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Author Topic: Dramatic Entrance Initiated  (Read 315 times)

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Dramatic Entrance Initiated
« on: July 28, 2014, 02:24:53 AM »

I am currently unavailable, as I have found two lovely ladies to write with.  I may reopen if I feel I have time enough, but for now I shan't be taking further requests.  If you're interested, feel free to send me a message and I will notify you when I have an opening in my schedule.  Thank you very much for looking.

I.  Sci Fi setting, I'm a freighter pilot who discovers a female android locked in an abandoned ship I am trying to salvage.  After accidentally activating her, I discover she's from an alien world which has long since been destroyed. We quickly learn that the local governments are not satisfied with her being in my hands, as she may contain potentially powerful information and technology.  We try to escape their clutches while discovering more about her mysterious past and the race that created her. Taken. Link will be provided later for those interested.

II.  Setting in a Tolkeinesque countryside, I'm a blundering knight who has limited success in my preferred field.  I am employed by you, a strong female adventurer who is constantly trying to make me better, but I'm just so awful at slaying things that it gets very frustrating.  In a last ditch effort before abandoning me, you go with me on a quest, only to find halfway through that I am an integral part of said quest, and that despite my ineptitude, I have an incredible passion.  Maybe I'm not so bad after all?  Maybe you'll crack my skull open like an egg.

III.  You were walking to work from your apartment in Los Angeles.  It was just like any other day, your thoughts were on whether or not Russel from accounting would stop staring at you in that creepy way he had.  But then everything changed.  Your nose starts to bleed profusely.  You don't notice it until you start to see panic on the faces of passersby.  You touch your hand to your nose and see the pooling red liquid in your cupped fingers.  Everything goes black.  You wake up on your back, feeling like you slept for a week.  But instead of being in your apartment, you're naked and in the woods. The forest is like a strange dream; the trees are purple and look like they're crystallized, purple and have exploded into thousands of pieces. The pieces are now floating in the air,  as if time has stopped.  You stare at the madness you've stumbled upon, until the sound of rustling catches your attention, and you realize that someone, or something else is there with you.

IV.  Sci fi setting.  In a vast city carved from the face of an asteroid, I sell less-than-legal weapons for enterprising people.  I create them myself and they cost outrageous prices, which have given me a great deal of freedom, I work mostly with mercenaries and assassins.  You are an agent with the Unified Crime Project, recently transferred to my area specifically to shut me down.  Though your predecessors overlooked my activities because of threats or bribes, you are determined to take me down and bring me to justice.  Hard work and dedication are what got you into this position, and it's likely that things will get really hard in a lot of different positions if you're ever going to stop me.

V. Dublin, Ireland 1854.  I am a man who has made some money as a clockmaker, however there are few people in Ireland after the Great Famine which left the country blighted and empty.  Managing to survive the blight, I was unable to garner passage to America, but the stories I have heard intrigue me.  You are an American woman who stumbles into my shop, having only just left Belfast from London you find our culture to be interesting (your parents were born outside of the UK, somewhere in Europe) and want to learn more, but there are few people around willing to talk to you.   We build a relationship and explore each others' culture through stories, eventually finding that we have much in common.

VI. Central Nevada, USA, year 2623.  World War Three hit in 2354.  We thought it was the end.  Humanity managed to pull itself from the rubble after being reduced to under one billion people.  We rebuilt, we excavated, we learned. We were finally getting along.  Our troubles were behind us.  In 2530, however, we found that we were not alone in the universe.  A ship appeared in the sky over New Tokyo.  It was motionless for an entire year while we tried to figure out what it wanted and what we were supposed to do.  Finally after six months of sitting there, it landed and a single being emerged to tell us that more were coming and that Earth was to be the last refuge for many species who were attacked by something they could only describe as The Great Horror.   The various alien species have helped to improve many aspects of human life and have integrated into everything.  However tensions still run high.  You are a female human scientist who has been working to create an end to hunger.  I am an male alien scientist who is trying to help you.  When we are on the cusp of an incredible breakthrough, we find that we may have little time to think of The Great Horror has discovered earth.

I'm just putting these out there as examples, we don't have to use any of them.

I'm interested in a lot of things, but pairings include.

Pirate x Bounty Hunter (Old school or in space)
Jolly Mercenary x Angry Assassin trying to kill him
Overly serious paladin x Powerful witch who has gone comically far too long without any action
Ex-cop trying to recover from his past x Android trying to find her humanity

I feel like these are more specific than they're "supposed" to be.

If any of this sounds remotely interesting, please reply here or send me a PM.
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