a different sense of the word…

All the men of the court loved her, or at least, thought they did, of that he was completely certain. Sylvia knew this too of course, though she might affect an air of modesty when it suited her on the subject. They all planned their ways to woo her, to propose, or to gain his confidence so that he might offer her hand. He never would.

Even Argus doubtless would not shy away from offering himself up to Sylvia, Godfrey mused, but Argus could never have his daughter. Never. He admired the General more than any other subject, but he of all men, must not be with her.

Godfrey had been a warrior of renown, not a fencer, or some commander who sits in a tent and plans the mass movements of troops as though they were little more than wooden soldiers. No. He had been a warrior in the truest sense of the word, charging into battle, great-sword held aloft. He had felt that rush of blood-lust, the song of battle, that predatory gleam had flashed in his eyes, that same gleam which he saw in Argus’s. And that was why his daughter, and the Barbarian, had always been kept apart. He would not let his only daughter marry a man so eager to fight, so consumed by honour, and pride.
Argus’s spouse was his sword, his mistress, honour, and no woman could change that, Godfrey was sure….

Roused from his deep contemplation of his court, his daughter, and the General who he intended to honour for ending this exhausting war, he turned to Sylvia as she hailed him.
“Surely it is only fitting that a warrior presents himself as just that? These men have lived in armour for years now, barely removing it. It becomes like a second skin...” His memories of battle and the vigour of youth were clearly close at hand.

“Besides, with the way Duke Guillaume and his lackeys in the corner seem to be sneering, doubtless Ravenborn’s company will need their armour.” He smirked to his daughter, all the while wondering how prophetic those words spoken in jest might be…


Argus Ravenborn stuck out amongst the Varidians like a sore thumb, and he knew it. There were men here that he knew he could trust with his life, and others who detested him, but none were like him. Most Varidians resembled autumn, with their clothes of brown and red and gold, and their skin which was a healthy tan from their blessed climate.
He, on the contrary, was taller, with hair as black as midnight, and skin as pale as milk. His crystal blue eyes found few kinsmen amongst the hazel, green and brown of Varidia. But there it was. Like in all things, Argus was an outsider, a Barbarian, and he knew it.
He took no shame from it though, far from it. He welcomed his individuality. It was part of the warrior’s pride, or so he thought. King Godfrey had saved him, King Godfrey had raised him, and King Godfrey had put a sword in his hand and taught him to swing it. For that, he was and would always be eternally grateful. It didn’t matter that he wasn’t a Varidian. He served Godfrey, and won glory and honour for himself and his King as a General. That, he reasoned, was a far better fate, than if he had been left to die in the cold snows of the land of his birth, now little more than an unwelcome memory.
Indeed, he felt elated marching into the Great Hall, his castle-forged armour glinting in the light of the torches on the wall, flanked by guardsmen of his elite troops. He cast his gaze around, noticing those who applauded, and those who looked at him with those envious, jackals’ eyes. Ignoring them all, his face fixed in a resolute, disciplined expression, he strode forward alone, removing the winged silver helm from his head, and shaking his wild, black hair free.
He had a strong, angular face, which again was different from the softer, more rounded faces of the Varidians. He had been called handsome, though he rarely enjoyed the company of women on his campaigns. Argus knelt, his bright blue eyes looking to the king in the throne before him.

Ravenborn couldn't help but snatch a quick glance at Sylvia. He hated that he’d done it. It was…Undisciplined. He wasn’t one of the fools who doted on her. He didn’t care. He had been bred that way. From the beginning, even though the pair were of a similar age, Godfrey had taken great pains to separate the two. Argus didn’t hold it against him. He was a warrior, she, a princess. It would not do to have the heir to the Kingdom of Varidia befriending a Barbarian foster child. Even when they happened to study the same subjects under the tutelage of Varidia’s greatest scholars, it had been separately. He understood, it was a simple solution, and he was determined to keep things that way.
“Your Grace. I, Argus Ravenborn, Commander of the Eastern Armies, General of the fourth Legion, submit myself to your judgement. I have led your armies to victory over the Ophasian Empire, and liberated the lands stolen from you a decade ago.”
He reached down to his belt, and pulled forth a golden rod, the head of which had been finely crafted into the shape of a winged serpent, which coiled around the rod itself.
“Here I present to you the Rod of Command carried by an Ophasian Kalyphas, slain in glorious battle in your name. May your enemies bow their heads to you, and your subjects praise your name.”
He offered up the rod, bowing his head, and all the gathered nobles assembled knew, as they looked upon Godfrey’s smiling face, that the King’s favourite had returned..


The Witcher (Recently got into this franchise and really love the mixture of medieval and fantasy narrative elements, not to mention all of the sex!)
World of Warcraft
Elder Scrolls Universe
Game of Thrones
DC/Marvel (Preferably with either our own characters or me playing my own and you playing an existing heroine/villain!)

Inspiring Pictures! :

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Human female photos (I find all of these incredibly hot and they all represent women that I find incredibly attractive and would love to see as references in an rp!) :

Fantasy females (Great examples of human and fantasy females in settings that I find alluring and sexy!

NSFW Pictures:
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