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Started by Valerie, July 18, 2014, 07:39:19 PM

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Currently looking to pick up one to two new stories. [20th of July 2019]

Welcome to my corner!
I've been writing for over fifteen years and have indulged in post-by-post roleplaying for almost a decade.
I'm a plot-driven writer who has a deep love for coming up with stories with my writing partner. If you're interested in how I am as a writer, then check out my juice guide, aka. Ons & Off page.

I. Current Cravings
x. Any of my prompts; anything MxM. I'm open to discuss any plot-driven idea/prompt that you might have. Don't be shy, message me.

II. Elaborate Plots

III. Writing Prompts
Each prompt could go a thousand different ways, if any -- or all -- sound interesting, don't hesitate to contact me. We can plot together until our fingers grow sore.

x. The world has ended; it’s a dog-eat-dog world after global war paved the way for the apocalypse, but among the dead, diseased and dying, there are rumors of a way to escape into the stars. A man, desperate to seek the truth for both himself and his younger sibling, ventures into the wasteland with nothing but the clothes on their back and a half-empty box of ammunition. [ Post-apocalyptic - M/M ]

x. A couple bought an old orphanage and renovated it into a small, cozy B&B. The child they've always wanted, but never been able to have is suddenly left on their doorstep. The thing is: babies are a rare commodity after a world-wide disease has rendered almost all of humanity sterile. [ Dystopian/Horror - M/M or M/F ]

x. Underground fighting has always been a thing, but the year is 2410 and instead of humans in the arena, it’s monsters. Genetically engineered beasts where every match is a fight to the death. A young man, desperate to make ends meet, finds himself behind the scenes of a billion-dollar industry and soon gets dragged into something far more sinister. [ Sci-fi - M/M ]

VI. Fandoms
Once in a blue moon, I get obsessed with a fandom. Even though it's a challenge to venture into a pre-existing universe with canon characters, I sometimes dare to indulge in a story if my writing partner has a firm grasp of said world and said characters. Since this thread is freshly updated, the fandom list is extremely short; however, I'm an avid gamer, movie enthusiast and follow a dozen different shows at the same time so if there's a fandom you're dying to explore then message me with suggestions! Odds are pretty good that I know of it and are willing to work out a story, for as long as it isn't anything anime related.

x. Captain America
- Steve Rogers & Bucky Barnes

x. Mass Effect franchise
- Original character & original character

Please do not post in this thread; message me directly instead.