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May 27, 2018, 12:30:53 AM

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Author Topic: Sophie's Nonconsensual Cravings: sub f for Dom M or maybe F  (Read 433 times)

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Offline sophiec229Topic starter

This thread might be used for new ideas in the future as they come, but for now there's just the one. Whatever the roleplay, the kind of partner I enjoy playing with will probably remain similar: someone who is strongly dominant and unafraid to take what they want. I'm not looking for affection for my character; my main fetish is corruption. I want to play successful, intelligent women; shy, virgin schoolgirls; or proud, mighty queens... all to be gradually twisted, through some blackmail, coercion or otherwise, until they become your own personal sluts. Whether they enjoy that or not and how soon they come to enjoy it if at all are matters to be discussed and will depend on the specific character or scenario. The scenario in this post is my latest craving, something I've been fantasising about for the last few days, but if you have any other ideas in a similar vein I'd be very glad to hear them out (preferably via a PM).

I haven't got round to making an Ons and Offs thread yet, but for now you can find my RP preferences on my profile, which should suffice for seeing if we might be compatible or not. A few major Ons of mine, to give you a quick idea, are anal, cum and deepthroating.

The Miracle

Themes: coercion, corruption, body modification/transformation

Please read my opening post first, to get an idea of how I write and to introduce the scenario. It has been spoilered just because it's fairly long.

Opening post
"I might not even have a week left to live, we have to take the risk!" exclaimed Dr Sophie Colman to her infuriating American coworker. Her life up until recently been comfortable, successful and with scarce anything to worry about other than completing assignments on time and, when she was younger, going to tennis training. The tall, stunning brunette had been playing since her fifth birthday, quickly standing out from the rest of the children as someone with serious potential, and keeping it up throughout her years in school and higher education. Her parents had been told that she might have the stuff to one day make it to the top. Maybe I could have done, she often thought, though it would have taken committing every last bit of her time and effort to the sport and completely ignoring her other interests.

The young scientist's natural beauty and athletic ability were matched only by her keen and inquisitive mind, the perfect combination of attributes for a woman who wanted to make a profound impression on the scientific community, and she had firmly decided that that was exactly what she wanted to do, with her potential tennis career falling by the wayside, though she still enjoyed playing the sport for leisure and was always in very good shape because of it. In her first year of studying biochemistry at one of the most prestigious of her native England's universities, she had solved a mystery in genetic science that her professors had been trying to unravel to no avail for years. The successes had come thick and fast from that moment on, finally culminating, at the age of only 22, in her remarkable PhD thesis: On The Genetic Reengineering Of The Human Body.

Her proposed machine would allow doctors to change the DNA of the cells in their patients' bodies, in itself nothing new, but the genius was in what happened after that: those cells could then be triggered to renew themselves, reconstruct themselves using the new DNA. Whereas previously any change in the body's genetics couldn't actually have an effect since the cells were already made using the original instructions encoded since a child was conceived, Dr Colman's proposition changed everything. This machine could theoretically reverse genetic diseases such as Cystic Fibrosis and Down Syndrome, in addition to slowing, halting or even potentially reversing the spread of cancers. Her machine was a miracle, and yet she hadn't been able to find a single organisation in all of England, Europe or America who was willing to fund its development into a reality. It was too far beyond its time, they said, it relied on technology that was barely even available, and if it was, it cost a fortune. She had argued back that all she needed was a skilled team of engineers under her instruction and she could make her dream a reality in five years, but nobody had listened.

Nobody except for the King of Saudi Arabia, whose son was purportedly a sufferer of a rare form of muscular dystrophy which would kill him within ten years' time. The vastly wealthy King had searched far and wide for a cure, offering much of the riches his country made from its huge supplies of oil towards the cause. All he had found so far were ways to delay the inevitable by another two or three years, until one of his advisors pointed him to the newly qualified doctor's revolutionary thesis.

That was how Sophie had come to be living and working in an exquisitely well-equipped lab in the King's palace along with a single very accomplished engineer to replace the team she had thought necessary. No matter; as much as she disliked the man's attitude and the way she sometimes caught him leering at her when he thought she wasn't looking, she couldn't deny that he was good at his job. In just three years, they had successfully created a prototype which, if all was well, should have been ready for live tests on mice and similar lab animals. It theoretically worked on humans at this point, too, but the pair had had no mind to test that out until they were more sure of its safety.

But that was before the brain cancer.

Sophie had been suffering from pretty bad headaches recently, but had thought that they were merely due to stress and had told herself to pull herself together, neglecting to mention them to her partner. When they didn't get any better after a long time, however, she had decided that a diagnosis was necessary and, trusting in her own knowledge better than any medical doctor's, she had performed an X-ray scan of her head using some of the many resources available to her in her Saudi lab, and had been shocked to discover a brain tumour, big, sinister and unmistakably cancerous. She had known then that only a miracle could prevent her from dying within the next month. Luckily, a miracle was on hand.

The idea is that you play the coworker. Attracted to the beautiful scientist but resentful of the fact that she's in charge and she's turned away any attempts he's made at hitting on her, he decides to take advantage of the misogynistic laws of Saudi Arabia to force her to do as he says.

In Saudi Arabia, every woman is required by law to have a male guardian, usually a brother, father or husband. The woman isn't allowed to travel, work, or pretty much do anything important without the approval of her guardian. If your character went to the Arabs who are paying for the westerners' work and suggested that Dr Colman required a guardian since she's only a weak woman and is emotionally compromised due to her illness, they'd surely agree and legally bind her to him, meaning that she couldn't go anywhere on her own without being arrested, and he would have the rights to her body: forced sex with her wouldn't count as rape.

I don't like just plain rape, however, so instead he'd make a deal with her: if she complies to a change in how things are run in the lab, he'll let her go once their work there is done. Otherwise, he'll rape her anyway then force her into an awful marriage to a Saudi from which she can never escape, destroying her life completely.

I would like if the things he makes her do are somewhat subtle at first: making her wear more revealing clothes, perform little strip dances for his entertainment, etc. He could make use of the machine to manipulate her body to be more appealing to him: enlarge her breasts, change her hair colour, soften her toned muscles, shrink her height, and many more things (though I do have a couple of personal limits when it comes to that, namely no non-human transformation and no alteration of her brain). Of course, she's the geneticist; he would have to force her to do the hard work to tailor her own body to his desires. He could alter himself too, making his penis bigger, increasing his semen production, even putting into it all the nutrients that a pathetic little cumwhore such as Dr Sophie Colman would require to live on...

Eventually, I see Sophie becoming his utterly debauched slut and loving her new life, having always been a submissive inside but unwilling to see it through her silly scientific ambition. She'd hate him at first, but her body would begin to betray her, becoming aroused by humiliation and degradation, until she finally admitted to herself what she was.

My preference would be for discussing details over PMs or chat and playing on the forum, but I'd be fine to play over a different medium too if you'd prefer. I shall be looking forward to any responses!