Family Fortune (Favors the Bold) [MFM or MF; BDSM; Cyberpunk; Incest; Seeking M]

Started by Cerevan, July 24, 2014, 01:16:19 AM

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Family Fortune (Favors the Bold)
you are a terribly real thing in a terribly false world, and that, i believe, is why you are in so much pain

Setting :

In the city of New Haven dystopia hasn't quite settled in yet. People have food on the table and reasonable hope for better lives. Still rebellion murmurs at the edge of things. The elite have been in power for well over a century, and the cities have only gotten more crowded, dirtier, harder. Desperation has crept into the dark places of the world, and given another few years things may erupt into open rebellion. While the ruling elite are aware of this and attempt to stem the tide, there's still many who dance through their glittering world of parties without the slightest clue that it might soon be shattered.

  • The City : New Haven is a bustling metropolis of roughly five million people in the area that we would currently call the "northwest" of the United States. Glittering with lights and is set alongside the Pacific, it's long been considered the crown jewel of the west coast. The Upper Ring is the stomping grounds of the elite, while the Lower Rings house the rabble and occasionally cater to the more exotic tastes of the upper classes.

  • The Elite : Those known for their wealth and power are numerous. From young upstarts to old families, it's a whirlwind of debauchery and intrigue that never quite pauses. If such an circus of pleasure and pain can be considered to have a ringmaster, it would be the Kavanaghs. The oldest family in New Haven, they've hoarded their power for decades and have only grown in influence. Unseating them would likely lead to the ruin of the entire city as it upset the delicate balance holding New Haven aloft. Alas that the next most powerful family, the Tyrens, don't particularly care about upsetting the balance if it means winning the metaphorical throne...

     Kinks & Oddments :

  • Kinks : Incest. Bondage. Collaring. Master(s)/pet. Discipline. Sensual pain. Orgasm control. Deep throating. Enforced chastity. Mild exhibitionism. Controlling/possessive behavior. Breeding/impregnation.

  • & Oddments : True Love. Anarchy & rebellion. High class gangs. Dystopia. Political intrigue. Class divide. Class warfare.

     Story :

It's the event of the season. One of the famed indulgence parties known for being a testament to all the best debauchery that money and power can purchase. Though Aisling Kavanagh has never been one for such things, this night finds her following along with one of her anarchist friends Peregrin. Convinced to play as his pet for a laugh she soon learns that there are consequences for this seemingly harmless bit of fun. Here, dressed as a pet and grown into her womanhood, Aisling attracts the attention she's always craved...and they've decided it's time to mold her into a true pet, their pet, and damn the consequences.

World Building Note : Both Option A and Option B have a more political edge to them. They take place primarily (if not entirely) in the Upper Ring and in the glamor of the elite. A good comparison would be Shakespeare or Game of Thrones for the level of intrigue. Option C could focus more on the class divide, have more scenes set in the Lower Rings, and contain a grittier and more violent edge to things.

Pairing Note : I would like to note that all of these options are also open for a single male, as opposed to the twins. Adjustments would be made accordingly. There is also a possibility of keeping the MFM angle but making the men unrelated.

  • Option A.1 : Kavanagh Twin #1 (M, Dominant) x Aisling Kavanagh (F, submissive) x Kavanagh Twin #2 (M, Dominant)
The Kavanagh twins are the pride of the family. Groomed to take over and rule this glittering city, they seem born for the task. If they've a weak spot, it's always been their younger sister. As for Aisling, her older brothers are her world. They alone silence the monsters that stalk her mind. In the years since her kidnapping she's tried to mold herself into someone worthy of their notice. All peace she knew was found when held between them. The party changes everything. If Aisling was a weak spot before, she's now both target and asset. If the Kavanagh family is to stay in power, then these siblings will have to bring the city to its knees.

  • Option B : Tyren Twin #1 (M, Dominant) x Aisling Kavanagh (F, submissive) x Tyren Twin #2 (M, Dominant)
The Tyren twins have been raised hungry for power. In a city about to fall to its decadent end, they see promise that goes unfulfilled under the rule of the Kavanagh family. Practically since they could talk they've been plotting the downfall of the rival family, with only minor for one. Six years ago they captured the heiress to the Kavanaghs, a small girl with large eyes. Her capture dealt a great blow to their hated rivals but her timid attempts to connect with them brought both to their knees. Now years later at a party, the pet who got away is back and seemingly taunting them. What better way to claim both power and contentment than to take her?

  • Option C : Rebel Twin #1 (M, Dominant) x Aisling Kavanagh (F, submissive) x Rebel Twin #2 (M, Dominant)
The rebels grew up in slums. Down in the gutter it was easy to hate the stars above with their parties and their luxuries. Some people still like to pretend things are going to get better, but the twins know the truth. Things aren't going to get better until someone makes it better. Admittedly sneaking into an indulgence party disguised as the help in order to make their mark and put some fear into the upper crust isn't wholly moral...but then there's the Kavanagh girl, making a mockery of the all-but-named-slavery the lower classes endure on a daily basis. They save her from one problem only to claim her as their own. It's a hell of a mark to make. New Haven will never be the same again.

     Seeking :

Player(s) for the twins or a single male of any of the above options. Would prefer character(s) be extremely possessive and dominant, though how this is displayed is up to the player(s). While romantic/sexual attraction between the twins would be appreciated, it is not considered necessary. Otherwise, personality and traits are entirely up to the player(s). Character(s) can be older or younger than Aisling. Alternate face claims may be suggested, particularly in the case of a single male, or two males who are not related.

Player(s) must have some interest in world building, semi-realistic BDSM, and at least minor plotting OOC via PM or YIM. (I'm always open to PMs and can usually be found on YIM with the same handle as E.) Obviously, high quality writing is also a necessity, though I promise I'm flexible on this quarter. I do not care about real life gender or sexuality of player(s). I also don't particularly care how much "experience" you have with cyberpunk...simple willingness to play in this genre is enough for me!

Interest in this RP in particular can be noted on the thread or via PM. If you are interested, please include which option you prefer, if there are any adjustments you would want to see right off the bat, and any other pertinent information you feel like including.

Aisling :

Name: Aisling Kavanagh

Age: twenty two

Appearance: Standing a mere 5'3" and only 120 pounds when soaking wet, Aisling gives the impression of great delicacy. Her dark hair is prone to waves and curls which she generally leaves natural, though when working on something she does tend to throw it up in messy buns. Hazel eyes are surrounded by sooty dark lashes, giving her a piercing stare that tends to leave people uncomfortable. Freckles are scattered across her cheeks and the rest of her body. When asked they say things like innocent, restrained, and alert.

Personality & History: For a child of the most powerful family in New Haven, she had a surprisingly quiet childhood. This all changed when she was kidnapped at the age of sixteen by the Tyren family. She spent several months in captivity that broke her spirit in many ways. Finally returned to her family's embrace, she was left with a shaky grasp on her sense of self and a series of nightmares that plagued her. Over the years she began to recover.

Quiet and observant, Aisling has spent most of her life on the sidelines of her large and powerful family. Never one to play the political games that so occupy those of her set, yet she knows more about the movements of those around her than almost anyone else. Behind her polite facade is a sharp mind and an even sharper tongue. She tries to stay strong, or at least unobtrusive, so that she will not bring shame onto her family. Yet part of her, a large part, simply wants to submit to the will of someone who can both protect her and mold her.


     Update 07/25/14

Clarified the Story and Seeking sections. Added a new MF concept for each Option in Story. Included the "starter" concept for each Option in Story.