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January 22, 2021, 06:37:56 PM

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Author Topic: Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 - Knee Deep In The Muck (F character(s) for Any)  (Read 552 times)

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I'm looking to revive a couple Gundam character concepts. They are both available, and I'm interested in playing one or both of them, and in the same game if you like, but I'll only want to play each in one instance at a time (so one game with each, or one game with both, but no duplicates). The game(s) will be down-to-Earth, dirty and violent, with your character(s) and mine getting into a lot of trouble and learning about each other in the process.

There are no restrictions on your character. Aurelia will be a hardass squad leader and a tough nut to crack. Seriline will be a pampered but earnest technician with a gendered secret. Pick your pleasure or double dip, if you think you're up for it.

I'm looking for a partner or partners that have competent knowledge of what Gundam (and the One Year War in particular) are about. Gundam Wing won't cut it, sorry. You don't need to know every last variant of the GM Command or anything but general technology, major characters, etc should already be established. For the tone of the game, take 08th MS Team and Unicorn as inspiration.

Please PM me your character and plot ideas instead of replying! And since I'm only planning to run one of each, please don't take offense if I choose another player. :) Sieg Zeon!

Name: Aurelia “Leah” Carpathia
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Rank: Sergeant (E-6)
Occupation: Mobile Suit Pilot
Affiliation: Earth Federation
Personality: Stern in command, disciplined in battle, compassionate in friendship, fierce in love
Sexuality: Convenient
Personal History: Aurelia is on the short list of veteran pilots that survived without being sidelined. While the majority of Federation MS pilots were taken straight from academy or held back from the front lines to train for the rollout of GMs, Aurelia has been fighting Zeon in Saberfish and TIN Cod since Operation British. Over eight months of hell, she lost dozens of friends including her wingman Tom, who took a missile for her, and her lover Kobi, who had been seen consorting with a Zeon pilot and subsequently disappeared. The war has taken its toll on her, mentally and physically; optimism has been swept from her mind, and while she was fit before the war, she’s now lean and hard from stress and battle.

The last daughter of a military man without sons, Aurelia took it upon herself to be the son her father always wanted. While her sisters were content to be normal middle class women with husbands and children, Leah pushed herself in athletics and civic studies, ensuring herself a place in the same Federation academy from which her father graduated. He had become sickly, and Aurelia’s mother had left them a decade before, but he lived to see Leah on stage at commencement. Aurelia could count on her fingers the number of times she had seen him smile, but his smile that day blew all the others away.

But then the war came. Aurelia has seen firsthand the atrocities that Zeon perpetrated on the colonies they claimed to stand for, and has developed a healthy respect for the Zaku bordering on real fear. “There is no courage without fear,” her father used to say, and she took it to heart. That fear has kept her alive throughout Zeon’s rampage. Her significant experiences fighting Zakus has earned her several promotions as well as a fairly unique understanding of what Zakus are capable of. Armed with a mobile suit of her own, she hopes to pay Zeon back in spades.

Name: Evangeline “Eve” Sauper, aka Seriline “Ser” Calisol
Age: 18
Gender: Female masquerading as male
Rank: Private 1st Class (E-2)
Occupation: Support Truck Technician, MS Pilot in a pinch
Affiliation: Principality of Zeon
Personality: Friendly but privileged, however she tries to suppress it
Sexuality: Heterosexual, but only for lack of experience
Personal History: The Sauper family, along with others such as the Zabis, Karns, and Deikuns, are among the richest and most powerful from the Munzo era of Side 3, and have gone on to enjoy significant privilege from their association with the Zabis in the Zeon era. With the Zabis in charge of the military, and Garma particularly being a star academy graduate, all major Zeonic families were expected to provide a child in service to the cause and, as an unspoken threat, as a hostage of sorts to ensure Zabi supremacy.

The Sauper main branch was not a prolific one, with Evangeline being their only child. Eve wanted to join up, egged on by her friend Haman Karn and unwilling to accept that Garma was so much better than she. Not long after the war started, she received an anonymous note filled with instructions on how to hide one’s identity. She could not conceive of who could have sent the note, but she immediately went about creating her alternate identity: an upper-crust male named Seriline Calisol. It concerned her that Seriline was a real man that had gone missing, but couldn’t miss her chance. Within six months she was deployed. Thus far she has won no glory, especially compared to her imagined rival, Garma Zabi, but her comrades find her performance adequate at the very least, and thus far, none suspect that she isn’t a man.
Eve’s true appearance