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Author Topic: Calling all freaks! (M f Pervy plots for all)  (Read 777 times)

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Calling all freaks! (M f Pervy plots for all)
« on: July 19, 2014, 12:44:50 am »
For the past few weeks or so I've been doing some thinking about roleplays in the format of 3 or fewer players. I would definitely be interested in having someone to play opposite for a few ideas I have. I'm not just limited to roleplaying the content featured on this page, if you have a thought then bring that to my attention. If any of these ideas appeal to you. Let me know and we'll work something out. These ideas are still tentative and subject to change. I generally write anywhere between 3 to 4 paragraphs per post. Sometimes more, sometimes less. I don't require the same from my partners.

Some favored kinks of mine:
Public sex
Small Groups
Dirty Talking
Physical Exhaustion
Curvy Women
Anal Sex
Oral Sex
Gagging & Spiting
Gang bang
Exotic Women
Asian Women
Cervical Penetration
Cum Marking
Cock Slapping
Drug/Alcohol Use
Hypercurvy women
Ass Worship
Public Humiliation
Degrading/Abusive language

Roleplay Prompts

From Ivy League to Cosplay Prostitute
From Ivy League to Cosplay Prostitute 101


Content: Asian femalexBlack Male or BlackmalexBlack female, pimping/prostitution, controlled substances, cosplay, coercion, racial abuse?
Story: This story involves a bright young ivy league prospect(either black or asian, pictured above) who falls for the wrong guy at a college theme party, before long she's caught up in the world of fantasy escorting, putting on smut shows for horny nerds at various cosplay conventions. It's far from glamorious're alive. This ain't too bad. If you play your cards right then maybe you'll come out of this ahead.

From Starlet to Harlot
Starlet to Harlot

Similar to the first prompt "From Ivy League to Cosplay Prostitute", just using a celebrity. May involve some blackmailing.

You can kiss your wife now!
You can Kiss your wife now!

Most guys would kill their wives if she came home like that, and asking you to kiss her has to take the cake.  Bringing home the evidence of her cheating ways all over her face and to do it so blatantly disrespectful, but you're not like most guys, are you? She found your cuckold porn stash and it's been downhill ever since. She's used that to justify her cheating ways. Coming home at all times of the night in company of strange men, sometimes without her panties or her ring. Now she wants to kiss you with some guys jizz on her face. It's apparent she's lost respect for you. Why wouldn't she? She likes to play these type of games knowing that it will get a rise out of you one way or another, you won't do anything about it , except maybe watch in secret and beat off. This time you caught her with one of her lovers. She wants you to stay and watch, will you support your wifes infidelity by becoming a cuckold?

 You can't keep up with your wife. You'll do anything to keep your wife, even if that means degrading yourself. Maybe deep down you always wanted this to happen.

Purge a queer day

I know the title is quite an eye catcher. I was wondering if someone might be interested in hearing out what I have in mind. I apologize in advance if any of this comes across as somewhat insensitive, but I've never been one to shy away from a kink just because it may be un-PC.

I have an idea somewhat inspired by the movie, the purge as well as fahrenheit 451. It's based around a "what if" dark alternate historical timeline in which the religious right comes into power in a nazi-esque sort of way.

 The church and state are a singular governing institution , a virtual autocracy in which the religious right reign supreme, biblical law being the law of the land and such, all previous lgbtq gains since now have been revised and though tolerated year-around,  on one particular day queers are hunted down like sheep to be slaughtered in an event know as "The Fag Purge" .

 I'm thinking my character could be an officer in the holy army who initially loathes all queers like the good little soldier he is , until he develops a crush on the mysterious beautiful new neighbor who recently moved in who happens to be a pre-op transexual passing as a woman, your character.  I'm thinking your character could somehow be outed during the purge, gagged and blindfolded  ready to be sent to the re-education "camps" where I work. Initially, I'm conflicted to find you, to find out that I had feelings for a "queer", I hate fuck you, jizz down your throat, even mark my liquid territory over you , I'm no saint, but not a complete monster either.   Ultimately I decide to save you from the camps and stow you away in my place until things die down. We learn about each other and from there who knows what will happen, sounds interesting?

Inspired in part by this webcomic. You don't have to be psychic to guess what's going to happen to our friend Velma here.

I think my volleyball coach is a pervert!

Tough bitch gets taught a lesson

Loosely inspired by the Mayweather-Rousey beef.

Content: Oral, vaginal, reluctance, bimboification, slut breaking, Submission/Domination, Public Humiliation, Public sex, Interracial, Dirty talk, Rough sex/rough playing, creampie, maybe anal?

Scenario: MMA's toughest chick champion thinks she can take down one of her male MMA peers, she has a tendency to shoot from the hip, say things without thinking which gets her into some sticky trouble. When asked in an interview if there were any fighters that she thinks she could beat. She's so sure of herself she calls out some fighters by name that she thinks she can beat. My guy is one of them. My guy knows she's no slouch but he doesn't take her all too seriously at first, because...she's a woman. He doesn't take her up on her challenge until later she jokes around adding-on. "If I can't beat em, I'll blow em." He soon takes her up on her challenge Soonafter. What follows is MMA's first intersex contest , it's billed as the suck of the century. Millions buy into the program, making it the most watched event in MMA history to see if she really follows through on the promise.

 She learns a very humiliating lesson in the ring as you can imagine. She's thoroughly defeated and humiliated in every way imaginable and ultimately retires to become his biggest fan/ring girl/full-time bitch. Our feisty heroine gets knocked down quite a peg or two.

Requirement: Someone to play the cocky female champion.
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