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Started by avocado pits, July 28, 2014, 09:27:37 AM

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avocado pits

i feel so lonesome i could cry
but instead i'll pass the time
sittin' lonely with somebody lonely too
while there's nothing in the world i'd rather do

autobiographical details

I am looking for someone who devours books and whose
hands tremble if they don't write for extended periods of time. I want someone whose
skull has all these cracks on the inside because their imagination is constantly scraping
against bone.

My schedule is horrendous.  I get overwhelmed easily, and am known to vanish
quite quickly.  I'll try to notify in advance, but being a self-absorbed human being, I'm
going to probably forget and take care of whatever I need to take care of first.

Quality over quantity. Always and forever. I've read some
novel-length posts that were as vapid as those desperate housewife ladies. Sometimes
I'll crank out seven meaty paragraphs because the situation calls for it. Other times,
I may just write two. Don't just write to fill blank space. Every word
should have a purpose!

Sex is generally pretty boring to me, unless there is a reason.  The reason
is not that the characters (or you) are 'just s0000000 h0rny'.  The reason is
always story and character development.  If it doesn't make sense, I'll probably avoid
it.  I think tension is so much more beautiful and interesting to read.  Sex can be
written beautifully and interwoven into a character's growth, but if it's not I'll definitely
call you out on it.

Characters don't have to fall in love, or do the nasty, or
even be friends. If there isn't any chemistry, don't force it. That doesn't mean there
isn't a story. That doesn't mean their interactions are invalid. Just like in real life! I write
whoever I want to write, or whoever best suits the story in my eyes. I don't write from
the perspective of a single gender or sexuality (though I am a lady who likes boys when
I'm prancing around reality).

*I do not take any credit for images/artwork used
in threads or face-claims.

avocado pits

things that i am currently seeking


(PLEAAAAAASE) Harry Potter I prefer 1970s-1980s (usually known as the Marauder's Era).  They can be canon,
but I actually would prefer the flexibility of an Alternative Universe.  A canon starting point, but
the story is not restricted to what Rowling has already established in the 1990s/2000s.

I will also do a present day or near future, but may need convincing.

Also love the idea of expanding on the Werewolf Lore in the Wizarding Realm.

(PLEAAAAAASE) Digimon I would like to be able to make this a little more sci-fi.  Add darker elements to it,
and draw on some inspiration from the His Dark Materials series.  Any objects that are used
should be from the first season (i.e the devices, the crests).

Would prefer the premise to be that these monsters are connected to their partners in a spiritual and
physical way.  Meaning, they feel the same pain and cannot be a certain distance apart without feeling
repercussions (sickness and eventual death).  Their origins could be a game gone wrong.  Maybe the
creators were experimenting with AI and it took on the extreme of creating its own world.  The connections
between humans and monsters could potentially be a religious/spiritual one, or scientific.  Depends on how
the characters/you would prefer to view it.

Note: This is not an invitation for bestiality.  I would assume that the characters played would both have
this special bond, or at least one of them does.  The monsters are technically Digital, and their genders
stem mostly from the fact that they were created by humans.  In actuality, gender is not a necessity
for them (since they're born from, at first being coded, and now probably from abandoned data).  The
flesh/blood/pain/etc. is a way to represent their data in a way that humans can understand...if that makes


I don't know why. I'm going to assume it stems from my giant crush on Remus Lupin
as a child (I didn't get out much). I don't mind having vampires or other creatures in
the mix, but I will always claim a were. I like the idea that lycans and werewolves are
different (like purebloods versus muggle-born type of situations). I also prefer this to
be set in the 2000s, but if you want to crank back time, or even crank it forward I am
not opposed if you can provide a valid argument.

Apocalyptic Zombies! Desolate landscapes! Disease!
Anarchy! Whatever floats your boat. Let's have our characters dig real deep for their
survival instincts.

Medieval Fantasy May need a bit of convincing on this one,
but I'm totally down if you have any ideas you'd like to bounce off of me.

(PLEAAAAAAAAAAASE) Magic As in people, in this day and age, that have powers.
Not super-hero, but magic. Black, blood, pure, whatever. We can start from scratch and figure
it out from there.

Future/Alternative Universe I dunno. Anytime in the future.
Can be normal people living their lives in this world, or intense, action-packed sagas. Things
like steam-punk or whatever also fall under this. I'm into it.

*I do not take any credit for images/artwork used
in threads or face-claims.

avocado pits

slightly solidified ideas

Werewolf  Alright, so essentially this is more of a background idea with various plots that could
stem from it, depending on character choices and setting.  Basically, werewolves are humans who have
been turned whilst Lycans are those who are born and bred.  Lycans are the original, I suppose.  They're
in control of their behavior, whether or not it's the full moon.  They generally live in sort of "packs", and although
in modern times their population has dwindled, there are still several ancient bloodlines that are pretty dominant
in areas such as North America, the UK, Europe and Russia.  However, the myth or legend or whatever the hell
you want to call it points out that there were several rogue Lycans "back in the day" as in thousands of years ago
that attacked humans for sport or maybe there was a war.  Who knows, the actual factoids are lost. 

Anyway, some of those humans survived, but as a result became what the traditional werewolf is.  In their human
form, they have increased hearing/smell/etc. and animalistic cravings or urges that they have difficulty suppressing.
When the full moon comes about, they go batshit crazy.

(Sidenote: When they turn, it's not some weird humanoid-animal creature.  It's just a really big wolf.)

Anywho.  So if there are any hunters or whatever, they're targeting werewolves.  Not Lycans. 

That being said, as these thousands of years passed, Lycans have difficulty reproducing due general infertility and
being so isolated (i.e it's difficult for them to find other Lycans of other bloodlines, so theirs are pretty weak because
inbreeding does that).  They also can't breed with humans because TECHNICALLY THEY ARE DIFFERENT SPECIES.
For some reason because SCIENCE (I am not a scientist/biologist/let's just let this following tidbit slide for the sake
of story) the female population of Lycans has gone down to zilch/super rare.

Now, Lycans CAN breed with werewolves.  And Werewolves can breed with other werewolves and over these thousands
of years you have also gotten sort of, wild packs of werewolves.  So Lycans are like "high-class-brah" while werewolves
are super "low-class-perpetually-drunk".  BUT ANOTHER FUN FACT it's very hard for any human to survive a werewolf
bite/attack ANNNNNDDDDDDD for some reason females are more likely to die from it.  I'm all for badass females who
take no shit and can pack a punch, but just go with it okay.


You could get a hunter that encounters a female werewolf, but is like.  Oh shit was not expecting that. 
She could be pregnant.  Or maybe just not knocked up.  Either way, that would focus on his sort of.  Morals
on killing women or children if he has any.

You could get a Lycan or a werewolf desperately trying to save the lineage of his pack.  He could do it in a mean
or a lovely-and-polite-but-not-working way.

You could get a lady Lycan and a lady werewolf who band together to try to escape crazy breeding-obsessed
dude-wolves.  (Can you see the decline of my language it's late).

You could get a hunter that has to track down a crazed Lycan/werewolf who is targeting ladies and trying to
turn them.

You could get a regular human who befriends a werewolf or Lycan from any of the scenarios above.

Or, if you want, throw some other mystical creature in the mix. 

Near Future & Sci-Fi I like the idea of two individuals who have been experimented upon, probably
for military research, escaping and having to try to sort out their lives.  They don't have any solid memories,
just sort of faded concepts/flashbacks that are all disjointed and don't make sense.

And they'd be like.  Superhuman.  Maybe not superpowers but more like.  Animal abilities?  They can run
fast and are abnormally strong (not like they can punch through walls but just strong) and have incredible
balance and such. 

Magic If you've ever seen the Craft, or American Horror Story Coven, I want to do that sort of witchcraft.
Ritualistic, mother-earth type of shit.  Sisterhoods and such.  Maybe some sort of private school, and you can
throw a teacher and student relationship into the mix?  Pretty rough outline but there you go.

Digimon I do like the concept of "Destined" individuals, but maybe it's not as selective.  More of a
random crapshoot that a Monster is capable of bonding with an individual.  As stated above, they almost
share the same space in the sense that they feel what the other feels to an extent.  If one is sad, so is the other.
One feels pain, so does the other.  If one is incredibly joyful, so is the other.  They cannot be physically apart
without facing consequences of sickness and potential death.  However, their bond also allows the Monster to
adapt to having much more control over its abilities and evolutions unlike its counterparts.  It takes time for
both of them to become calibrated to this sort of model, but once its figured out, its a powerful tool.

It can be a religious/spiritual or biological reason.  Doesn't matter.  I do also like the idea of emotions playing
a huge role (whether its the chemicals/hormones or the pure "essence" or whatever of it) that gives a sort of...
energy?  Power?  I dunno.

Obviously, if military forces catch wind of this they're on the hunt for whomever has this bond.  Brutal experimentation,
hopeful weaponization...  I'd like to start in the real world.  Someone's character on the road, trying to find access to
the other world that their monster companion is from in hopes of also finding safety.

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avocado pits

current stories

when the full moon turns white that's when i'll come home   
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black out days
h a r r y p o t t e r

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avocado pits


I don't have pre-made characters.  There may be traits, histories or names that I recycle, but generally I like to
start from scratch whenever I enter a new story.  Their faces are generally inspired by the following lovely ladies and gentlemen

I don't like playing the innocent.  I like writing characters that have a lot of contradictions, hypocritical,
selfish, moody, neurotic, controlling, obsessive, lives-in-the-moment or lives completely in their heads, addicts,
bitter, narcissistic, cowardly and so on.  If you're looking to play alongside a kind, courageous, beautiful-angel-of-a-lady or handsome-knight-on-a-white-horse-dude I
suggest you look elsewhere.  I like my characters to be faultier than the plumbing at my last apartment.

NOTE:  It has been a REALLY long time since someone has asked me to play a male character.  Aaaand, I'm kind of itching to write one.   8-)  Half of it is an excuse to make graphics for some handsome gentlemen.

*I do not take any credit for images/artwork used
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