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Started by seeker619, July 26, 2014, 01:16:40 PM

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A young couple not married are living together as they are working on completing a graduate program at the University.  They are suffering the usual malady of being piss poor and one night after a week of exams they are drinking and flipping through late night television where they saw a special on the many odd and unusual fetishes that people have and how much they often wind up paying to have that desire satisfied by either engaging in certain rituals with those they pay or simply by watching there fetish enacted in a video or just a video clip.

The woman screams to her boyfriend, "Shit, it may be weird but if some guy wants to pay me all that money to lick my feet hell he can get in line."

Having been watching it as well he said "Shit there as so many of these things and to satisfy them we could make a fortune and would not even have to engage in sex with any of them.  Maybe we could do write up skits say the foot thing and we could put it up online and sell it for whatever we can get and if it sells we can offer other fetishes as well.  There seems to be a big demand for strip wrestling and we can do it in whatever way sells and you can have the honor of play wrestling me as I strip you and pin you down for good."

She jumped in and said "Well the videos will get us the attention but the real money will be when the die hards want to have the honor of wrestling you or licking my feet.  Maybe we could offer whoever sees the web sight a choice as to what fetish they want to see next."

Well strange as it may seem the idea did not seem as thrilling the next day but they decided to get drunk for the first short wrestling video.  They only sold it for 8 bucks plus shipping but there cost was next to nothing and they sold around a thousand and they took in a profit of $5,000.00 do dollars for a day of filming and a few hundred dollars they laid out for the web page.

They were thrilled but he was not so happy as few woman wanted to play wrestle with him and there were five men who paid $250.00 to roll around and strip his girlfriend for five minutes.

She dismissed his jealousy as childish until he received a request from a wealthy but attractive older woman who was willing to pay $2000.00 for him to play doctor and to pretend to put her under for surgery but instead of having the surgery the doctor was to group her and feel her up for half an hour.

Now she was screaming bloody murder with her jealousy and each was engaged in a plan to make up a role play that would give them the attention and then the high paying fans who would basically do everything with them but have sex.

The role play can revolve around how they deal with the sudden attention and money they find themselves flush with and it would be equally useful in exploring various fetishes.