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Author Topic: (AU) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT Genderbent) 3/4 F needed 2M needed  (Read 12847 times)

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Offline Garuss VakarianTopic starter

3 or 4 more females. 2 more males.

 (Note: All characters involved are of the the thinking ages of consent. And or older. Please do not let the word Teenage in the name make you think of this request as one for characters that are prepubescent. . I repeat: This thread follows Eliquiy's rules.)

The air is silent, and The night began to push late into the twelve o'clock mark. The street's were empty, and one would assume that there is peace and quiet. But in reality, the silence is all to familiar, and just as sinister. Normally, gang's would be using the cover of darkness. But, not many would dare risk it in these parts of new York. Few can go toe to toe with Them, and even then, the stronger gang's know not to mess with Them. They are organized, strong, and in great number. One could barely even call them a gang. If anything, The Foot Clan, is it's own Mob. And all of New York City is it's playground. But more accurately, they are an army. With one leader. A ghost, a women that does not exist. But still drives fear into her foes.

The foot clan has it's fair share of kid's, teen's, punks, delinquents. All just as rowdy, just as loud.  But, also their fare share of elite's. Each hand picked to go up in their ranks. From common street thug. To Foot Ninja. Trained to serve under their master, and if need be die for her nefarious ends.

Strange days indeed, and more strange sight's are to be found in the street's of New York. From the pollution of strange substances have come strange being's. Mutants. Being's derived from random accident, and strange twist's of fate. Some, maybe created on purpose? None the less. From mob's, to mutant gang's, to strange nefarious ninja. The street's have become deadly, riddled with violence. Life barely being able to go on as normal. With the effort's of the NYPD, as well as military and government support. New York has successfully avoided being a war zone, or being walled off from the rest of the country. Both of which, are still a high possibility. The greatest of threat's, lives in the shadows. The foot clan, and their Master Shredder. As well, as in the hands of fate. Where strange event's both alien and absurd loom around the corner. But as evil loom's in the cover of night, So does this city's only true hero's. Four beings, that lurk in the shadows. And fight the corruption brought about by Gang's, Mutants, and the evil Shredder. But, destined to face what not only threatens the good people of new york, but the world. They may be teenagers. But these hero's have promise. They are mutants, ninja's, but most of all Sister's.

Hello, my name is Jesse. You may call me Gar, Garuss, Jess, Jesse, or JB. None the less, it is a pleasure to meet you all. Before I begin explaining my idea. Allow me to point out. That I have very little requirements. But what I do require is. 1. I understand what your writing (Grammar is not an issue but, nonsensical writing is. If I dont understand what you mean, then I will ask you to explain. So please dont be insulted when I ask you via PM.) 2. Write in paragraph's, or depending on the situation one paragraph is ok. 3. Are patient with me, and with others. Originaly, this was and still is a One on One request. A friend of mine suggested trying it out as a group, and I am going to take her up on that suggestion.

I recently came across a drawing of the Ninja Turtles as females. And, then consecutively another. This peeked my interest, and with a bit of research. I also found a series of hentei pictures by the artist Flick. Which inspires me with this unique idea! Who wants do an AU TMNT where characters have their gender's switched? This would be a small group, requiring at least four or five people. (Or, a few people, whom are willing to play multiple characters.) I however, would be the GM. Playing the villains, the side characters, and a character of my own whom meets the Turtles.

Characters: So essentialy, most of the cast now are female characters. Not all have to be, but a good percentage do. This is a list of characters that need to be filled in as female characters. (Note: I am using art by Chochi for this list: Feel Free to see all of his art. He is pretty Good.

Needs filled:
Master Splinter
Casey Jones (Male/Or female.)

Other possibilities: (Characters where it would be awesome to see as females, but dont have to be.)
Shredder (Could be male or female.)
Rat Queen (could still be Rat King as a Male. or be a female.
Verna : (Or vernon. Can be male or female.)

Appearances: I leave character appearance up to you all. Especially with characters like Casey, or Shredder. Whom both wear a mask in their drawings.

Names: Names are open to change based upon the swapped gender.

Personalities: I leave it up to your preferences. After all, they will be your characters. And it is AU. But, please do keep them recognizably the same. Casey is a hot head from the bronx, Michelangelo is an air head who try's to enjoy life to the fullest, Donatello is a reserved and shy person with the largest IQ. Raphael is a brash, and aggressive hot head with a tendency to jump the gun, go lone wolf, lose his/her cool or get angry (As well as into a berserk rage for the people (S)he loves.) ETC.

Ages: I think it would be best to keep the turtles 18. But, I am not apposed to 17, or 16. Since they normally keep separate ages. Besides, After all it is just fantasy, and story telling. But please keep in mind I generally try not to role play things that are morally and legally wrong. And that is why Rape is a maybe for me. And, even though I enjoy it in story's and some sexual situations, characters of the ages 16 or 17 are also a maybe. Drug use is ok in some scenes, and depends on the context.

Story wise, I was hoping we can start with my characters first contact with them. Or, we can start it off with him knowing them for some time, that is if you want to skip some character/relationship building. And move straight into creating a story. As well as moving on to the action, and smut sooner. Both routes are fine by me, but I would rather start with the first option. Since character/relationship building is fun for me!

As for the Tone. I would like to mainly capture the gritty tone of the comic books. But, it still keeping a lot of humor, and lively personality we have come to know and love from the cartoons. Sort of a mix between the cartoons and the comics. It has it's funny moments. While the rp stick's with a story that still has a focus on being gritty, realistic and dark. I hope my writing prompt in the beginning, gives an idea.

Possible Kink's (Besides the more mundane.): Anthropomorphism. Tentacles. Mutants. Aliens. Non Con. Light Blood Play. Breath/choking play. Light bdsm. Femdom. Male dom. Male sub. Multiple M to one F. Multiple F to one M. Group/orgy. ETC (Use your imagination, feel free to request.)

possible Adult themes that may be in this plot include, and are not limited to: Sex, substance abuse, Acts of theft or arson, Death, murder, Blood, gore, violence, cursing, Psychological trauma. ETC.

Male characters: I originally made this idea to play as a gm with a partner. But, with a friends suggestion to forming this idea as a group. I was hoping for it to be female characters, with me as a gm around them. But a friend has brought it to my attention, that it would be unfair of me not to allow others to play males. I agree, it would be unfair. But, I want to keep the number of people in this role play to a comfortable number, within the 6 to 9 player range at most (But players doubling up is a huge plus.) So that the pace is fair, and no one is rushed. So, I will scarcely allow males. Canons like Bebop, Rocksteady, etc are open. I am willing to allow some one to play Shredder as a male, but would prefer to keep her a female. And, I will allow oc's. But I would have to leave a limited door open. Sorry if I seem selfish, but the idea requires a good amount of female characters. So, if your interested in playing a male, speak now.

Mutagen: Mutagen, and the nature of it is currently un known to any characters. If seen, it is only seen as or identified as some kind of strange oooz.

Open Slot's
April: Frozen Star
Leo: open
Mikey: Open
Raph: open
Donny: Carnival of The Goat
Splinter: Pendarous
Casey Jones (Female/or Male): open
Shredder (Female) : Empryan
Krang: Luaghing Hyena
Rat Queen/King:
Irvin/Urma: Garuss Vakarion
Verna/Vernon: Open

Oc Males:
Slot one: open
Slot two: open

Character sheet: (Keeping it simple since most characters would be an original version of a canon.)

Race: (Human/Mutant)
Side: (Is your character with the Turtles? A villain? Or an independent like Casey was in the beginning?)
Short Bio: (Though it could be more verbose, if you wish to make it larger.)
Theme: (If you want one. A theme is allowed. ^^ )

Random NSFW

Flick's art: NSFW
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« Last Edit: July 27, 2014, 12:06:45 am by Garuss Vakarian »

Online Laughing Hyena

I'll speak up and declare a male character(s). Probably one of the villains. Who wants some Dimension X Brains~!? ^_^
« Last Edit: July 22, 2014, 04:35:00 am by Laughing Hyena »

Offline pendarious

.....I'm kinda thinking....I may go for Splinter....maybe.

Offline Garuss VakarianTopic starter

Well, I am glad to have interest! Thank you Pendarious. Splinter would be needed, if you want to play her. But, since you said maybe, I wont jump to conclusions on your offer. You can still play whoever you want, just let me know who whenever your ready to chose.

Laughing Hyena: I am not exactly sure what you meant. Could have been an OC? Or the villain Krang? I sent a pm asking.

Any way, added a character sheet up in the main post.

Offline pendarious

you know what? yeah I'll play splinter.

Online Laughing Hyena

Yes I was wanting to play the Kraang or at the very least a male version of Karai or male Shredder. Mostly because having the villains vein male works for the concept of this fetish setup.

Offline CarnivalOfTheGoat


My pen slipped.

Offline MissFire

I'd be interested in playing Mikey, if there's going to be more than one male character involved. Like, can Casey Jones be a male? Or Splinter?

Offline CarnivalOfTheGoat

I confess to having had kind of a momentary lady-boner for Mikey there (which is why I drew her, though I didn't make that clear), but I s'pose I could work with Donnie instead.

The freckles! The cuteness! It BUUUUURNS!

Offline Garuss VakarianTopic starter

Edit: Seeing now your question Missfire: Yes, Casey can be a male. But I would have liked to see how that character would look, and work as a female instead. Though yes Casey is an option for the males if they want. I only put him/her in characters needed since, Casey was always an important human ally.  As for splinter, I needed to make sure he was a she since it plays more towards the switch in gender. As well it messes with the flow of the sistership. It just feels more right if he was a she, much like "Her" daughters. You following me? Sorry if I was confusing.

Well none the less, I am happy for both your interest's. Carnival as Donny, and Missfire as Mikey. Ok, I got it dotted down up there so people know who's open or not.

By the way Carnival, ;) I must say. Let your pen slip more often. It's amazingly obvious that amazing things come out of it. You did pretty good with that sketch. How long did it take to make it? An hour? Half an hour?

Oh, and Donnie is still a great pick. Who doesn't like a shy girl with freckles. ;) . Well, thats assuming this will be a shy donnie.

Pendarious: And thank you for deciding on Splinter. That was one of the roles I was worried would be hardest to find interest. Turns out, it was one of the first. :) . Now the most difficult would be Casey. *Sighs.* Lol.
« Last Edit: July 22, 2014, 06:49:53 pm by Garuss Vakarian »

Offline pendarious

np splinter was always my favorite character fallowed by a certain mad scientist and his little mechanical terrors

Offline Garuss VakarianTopic starter

np splinter was always my favorite character fallowed by a certain mad scientist and his little mechanical terrors

Ha ha, him and his mechanical terrors. Baxter also turned out to give himself a. Uhem... Ugly face.  More specificaly a bug face.

Made edit's: On character options I made it clear that Casey and Shredder can be male or female. As well, I added Vernon, Urma, and the Rat King as options. With pictures provided as examples as female versions.

Offline MissFire

I will be dropping out of this game. Have fun and good luck to everyone else.

Offline Garuss VakarianTopic starter

I understand Miss Fire, we would hate to see you go. But we understand and respect your wishes. ^^

Online Laughing Hyena

Name: Kraang Prime
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Age: Unknown
Race: Alien
Side: Villain
Short Bio: Kraang Prime is the leader of the Kraang, a sophisticated alien hive mind that walks amongst their experiments in plain sight. Disguised as the species they infiltrate the infrastructure of modern civilization. His thralls are many, his resources vast and has seen success in countless worlds. A conqueror of worlds to the very core whom has made his army and empire out of the many who fell before him.
Personality: Ambitious at his core Kraang Prime is a megalomanic whom seems himself as a god and it is hard to deny such claims with his track record. With a great appetite for luxuries and vices of all sorts, as emperor of the hive empire, he savors victory every chance he can and does everything in his power to ensure things go his way. There is no trick too devious, no low to which he won't stoop and to those whom try to get in his way, know he is indeed full of wrath and more than willing to bring them a fate worse than death itself.

Offline Empyrean

I think I'd be interested in playing a female Shredder.

Offline Garuss VakarianTopic starter

Well then Empyrean. I will list you off as shredder then.

Thank you Heyena for making your character sheet. :) . I appreciate keeping it need to know, given who and what Kraang is and what he can potentially provide, given the right imagination and direction.

Online Laughing Hyena

Name: Oroku Karai
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Age: 20
Race: Human
Side: The Foot
Short Bio: Abducted as a baby when the foot came for the Hamato clan after refusing to join the Foot, he was raised by the Shredder as her own son. Trained in the ways of the ninja with Shredders twisted ideals firmly in place. He is well within his mothers gaze and always is struggling to do right by her and show his devotion to the family. As a member of the inner circle he is a devoted follower and a loyal one at that. For Splinter is not just the Shredders sworn enemy but Karai's as well thanks to the machinations of Shredder.
Personality: Loyal and determined, Karai is a fierce adversary and woe to those whom mean harm to his remaining family. Family comes first for Karai and will put enjoyment on hold for the responsibilities he bears. In a battle that harbors no grudge, he will quip and tease his opponent, eager to bait them out. However in a serious blood feud he becomes exceptionally cold blooded and ruthless, willing to end the fight in a ferocious fashion.

Offline Garuss VakarianTopic starter

 8-) Accepted.
« Last Edit: July 24, 2014, 08:17:24 pm by Garuss Vakarian »

Offline Empyrean

I'll try to have a pic and brief bio up for Shredder tonight or tomorrow.

Online Chaeronea

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Is there room for a male Casey Jones in this game?

Offline Vercile



Name: April O'Neil
Age: 21
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Side: TMNT
Brief Biography:

April O'Neil is a reporter for Channel 6 News, with a strong nature and passion for her work and frequently expressing disagreement with her employer Burne Thompson's assignments. She also fell out repeatedly with Vernon Fenwick, the director/camera operator whose enormous ego compelled him to scoop April on her stories whenever possible. April's best friends with Irma Langinstein, the receptionist at Channel 6. Living in an apartment in New York City.
« Last Edit: August 14, 2014, 08:00:17 pm by Frozen Star »

Offline Empyrean

Real Name: Oroku Saya
Legal/Assumed Name: Aikawa Naoko
Alias: Shredder
Age: 34
Race: Human
Short Bio: The Shredder's true name and past have been lost. What is known is that she came from obscurity to dominate Japan's ninja clans and crime syndicates. This shadowy woman has accomplished in a few short years what many thought was impossible, but she's not content with that. She's spread her tendrils into New York, seeking dominion there and letting nothing get in her way.
« Last Edit: July 28, 2014, 09:26:03 am by Empyrean »

Online Chaeronea

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Name: Casey Jones
Age: 24
Race: human
Gender: male
Side: independent vigilante (probably Turtles later)
Short Bio: Born in the rough part of Brooklyn Casey grew up in a small apartment with his parents. His mother had a taste for cheap booze from whatever bottle happened to be handy, and his father had a taste for cheap thrills from beating up his son whenever he felt frustrated or weak, which happened pretty often for a thug with a rap sheet as long as his arm. Casey learned to fight back, first in the schoolyard and then in a boxing gym run by a man who became a father figure to him. When his mentor was killed Casey became a vigilante and went after the killers, determined to gain revenge.
Personality: Casey thinks of himself as a tough-guy hero in the likes of Batman or Dirty Harry. In the rough part of Brooklyn where he grew up, to quote the man himself, 'you grew up tough, grew up a bitch or never grew up'. He sees the world in black and white, good guys and bad, right and wrong. While he won't beat up someone who isn't involved in a fight Casey has no second thoughts about using excessive violence on an opponent.

Yup, pretty close to canon, but what the hey. So is this okay, Garuss?

Pendarious, are you playing Splinter as female or male?

Offline pendarious

splinter is female.

when I find a pic I like I'll get a character sheet up *shrugs*