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Author Topic: saphireMARIE's Idea's [F for F or Futa]  (Read 1816 times)

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saphireMARIE's Idea's [F for F or Futa]
« on: July 20, 2014, 05:05:50 AM »
~Words of Warning~

If you have bothered clicking on to this request page its likely that you are looking to do a story with me or your considering doing one at the least. If you are willing to play either Futa or Female then you are off to a good start as I will play opposite anyone willing to do either - though sorry I do not MxF stories. Now as much as anybody I am here for the sexual side of stories but I do love it if we have a plot as well - after all plots do make sense most of the time.

An ideal partner for me is anybody who is in to dom sub relationships, vanilla relationships and well basically anything other than feet. I hate feet. With a passion. I do like good grammar but it isn't essential with me, as long as I can understand your post then I am willing to play.

Still interested, then look below for my idea's :3

If you find something you like please PM me.

Red writing are current cravings.


*- The side of the pairing I prefer.






*Princess/Queen(Mother or stepmother or even a royal friend.)





~Picture Prompts~
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« Reply #1 on: July 20, 2014, 05:14:48 AM »
~Can A Therapist save my relationship? ~

Content: Bondage to Extreme, (Potential Non-Con) FxF

Scenario:MC has been saving herself for marriage, even though she has had some darker desires she has chosen to save herself for the woman she loves. She recently agreed to marry the woman she loves, and she is overjoyed at this notion but has quickly realised that she has no idea how to please said woman. Perhaps the woman she is in love with is a domme or perhaps she just wants the girl to have a little more experience after a failed first night together… either way she recommends a sex therapist to her impressionable lover. After some persusasion MC agrees to go, and after an initial meeting they decide to work on MC’s newly discovered submissive traits until she is a better lover.

Setting: Modern.

Requirements: I would like to play the person attending therapy, and have someone play against as the therapist and potentially the lover depending on how far the story goes.

Other information: This could get quite extreme if that's what you want, or it could simply be practising bondage and how to please a woman.

~Mommy's Troubled Girl and Daddy's Little Brat~

Content: Bondage to Extreme, possibly light if the right partner. (Potential Non-Con)

Scenario: MC loves her parents, they always seemed like the perfect couple. She knew if she came home needing comfort her mother would hold her for however long she needed, and her father was always there if she needed him. When she left for college she had missed them, though admittedly she hadn't made as much of an effort to contact them as she should. One day she gets a phone call from a family friend asking if her father was okay... something had happened and they hadn't told her. She got on the first flight home, only to find out her father was ill. He would recover, but he had been ill for a while.

MC feels betrayed, like her mother and father have been hiding secrets from her all of her life. What was it behind the locked door in their house? Why didn't her mother want to tell her about everything? She decides to stay home, completing a semester online so she can see that her mother is safe. What she doesn't realise is her mother and father were looking for ways to seduce their daughter without sending her running for the hills, as this was never planned but their daughter was clearly something they both desired.

Will MC allow this to happen?

Setting: Modern.

Requirements: I am looking to play the daughter. I am thinking both parents are dom's and they want the daughter to submit to them both, maybe they are swingers? I would like to focus more on the FxF element, with FxFxM rather than a huge focus being on FxM.

Other information: I am thinking MC can either be adopted or be biological.

~Auntie's Trouble Maker~

Content: Bondage to Extreme, possibly light if the right partner.

Scenario: MC's family has found that due to things that they cannot control they are unable to afford a vacation for themselves and their daughter (MC) - this may be that they are working or it may just be that they have just not got the money to do so. So during her vacation from school (based off the UK's six week summer holiday) MC gets sent to visit her Aunt as a vacation. Despite the fact that said Aunt isn't always around to keep her company MC enjoys her vacation... often choosing to dive in to her personal smut collection (novels and possibly some DVD's). I envision that MC gets caught by her Aunt, who can either choose to punish her or pursue the opportunity that has been created by her niece.

Setting: Modern.

Requirements: I am looking for a FxF or FxFuta pairing, I do not mind the gender of the writer. I would also like to be playing the niece.

~Internet Dating~


Scenario:They had been talking online for a while, and after a couple of months they had agreed to meet up at MC's house, as it meant that they could spend time in a comfortable setting getting to know each other. Only problem is, MC was expecting a male, so when you turn up she becomes edgy, claiming she is straight and this is all a big missunderstanding. The only problem is, your in to deep and you want her, so you knock her out and make sure she understands she is yours.

Setting:Modern or Futuristic.

Requirements: Dominant woman to play the online counterpart.

Other Info:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I got the idea for this from this image, so technically it is not my own but I would love to try and play it out.

~The Whore House~

Content: Bondage (min) to Extreme (depending on partner)

Scenario:Everybody who was anybody in the BDSM community of the city knew about this hotel, but nobody admitted to going there for fear of loosing a reputation. Every room at the hotel had a submissive girl tied up in it, ready to be beaten or pleased. The girl could be used for one night, or however long was paid for by the client, and when it was over the client could decide what they wanted - to buy the girl or have her punished for not pleasing them well enough.

Setting: Modern

Requirements:A dominant woman to choose how to use and abuse one of the submissive women (or more).

Other Info: There could be several ways this could go, a woman who genuinely wanted to abuse a woman or it could be that a woman walked in and didn't know exactly what the hotel was for.

~The Auction~

Content: Bondage to Extreme (depending on partner)

Scenario: After the uprising everything had changed, the rich ruled and if you didn't get money fast you were bought down. The hours you were forced to work were long and hard, not to mention that half the time the pay wasn't worth bothering. But if you didn't abide by the rules punishment was quick and harsh, often worth death purely for defying the Master or Mistress of your town.

Often young women and men were put in to auction by their parents at the age of sixteen, occasionally eighteen. Some were bought as maids, others sex slaves. They would be punished for disobeying and often severely hurt by their owner. But once they were under protection of the mistress or master nobody else could touch them without permission, for death was the punishment.

She was being put in to the auction that day, they had stripped her down and beat her when she tried to defy them. They humiliated her in the hopes of breaking her and then she was put in front of everyone... would anybody want to buy her?

Setting: Futuristic, Possible War Zone

Requirements: Dom character and female/futa character

Other info: I am looking to play the slave here, but I might at a push  play the owner for the right person.

~ Boss by day, Bitch by Night. ~

Content:Bondage to Extreme

Scenario:She's the owner of the company you work at, and she’s a fucking bitch when she wants to be. If she wants you to do something it gets done otherwise you risk invoking the bitchiest woman you know. One day she forces you to go to an event with her after work; it’s to sell some of the products you make in the company. She flirts with everybody and gets them to you - the one who actually knows the product.

But after the event it’s clear you're both a little bit more than tipsy. She books you both in to the hotel, but there’s only one room with a double bed which you would need to share. Maybe now is the time to break your prudish bitch of a boss down, and make her yours.

Setting: Modern, Office.

Requirements: Dom Preferably.

Other info: I am looking to play the employer in this scenario.

~ I really need my friend. ~

Content: Light to Bondage.

Scenario: She felt like she was alone, nobody could really care for her now, she was just a little girl in their eyes. The only person she had felt cared was her best friend, and that’s what she was looking for now. She wasn’t looking for somebody to tell her she was going to be okay after her break up – she was looking for cuddles an somebody to love. That’s what you do when your hurt right? You go to your best friend. Who would have guessed that said best friend has a few hidden secrets?

Setting: Modern.

Requirements: None.

Other info: None.

~ I am Sorry. ~

Content: Bondage

Scenario: She had always been bullied by the people in her year, she was the typical girl for being bullied really. She was quiet and did her best to blend in to the background, but there was always somebody there to hurt her. Everybody wanted to hurt her in the end. But after years of bullying from the most popular girl in her year she had finally stood up to her in the middle of the lunch hall... and publicly embarrassed her bully.

But her bully didn't take it lying down, she didn't drop her little game... no she had gone after the quiet girl when she was alone, she took her and now she was going to get what she always wanted, she was going to get herself a new little pet.

Setting: Modern School

Requirements: All Characters 16 +

Other info: I would prefer to play the child being bullied but I will do the bully if asked.

~ I may deny that I want it... but I lie ~

Content: Non Consensual.

Scenario: She was no longer aware of how long she had been tied up in the basement, she wasn't even sure if it was day or night. The gag in her mouth had long since been covered in her saliva and she was beginning to wonder what on earth this woman had planned. After all it was not every day you found yourself tied up in a woman's basement awaiting her next move. But that's where she was right now, and thats exactly what she was doing. Each time she came down the woman would deny the attraction, deny wanting her kidnapper... but secretly... that's all she ever wanted.

Setting: Modern, Country side.

Requirements: Dom.

Other info: I would prefer to play the person being kidnapped.

~ Mommy Never Told Me This. ~

Content: Light to Extreme (Could be anything really)

Scenario: A young mother had taken drastic measures soon after her daughter was born, she knew that the two of them would struggle to live with the amount of money she had and with the father out of the picture she was the only one available to support the child. So in a fit of desperation she looked in to a quick way of making money - starring in a porno.

For some reason when the mother had recieved a copy she found it beneficial to keep it, maybe just as a memory of what she would do for her baby. But one day when her daughter has grown up she finds the DVD and confronts her mother. How will the mother deal with the shocking revelation of her baby knowing her darkest secret?

Setting: Modern.

Requirements: Willing to play mother.

Other info: None.

~ Daughter Please Be Quiet. ~

Content: Bondage to Extreme (Could be anything really)

Scenario: A young girl (16-17) has been having a hard time at school, her mother has been telling her off, and generally pushing her daughter to do well. But the youngster isn't taking it well, if anything she is just growing more and more aggravated with her mother. She wanted to have her own free time, a time to de-stress instead of have more and more pressure added to her. Of course her mother hadn't realized this, and when the younger woman gets dumped by her girlfriend she goes to her mother for comfort, only for her mother to end up angered by the response her little girl has had to the recent events, and decide to force her to submit to the changes. 

Setting: Modern.

Requirements: Willing to play mother.

Other info: None.

~ Naughty Teacher ~

Content: Bondage to Extreme

Scenario: Everybody in class is becoming aware of how frustrate their teacher is, she seems to be increasingly snappy and without  person to care for them they seem to be getting closer and closer to breaking point. However as the teacher begins to realize just how much this is effecting her students she does her best to pinpoint the reason for this problem. She quickly discovers it to be a young girl in her class, she wants her more than she wanted anybody in a long time. Maybe it was time for her to begin a seduction.

So with this in mind the teacher quickly gets a hold of the student's number. When she has it she begins to send provocative pictures to the girl, wondering what this might amount to. Of course the next day the girl confronts her, now its the teachers chance to get what she had been wanting all this time. It was time for her to take the girl.

Setting: Modern.

Requirements: Willing to play teacher.

Other info: None.

~ Helping Mommy Out ~

Content: Anything from Light to Extreme.

Scenario: Her mother was having trouble paying their rent and the landlords a very impatient lady. She had agree to wait for the last three months rent but by the fourth month its getting serious and the mom is desperate to find a way to pay off her debt. So the landlady makes an agreement with the mother. She will forget all the problems with the rent and the money for the comings months in exchange for one simple thing. Her 16 year old daughter. The mother readily agrees to this, forcing her daughter to agree and do as she asks for the landlady. Whilst she herself doesn't want this she wants to protect her mother so she agree's and she slowly finds herself giving in to the landlady.

Setting: Modern.

Requirements: Somebody willing to play the Land Lady.

Other info: None.

~ I-I think I might Like Women. ~

Content: Anything from Light to Extreme.

Scenario: A woman around twenty has been solely straight for sometime now, even to the point of protesting against the "queers." But when she recieves an internship at her dream job, and her boss is a gorgeous older woman with a taste for younger girls...she might just change her mind.

Setting: Modern.

Requirements: Willing to play boss.

Other info: The idea here is a bit of coercion, and the progression of their relationship.
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Re: saphireMARIE's Idea's [F for F or Futa]
« Reply #2 on: January 03, 2015, 01:35:36 PM »

Added: New Picture prompts,
The Whore House
Internet Dating

Removed: Two Picture prompts

Update: Cravings
Layout (to an extent)

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Re: saphireMARIE's Idea's [F for F or Futa]
« Reply #3 on: July 24, 2017, 01:17:55 PM »
Tentative bump,

Time is limited still but I would love a good story :3

Specific interest in incest right now x

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Re: saphireMARIE's Idea's [F for F or Futa]
« Reply #4 on: February 28, 2018, 12:07:14 PM »
Tentative bump,


A couple of new fandoms,




Nothing this time :)