The challenger (F switch looking for M dom)

Started by elfguy, July 24, 2014, 09:56:06 PM

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In the basement of the Kapa Kapa sorority building at the local public university, every Friday night, there is a naked wrestling competition. A champion stands and challengers arrive to earn glory and money if they manage to beat and humiliate the previous champion. This week, a well known wrestler named Kathy stands in the ring. She has won over many girls and several guys already, and loves to humiliate them. However, this time the challenger that appears will be something different. While he does not look muscular, in fact most spectators laugh when they see him step inside the ring, but he will prove surprisingly agile and resilient. As the match starts, Kathy quickly gets the upper hand, but then only a few moves later her opponent takes control of the fight. Soon, she is on the ground being handled by this challenger, and she finds out that pain can be a turn on also.

For this RP I was thinking of playing Kathy, a muscular, tough girl used to win against even the strongest of men, but then a frail looking guy steps him and destroys her. I'd like to see humiliation, beatings, sexual abuse, and for him to prolong the pain and suffering as long as possible.